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Amy does NiS Saturday

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Amy spends her Saturday in the buff and experiences a lot of attention from the neighbors.


I woke up early again for some reason. I kicked William out of bed and we both trotted into the bathroom.
“It’s too early to be awake!” William complained.
“Little William seems to disagree with you!” I laugh and lead him into the shower by his morning wood.
William opens the shower and adjusts the temperature. I grab the soap and start to wash his thirteen year old body from head to toe. I pay special attention to his ass crack, rock hard cock and near hairless ball sack.
I rinse William off under the shower and turn him around. I haven’t tasted his back door before, so I decided that now is as good a time as any.
I go down on my knees and spread his ass cheeks with my hands before kissing around his pink puckered asshole. I kiss and suck around the centre before lapping it with my tongue. I reach around and take his throbbing penis in my hand as I burry my face deeper into his inviting little butt. William bends forward a bit to allow me better access to his anus and spreads his legs. I begin licking and sucking on his cute balls before driving a finger deep into his asshole to find his prostate. At this moment William is moaning and grunting, instinctively bucking his hips back and forth to grind more of my finger against his prostate and fucking my hand around his penis. He came with load grunts and covered my hand with his cum. I lick my hand off as he turns around and milk the rest of it out of his cock with my mouth.
“Now that is a good way to wake up!” He says as he helps me up before embracing me with a passionate kiss. I’m sure that he could taste himself in my mouth, as I haven’t swallowed all his cum yet.
“Now that you took care of this erection… I really need to pee. Peeing on that soft little pussy of yours would be awesome!” William says holding his now flaccid penis in his hand.
“Ok.” I say as I take half a step back. “How do you want me?”
“On your back. Open your legs. Raise them. I want to see all of you.”
I lay down on my back inside the shower spread my legs and pull my knees up with my hands. I present all of my twelve year old holes to William there on the shower floor. He stands closer and takes a minute to feast his eyes on the sight before him.
“Beautiful…” He says looking at my bald little pussy and pink asshole. He aims his cock and lets out a hot stream of golden piss onto leg. William adjusts his aim and directs it onto my simmering little pussy and winking butthole. I delight bathing my nether regions in his hot steaming piss but it ended too soon. William shakes off the last drops before going down on his knees and starts to lick me clean.
I came with his tongue on my clit before he lapped up my ejaculate.
“I also need to pee!” I say as I just relax and let the piss stream out of my pussy while still lying on the floor with my legs up. William sits back fascinated as he watches me peeing all over my young self.
We finished up in the bathroom and made our way into the kitchen to find something to eat. We still haven’t put any clothes on and were enjoying the sensation of the cool morning air against our skins when we opened the back door. We went into back yard and watched the sun rise. Hand in hand, just standing there as the sun’s warmth started to bathe our bodies.
“Morning!” I hear Mr. Smith say as he comes up behind us. I smell the mug of freshly made coffee he is holding and my mouth starts watering.
“Morning!” William and I both say together.
“Did you sleep well?” I ask.
“As well as could be. There were some noise complaints…” He winks at William and me. We chuckled somewhat embarrassed. “Have you had breakfast yet?” He asks.
“No. I could eat. And drink some coffee.” I say enthusiastically.
“Well then… Let’s get you fueled up. Are you going to mow the lawn today?” Mr. Smith asks me.
“Yip! After breakfast.”
“Like that?” He asks, gesturing at my naked body.
“I’ll wear a hat and goggles.” I answer.
“Wear some sunscreen as well.” Mr. Smith says.
After breakfast William applied sunscreen all over my body before I went into the garage to fuel up the lawnmower and grab the hat and goggles I keep at the Smith house.
As always, I start with the sidewalk first. The neighbours are just waking up and exiting their houses to do whatever neighbours do on a Saturday morning. They gawk at my nakedness as I mow the lawn. Before long, I have an audience of people from all ages, watching me mow the lawn in the buff.
I learn that the lawnmower sometimes kicks up some grass clippings against my body that stings a bit. It was not too bad tough.
After the sidewalk I mowed the front yard with people still watching the nude show I was putting on. There was an audible sense of disappointment when I moved to the enclosed back yard to finish.
