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Training To Become A Sex Slave (Part 2)

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Part 1 is titled “How I Became A Sex Addict“. Basically, my parents were neglecting me and I got raped by our housekeeper at 10 and got addicted to his cock.

After our first time, our housekeeper would fuck me every day. I would wake up in the morning with his cock inside me and he would fill me with his cum before sending me to school. There was always duct tape on my pussy so that his cum wouldn’t flow out but one day, the tape ripped and it came gushing out during P.E. class. I was 12 at the time and I told everyone I peed myself but one of the guys from my class didn’t believe that. He followed me home after school and pinned me down after I entered my house, locking the door behind me. He took off my clothes and the tape from my pussy and just started ramming me. He told me that he had know it was cum from the smell because his mother is a prostitute and always smells like it.

While he was pounding me, the housekeeper came in and my classmate was shocked at first because he thought he got caught but then the housekeeper just smiled and whipped his fat cock out. I immediately started salivating and begged for it. The housekeeper just laughed and said that I should’ve told him that I wanted more than just his cock. He called his friends over and soon there were more than 15 people at my place, all with their dicks out.

I was always serving at least 5 people at the time: one in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth and two got a handjob. I loved how all the attention was on me and how much hot sticky cum was filling my belly and tiny asshole. At one point there was so much cum inside my ass that it gave me an enema and I started shutting myself. My classmate pushed my face into my shit and made me eat it all and then he pissed down my throat, it was such a tasty meal. Others saw that and were really turned on and also pissed in my other holes, I was so happy.

From then on it became our daily routine to host gangbangs every day and I was always full of someone else’s cum.

If you wanna hear more, I’ve still got some beastiality, incest, and public sex stories to go.

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    More please bring back good times

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    Wow please continue the stories they made me cum a lot ☺️