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How I Became A Sex Addict (Part 1)

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I’ve always loved sex, even from an early age. My parents were barely home because of their work, which always required them to go on business trips, and our housekeepers usually just left me alone. So, since nobody paid attention to me, I was free to do whatever I wanted. And I did.

It all started when I was 10 years old. I was in the shower and my pussy started tingling from the water spraying onto it. I desperately wanted to get rid of the feeling and began rubbing my pussy against the shower head but the sensation wouldn’t stop. So I got out of the shower, completely naked, and started looking for a way to relief myself. I soon stopped at a desk corner and began humping it. The hard wood rammed itself into my tiny pink pussy and my hips started grinding against it by itself. Soon, I was hanging on the table corner by my pussy only, my feet weren’t touching the floor anymore. I moaned and rubbed my clit as the wood entered my pussy. I continue for a while before I came and fell asleep on the desk, completely exhausted.

From then on, I started humping all kinds of stuff: teddy bears, sofas, pillows… It became a daily ritual where I would come back from school and immediately take my clothes off to hump various things around the house. One day, our housekeeper saw me. He just stood there for a while and watched me before walking over, whipping his cock out and ramming it up my ass in one smooth motion. I screamed in pain and he immediately started thrusting into me and slapping my ass cheeks. Meanwhile, my pussy was still being impaled by today’s humping object: our washing machine, which was running at full speed and vibrating in my pussy.

Suddenly, his 10 incher grew even bigger inside me and I couldn’t hold my pleasure in anymore. I kept moaning his name and begged for more. He thrust even deeper and I screamed when he suddenly started pulling my hair and came inside my ass. My pussy felt strange and then I started pissing and cumming all over the washing machine and the floor.

The housekeeper got mad at me, picked me up and carried me to the kitchen, where he took two huge cucumbers out of the freezer and shoved one in my tight little virgin pussy and one in my ass. My ass was already bleeding from the penetration earlier but now the cucumber was also stretching my pussy to the max. He then forced his cock down my throat and pissed into my mouth and made me swallow it while screaming how I liked it when I got pissed on and how I was nothing but a filthy toilet. When he was done pissing, he tied me to a chair and left me there all alone with the cucumbers in my holes.

He came back a few hours later, started fucking my pussy without taking the cucumber out first and came inside me several times without a condom. He told me over and over again how girls are just sex objects and how he wanted to rape me from the second he saw me. From then on, he would rape me every day and to be completely honest, I loved every second of it. Him raping me and taking my virginity was the best thing that could’ve happened to me because it showed me that all girls really are just sluts and cockwhores and we all just need a man to rape some sense into us. I became that man’s sex slave when I was 10 but I wish it had been sooner.

He also taught me a lot of other things but that is another story, so let me know if you want to hear them. There’s a lot including incest, gangbangs, scat, and beastiality that we did. Also, this story is completely true.

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  • Reply Mackenzie

    Loved it and it made me cum but it was a turn off when you said when are nothing but cockwhores bc we most certainly are not

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    Outstanding start

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    Ever heard of Lalokai? It’s a horrible place.

  • Reply Xoxo

    Write more stories I loved this one

  • Reply 14 year old boy

    Bruh house keeping is really taking care of the house. I do not know what I just said there