I finish up all dusty and sweaty. I learn also learned another fun thing – mowing a lawn barefoot can stain your feet green.
Knowing that my dusty body might trigger an allergic reaction in William, I asked Mr. Smith to hose me off outside. He was busy washing the cars on the front paving as I put away the lawnmower and hanged up my hat and goggles.
“Wait outside in front.” He says. “I’ll be right back.” Mr. Smith went into the house and came back with a bucket of warm water, some liquid soap some shampoo and a washcloth.
“Those grass stains are sometimes a pest to get off.” He says. “Let’s just hose you down first.”
Mr. Smith adjusts the hose pressure as I face the street and watch my audience grow again. I don’t think they can help it. It’s not every day you see a naked twelve year old girl mowing the lawn or getting bathed, practically on the sidewalk.
“Ready?” Mr. Smith asks as he starts hosing me down from top to bottom. My nipples became erect the instant the cold water hit me.
I yelped, but quickly adjusted to the temperature.
Mr. Smith hoses off all the dust, and cools off my hot sweating body with the cold water coming from the hose.
Mr. Smith sits down on his haunches behind me as I look out onto the street and the neighbours who gathered around to watch the show.
He starts with shampooing my hair first before rinsing my head off under the hose.
Mr. Smith has me turn around and gently washes my face and ears with the washcloth before he turns me around again.
He uses some more soap and starts scrubbing me from my neck down to my shoulders. He wipes down both my arms all the way to my finger tips before having me lift them up so he can thoroughly clean my underarms. Mr. Smith moves toward my front and starts to wash my chest with my small little titties and eraser nipples. He moves down towards my stomach and tenderly cleans in and around my navel before moving even further down to scrub the front of my legs.
I must admit that at this stage I am getting really horny from the attention he is giving me.
Mr. Smith washes my legs one by one all the way down to my feet. He rinses out the washcloth again before starting at my neck and shoulders. He scrubs down my back to my bum and down my legs to my feet again. He has me lift my feet one by one; just bending my knees as he helps me keep my balance with one hand on my shoulder. It did take some time to scrub all the grass stains off.
Mr. Smith rinses out the washcloth again before he has me bend over to wipe off my tender young pussy and butthole. All the while I could see almost the whole neighborhood watching the spectacle in front of them.
I swear! Two more wipes and I would have gone off like a rocket in front of them.
Mr. Smith sees that I’m aroused by this exhibition and hoses me off, this time wiping off the soap with one hand as the other holds the hose spraying cold water on my naked little body again.
The cold water brought me down from the crest a little while his bare hand just works me up into a smoldering plateau.
“Ah! I forgot a towel. Just wait!” Mr. Smith says as he dashes off back into the house.
He leaves me there standing in front of the whole neighborhood buck naked and soaking wet. I begin to shiver. I don’t know if it’s the cold water, being enormously horny or if it’s something else.
Mr. Smith reappears quickly though with a towel and some body lotion.
He sits on his haunches behind me again and begins drying me off from top to bottom. He starts at my hair and face first before moving down and vigorously rubs the water from the rest of my body. He then produces a hairbrush from somewhere and gently combs out my red hair.
I am really horny at this point. Mr. Smith has literally rubbed my everything. I will hump the spare tire on his truck if given half a chance! My breathing is ragged and my sex oozing. I’m sure that Mr. Smith can smell my desire. Hell! I can smell myself and I’m standing there right in front of him.
Mr. Smith then move on, applying the body lotion to my naked little body in front of all his neighbors right there in his driveway.
He starts at the top, gently rubbing the lotion in to my neck and throat. He moves down and massages the lotion into my shoulders before giving my arms the same treatment. He pays attention to them, one by one, all the way to the tips of my fingers.
I completely forget about the neighbors staring at me as I relish in the feeling of Mr. Smith’s strong hands massaging me.
He rubs some lotion into my chest and playfully pinches my little nipples. That brought out some moans from me. Mr. Smith goes down my stomach and circles my navel with his finger before moving down even more to rub some lotion on my bare pubis and joints between my legs and body.
