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Fun time in class zoom call for a 13 year old girl

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My anal beads and buttplug came in today 😉 and I happened to have class

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in a while it’s just that I have been waiting for my sex toys to come in the mail and my parents have been home more so doing things has been a bit more harder. Anyway my anal beads and my butt plug came in today at around 12 but I still had one more class left before online school ended for the day. So as you may have guessed me being the very horny 13 year girl I am I decided to have some fun during online class today.

During lunch break I took off my sweat pants and decided to attend the next class in my panties. I took the buttplug and sucked on it while I was doing this so I could lube it up. I pushed my panties aside and began to rub my asshole. I took the buttplug covered in my spit and gently placed it on the entrance of my ass. I pushed it in slowly until I could feel the jewel part of the buttplug stopping at the entrance of my ass. I quickly pulled up my panties and walked over to my chair. When I sat down I felt the buttplug push itself deeper into my ass which caught me completely off guard lol. I then turned on my cam and attended class. I kid you not I was blushing so hard the teacher asked me if I was sick haha. I kept fidgeting during class somehow trying to push it in deeper even though it wouldn’t because the buttplug isn’t as big as a dildo. The buttplug to me feels like a teaser. It gets me turned on but because it doesn’t go in deeper it feels like an itch I can’t scratch. I was so excited to leave class. As soon as class ended I went straight to bed to masturbate but suddenly my mom called me downstairs. I threw on some pants and went to my mom who said we had to go to Walmart. One thing lead to another and I ended up going shopping for groceries for 2 hours because of the covid lines. When I had finally gotten back home I had officially had a butt plug up my ass for about 3 hours. I told my mom I was going to shower and immediately masturbated in the shower lol. Today was wild the entire time while I was outside walking I could feel the butt plug in my ass every time I took a step. I think I might start using my butt plug more. I love how discreet it is and how it feels so nice in my ass.

Anyway guys I will be trying out the anal beads and the speculum which also came in the mail today some time over the weekend so please look forward to hearing about me using them. By the way what do you guys think about trains? I recently saw this video of a woman strapped down onto this weird chair thing on her belly and a bunch of guys kept creampieing her. It was some kind of bdsm play but seeing her get pumped full of cum was so hot. I think when I get older I want to try out bdsm as well. Oh and also sad news unfortunately since my parents came back home I had to grab the condoms out of the freezer and try to finish it all by drinking them. I really wanted to use them for more play but I can’t leave them in the freezer for long. But any way thx for reading about my fun experience with borderline exbihitionism? have a nice day!

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    Youngho doesn’t even answer her emails fake ass girl. What you scared of younghoe?

    • Chad

      Probably cuz of creeps like you who aint never seen coochie once lmfao

  • Reply D

    I know a place where you can have that dream cummm true.. you can even get paid..

  • Reply Danny

    Is there anyway I can like private message you

  • Reply JAnon

    Obviously this is fake, but it’s some of the actually well written stuff on the site. (Just a warning for anyone actually this age: Ignore people asking for vids/snap/etc. unless you want your life ruined.)

  • Reply anonymous

    Could you make a snap or something and post vids of you doing stuff with your dog and your self?

  • Reply AP

    You didn’t say, how long and thick is the plug?
    If you want a real thrill wear the plug while you are exercising, like running, swimming, or biking, basically anything where you’re dressed skimpily and there’s other people around.
    Also if you like teasing type of toys then you should get some medium Ben Wah balls or a clit clip. Also, when it gets warm where you’re at, just using simple clothes pins and putting them on your nipples under your shirt while wearing no bra will drive you pretty nuts.

  • Reply LuvYung699

    Damn i would love to be the lucky one.. So you ever wanna try double por triple p.
    The sound of a group bang be fun..

  • Reply -C

    If I give you my contact info would you reach out for some fun 😏😉. I’m 16 male btw. Thick nice dick

  • Reply Anonymous

    I think it would be super sexy to hear about you getting a train ran on you! You relentlessly getting fucked and creampied 😍

  • Reply Anonymous

    I think it would be super sexy to hear about you getting a train ran on you! You relentlessly getting fucked and creampied 😍

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      Eu amei sua historia picante
      Eu gostaria de te ajudar no seus contos eróticos qui tal vc me chamar no zap la eu irei te explicar melhor meu zap e +55 71 9981585939

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    It’s still exhibitionism if you don’t get caught. The chance of getting caught is still hot. It’s just not Exhibitionism, AND Voyeurism if nobody sees it.

  • Reply Anonymously

    When you get a chance post your bra and panty sizes on this site when you get new one,s

    • youngho

      i already posted them on an older post’s comment section