He moves back up again and begins moisturizing my back. He put one hand in front of my body against my chest to steady me as he massages my back with the other. Mr. Smith moves down with both hands again and rubs the lotion into my glutes and thighs. He spends some time thoroughly massaging these areas as he kneads my legs one by one.
I’m shivering and practically dripping! I need to get off NOW!
He finishes with my calves and I turn around.
“Oh!” Mr. Smith says as he sees the state I’m in when looking into my eyes. “Need help with that?” He whispers into my ear as he puts his hand on my shoulder.
I just nod, afraid that my tongue would drop out panting if I open my mouth.
“Come!” He says as he takes my hand and leads me through the garage to the back – away from the gawking eyes of the neighbors.
Mr. Smith grabs a paint can on his way out and sits on it once we are around the corner.
“Been on my haunches for too long. My legs can’t take it anymore. Turn around. Stand closer.” He instructs me.
I turn around and present my back to him again. I move backward to stand right up against him.
“Lubricate this for us will you.” He says as he brushes my lips with two of his fingers. I grab his hand in both of mine and eagerly start to suck on his offered fingers. I only now notice how big his hands really are as I twirl my tongue around his finger one by one.
Mr. Smith takes his hand back and places it on top of my leaking sex. I take note of how warm his hand is against my bare pussy as he starts rubbing my protruding clit. He scoops some of the lubricant out of my vagina, and it mingles with my spit on his fingers as he brings it back up to rub my twelve year old little clitty.
He rubs and pinches my nipples with his other hand. I just melted before I came, gushing ejaculate over his hand as he hold me upright against his chest.
Mr. Smith holds me in a tight embrace against his body until I calmed down enough to speak coherently.
I turn around and plant a kiss on his lips.
“Thank you.” I whisper.
“Go make us some coffee. I just need to pack up in front there. I’ll be in soon.” Mr. Smith says. He lightly swats me on the bum as I turn towards the house.
“Morning!” Mss. Smith says as I walk into the house. “I saw you having a bath through the window. That looked so naughty. And like so much fun!” She exclaims. “I saw you getting off as well. I’m so horny watching all of it. I’m almost jealous.”
“Hmm!” I turn pink. A little embarrassed at my exploits.
“Don’t worry. My husband has good hands.” She laughs.
“He does. I could make a habit of this.” I answer. “Mr. Smith asked for coffee.”
We start up the coffee machine and sits down at the kitchen table to wait.
“We had some arrangements to have a swim party at my house today.” I tell Mss. Smith. “But I’m not sure if our friends will come, seeing what happened yesterday. You are welcome to be there as well. Dad and Marcia should wake up soon. They send me a text at three this morning that they finally made it home.”
“Would you like to call your friends to confirm?” She asks me.
“It would be nice yes. May I use your phone?” I ask.
“Certainly. Go call William. You can phone them after coffee. I’ll see if we still have some cookies.”
I went to fetch William and we all sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and eating cookies when Mr. Smith came in.
“I just told Amy that I saw her bath through the window. You guys got me worked up. You owe me.” Mss Smith says as we drank our coffee.
“You got worked up? I still have a tent in my pants!” Mr. Smith laughs.
“It looks like I missed a show.” William says.
“It was fun. We should do it again sometime.” I say. “Mr. Smith… I should pay you back. We can’t have you walking around with that erection the whole day.” I slip off my chair and crawl under the table towards him.
The Smiths starts to pretend that I’m not there. As if I’m not going to do what I’m about to do. They carry on with their conversation and drinking their coffee even when I reach Mr. Smith and pull his shorts and underwear down. ‘They so get me!’ I free Mr. Smith’s genitals from their confines and take a close-up look at his penis, testicles and scrotum. I notice that he must have suffered a serious hard on recently as his underwear is smeared with fresh precum. At present his penis is flaccidly hanging in front of me. I squeal in delight when I see that it will be my job to get his attention!
I open his legs a little to get better access and start to slowly lick his sack and suck on his balls. I slip his penis into my mouth and feel it harden as I suck hard on it. I pull back his foreskin between my thumb and forefinger to expose the head of this magnificent cock in front of me. I extend my tongue and lick it all over until Mr. Smith is rock hard.
I take the now hard cock into my mouth and swallow it down my throat just as Marcia taught me. I fuck his meat in my throat for a while, licking at his balls with every down stroke. I pull out and marvel at the sight of Mr. Smith’s cock glistening with my spit. I lick and suck on his balls again as I jerk him off with both of my small little slippery hands.
I suck on his head again, caressing it with my tongue as I keep on jerking him off.
Mr. Smith came as I slip him back into my throat. I kept that position with his pubic hair tickling my nose as his hot cum shoots down my throat. I lick him off and suck him dry before moving on.
I crawl under the table to Mss. Smith. She is wearing a skirt. To my delight I see that she isn’t wearing any panties when I part her legs and burry my head into her hot pussy. I insert my tongue inside Mss. Smith’s moist cleft and sample her aroma before kissing her soft labia. I tongue fuck her vagina for a bit until my face is glistening with her lubricant. I move up to her now distended clit and lick on and around it. I suck it in between my lips as I insert two of my small fingers into her hot pussy. I finger fuck Mss. Smith’s dripping sex while playing with her clitoris on my tongue and lips. I keep on adding fingers to her wet vagina until my whole hand slipped in. I make a fist on the inside and twist my hand back and forth, rubbing her g-spot with a knuckle. She came as I pull out, squirting her juices all over my hand, face and chest.
I look over to where William is sitting and see that this whole situation has gotten him as hard as a rock, with precum leaking out of his penis. I crawl over to him and give his thirteen year old cock the same treatment I gave his father’s. It is not long before he comes on my face. I lick him clean and suck out the last drops out of him.
“Thank you.” They all say as I sit back down and resume drinking my coffee. My face and upper body glazed in spit and cum. Mss. Smith helped me wash it off.
After coffee I phoned Mark, Sam and Logan. They all said they would come. Apparently all the extremists were caught and their organization dealt with. It was all over the news. The program will also still go on.
Dad phoned when he and Marcia woke up and we finalized the arrangements.
My bicycle was still strapped to Mss. Smith’s car, so we all rode to my house in it.
“Is this going to be a nude party?” Dad asks we walk through the door and he sees that William and I are still naked.
“I hope so… I’m not gonne wear anything anyway.” I say as I walk to my room to dump my book bag and school uniform.
I come back and find both Marcia and Dad along with the Smith’s on the pool deck as nude as I am.
“Did you mow the Smith’s lawn today?” Dad asks.
“I did yes. I had a bath afterwards.” I say.
“Let her tell you about the bath!” Mss. Smith says.
“Ok…” So I tell Dad and Marcia about mowing the lawn in the nude and how Mr. Smith washed me off in their drive way.
I also told them about my little under the table experiment and that I just loved doing something so naughty.
“It sounds like you’ve been busy.” Marcia laughs.
The doorbell rang and I opened it up to Sam. I walked out to meet her and greeted her mother. We chatted a bit before she took off and Mark and Logan arrived dropped off by Logan’s older brother. We all came into the house and I introduced them to the Smith’s when we walked onto the deck.
“So this is a nude party?” Logan asks as she sees all the naked people around her.
“Clothing optional but discouraged.” I laugh.
The three new arrivals are soon sans clothing.
“Wait!” Marcia says just as we were about to jump into the pool. “You better put on some sunscreen first.”
We help each other apply the sunscreen.
We all got worked up a bit by doing so. Mark had a full on erection.
“Don’t get yourself too worked up. We eat in half an hour.” Dad says as he puts on an apron.
We all jumped into the pool and cooled off after that.
“So… Did you guys managed to do your slow fuck thing?” I ask Mark and Logan as we sat down on the pool steps to catch our breathes.
“No. Yesterday was completely f’d up. We only managed to meet up this morning.” Mark says.
“Bummer.” William replied.
“It’s ok.” Logan says. “We’ve been thinking about asking you if we could borrow your room.”
“Ok.” I say. “But don’t take too long. This is supposed to be a small party. With you guys gone it will be an even smaller party.”
Just then Dad calls us for lunch. He grilled up some sausages and we were having hot dogs.
“Let’s eat first. Then we can play.” I say as I stand up and dry off.
After lunch Mark and Logan asked to be excused for a bit – Leaving the rest of us on the deck to carry the conversation. They’ve been charging each other up the whole time during lunch.
“You’ve been awfully quiet today. Is everything all right?” I ask Sam as I sit down next to her on the pool steps.
“Just a lot on my mind.” She answers.
“Is there anything I can do to make things better?” I ask as I scoot closer and put my hand on her leg.
“You being here already make things better…” Sam leans over and kisses me.
We make out on the pool steps and soon our hands are all over each other. Feeling, probing, exploring.
It is not long before I couldn’t help myself and I climb onto Sam’s lap facing towards her with my legs wrapped around her waist. I kiss her again passionately as my hand moves down between us and I find her clit under the water. I rub her pussy and clitoris with slow circular movements as I suck on her ample bosom. Sam and I kiss and suck on each other’s tongues while I am still working her sex under the water with my hand until she comes.
I extract my hand from her vulva but keep on softly kissing her until she comes down.
“Better?” I ask.
“Much!” She says.
We both dipped into the pool and swam for a bit before heading back to the deck to get some juice.
“Marcia and I’ve been thinking…” Dad says to me as Sam and I sit down. “You’ve been so nice to the Smith’s… We feel a bit neglected.”
“What did you do for the Smith’s?” Sam asks.
I briefly tell her about this morning.
“Sounds kinky!” She says after I tell her. “Would it be all ok if William and I pay her debt for her? I would really like to taste Marcia…” She turns pink immediately after she says it. Sometimes her mouth runs away from her.
“Sam’s a lesbian.” I explain to the others.
“William… What do you think?” Mr. Smith asks.
“I think I can do Mr. van Buren…” William says as he gets up and goes down on his knees in front of Daddy.
Dad is standing with his flaccid cock hanging limply between his legs.
“I’ve never tasted a flaccid cock before…” William muses as he takes my father’s penis in his mouth.
Sam gets up and walks over to where Marcia is sitting. She goes down on her knees as well, before lifting and parting Marcia’s legs to expose her vulva and anus. She gives Marcia a long slow lick starting at her asshole up to the top of her cleft.
Dad has a full on erection now as he can see Marcia receiving oral pleasure from a thirteen year old girl from where he is standing.
Marcia on her part is also watching Dad getting his cock sucked by an eager young boy.
Mr. and Mss. Smith and I watch the whole spectacle unfold in front of us. I must say: This is really hot!
They both came, first Marcia then Dad. Dad prayed William’s face with his cum. Marcia helped William clean up by licking the cum off his face.
We all settle down as Mark and Logan came onto the deck.
“It looks like you two were busy!” I say to the exhausted pair. “Sit down. Have some juice. Get back your energy! This day is still long.”
“Let’s go for a swim.” William says after a while. Mark and he take off and jump into the pool.
Sam, Logan and I follow to watch the two boys trying to dunk each other in the deep end. We sit on the step waste deep in the pool to watch the show.
Eventually the dunking evolves into a game of grab a cock before they collapse out of breath on the step in front of us. We can see that they are both sporting an erection.
“No coming in the pool for boys.” I say. “It’s not fun to clean.”
William and Mark look at each other, kissed, and got out of the pool to make out and jerk each other off.
“I love watching boys doing it. It gets me so worked up.” Logan says as she leans into Sam for a kiss.
“Can I join you guys?” I ask as I get out of the pool and walk up to the boys.
“That would be interesting!” William says as he breaks his passionate kiss from Mark.
“I’m about to nut!” Mark exclaims. “But I guess we can hold off for a bit. Do you want us to do you at the same time?”
“Not now. Maybe later. You can take turns fucking me though. But first I have to ask you to start my engine.” I reply.
“Cool!” William says as he goes down and starts kissing my pussy.
Mark goes behind me and starts stroking my little boobs and nibble on my ear.
It isn’t long before I’m ready, and I go down on my hands and knees. I can see Sam and Logan in a tongue sucking embrace frigging each other’s pussies under the water.
William sits next to me and starts pinching and playing with my nipples as I feel Mark’s penis slowly entering my vagina for the first time. He slowly fucks my twelve year old pussy first before picking up the pace.
Soon Mark is screwing my brains out. I am panting and mewling in delight as William takes it upon himself to stimulate my clitoris with some wet fingers. I come twice before Mark pumps his seed into my pussy. Mark’s cock gets replaced by William’s who rammed into my wet pussy in a single thrust. I enjoy the thorough fucking supplied my William’s thirteen year old penis as I watch my friends get each other off on the pool steps. Mark lies down in front of me and begins to kiss my lips and suck on my tongue as William bangs my pussy hard from behind. I come again and squirt as I feel William fill up my vagina with is hot semen.
Te five of us quickly washes ourselves and each other off with the garden hose before joining the adults on the deck.
We practically collapsed exhausted on chairs around the table.
“Tired already?” Mss. Smith asks as she pours and hand each of us a drink.
“We just need to catch our breaths…” Logan answers.
“Well… I think I’m all fucked out for today.” Mark replies as he downs his drink. “Thank you.” He nods at Mss. Smith putting his glass down and sitting back.
“I’m not.” Mss. Smith says. “Plus… I haven’t had John’s cock in me for quite some time.” She walks around the table and sits on Dad’s lap and begins to kiss him.
The rest of us sits back and watches the show. One thing I’ve learned from the Smith’s and my parents is that they like to put off their own gratification and watch each other get off.
Soon Dad has an erection as Mss. Smith slowly gives him a hand job. For her part she has her ass hanging off to the side as Dad’s fingers move in and out of her vagina from behind.
“Put it in me John!” Mss. Smith says as she lies down on the table on her back and spreads her legs. She parts her labia with her hands to give Dad a good view of her pink insides.
Dad takes hold of Mss. Smith’s upper thighs and pull her closer as his penis penetrates her slowly all the way in a single thrust.
They keep still for a few seconds enjoying their coupling before starting to pump.
They pick up the pace and soon the whole table is rocking as Mss. Smith bucks her hips to meet every powerful thrust Dad forces into her sopping wet pussy.
Mss. Smith comes in a crescendo of shivers that pushes Dad over the edge and he creams her vagina in torrents of cum.
“I’d call that educational.” Mr. Smith laughs as his wife and Dad come down and takes their seats at the table.
Our other guests, Mark, Sam and Logan sit there with their eyes like saucers. This wasn’t something they expected to see. Parents are, well, parents. You don’t expect to see something like that from them. Sometimes you forget that they are also human I suppose.
“And now you got me horny!” Mr. Smith adds as he stands up and shakes his impressive erection at them. He walks around to Marcia and goes down on his knees in front of her.
He takes hold of Marcia’s legs behind her knees to lift and spread them before diving in to give her hot vulva some much needed oral attention.
“Sit on the chair.” Marcia says as he lifts his glazed face up for some air.
They change places and Marcia sits down on Mr. Smith’s lap looking away from him, impaling herself on his rock hard cock.
Marcia fucks herself slowly on his pole as Mr. Smith plays with her breasts and pinches her nipples. They keep this slow pace for a long time, until their desire build up to a peak where they both come in a shivering, grunting mass of arms and legs and sweat.
That is probably one of the hottest things I’ve seen today.
“Do you guys want to watch a movie?” Dad asks us as Marcia and Mr. Smith finishes their exhibition. “You still look a bit tired. And we need to take a shower.” He adds.
Our guests have come over their shock and we agree that watching a movie would be best. We did not do a lot of swimming at this swim party, but we have done a lot of other things!
The adults went to take a shower while we kids squeezed in front of the TV all cozy in the buff to watch a movie. We sprang some popcorn first before we sat down.
‘Another fantasy fulfilled! Check!’
After the movie the others needed to go home and the day winded down.
Dad, Marcia and I spent the rest of the day in the nude. Chatting, lounging around, reading a book, enjoying each other’s company.

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