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Strange thing that happened to me last summer

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I never cheated on my wife nor was I ever gay but what happened to these two teen workers that worked for me was truly something amazing

This all happened last year me and my wife ever late twenties got married last year and bought a little house in this quiet nice neighborhood with a big yard all fenced in in the back one Saturday too 14-year-old boys came to the house looking for side jobs to make money I hired the two and on Wednesday to mow the lawn weed whack and a bunch of other yard work. I was running a contracting crew Wednesday at 10:00 the two boys showed up one was tall skinny short hair the other boy was a little shorter muscular built with dark hair and green eyes both very good looking boys.I told him what I wanted to do and I figured it would take him about 2 hours I went back to my job site come back around an hour and a half and they were just about done before I left I told him the back door was open they could go in and help himself with drinks. Both the boys did a very good job I paid them each 35 bucks well worth it a lot of work for that they were good workers they left later that night I was in my done doing my computer work. My wife comes in she was doing laundry and said what did you do to my underwear you nasty pig and had a weird smile on her face I didn’t understand what she was talking about she held out her used panties that were in the hamper and said you came all over him and the crotch area is wet and turned and walked away through the panties on my computer stand I looked at him and couldn’t understand then I knew what it was one of the boys had snuck in and took my wife’s dirty panties and licked and smelled them and jerked off on them cuz there is quite a bit of cum on the panties so I just played it off like I did it she was into all kinds of weird sex so it wasn’t something I maybe something I would have done so it wasn’t out of the ordinary I guess the next week the boys came to do more work same time this time the night before I took a pair of my wife’s used panties watch the porn movie on my computer and I was going to jerk off and come on the crotch area when the boys use these panties they would be eating my cum along with my wife’s juices.,….. When I was searching for a p*** that I like I was going through my history and noticed at 11:20 the day I was gone the boys were there there was a history of some p*** movies watched for 20 minutes I said hold the boys must have come in here with the panties and watch p*** and jerked off on my voice undies.into my surprise the videos one of them are both of them were watching was called bang my wife and then some gay young gay porn kind of two different choices I watched the videos jacked off and my wife’s dirty panties rubbed my cum in the garage and hit them in a closet in the bathroom the next day I got the panties out and laid them on top of the hamper still wet with my semen same thing I left to check on a job left boys there came back home they were done paid them they left went to the bathroom sure enough the dirty underwear
Were moved and there was definitely boy juice on her panties too went to my computer and sure enough on the history there was more porn which I did not watch they went for the bate. Next week I had a plan the boys come over to do the yard work same routine . I left but this time I come back and quietly snuck in the front door and I caught him I peeked in my computer room door both boys were watching x-rated videos with their shorts to their ankles masturbating each one had a pair of my wife’s panties to their nose. I still there and watched them not knowing I was there as the muscular boy tensed up put the panties to his cock and shot a big enormous amount of cum in them then the other boy started to moan ten stuff and he shot his load on the other pair the one boy wanted the pair up and put it in his pocket I snuck back out in the next week I had a plan all went the same I pretended I was leaving this time I hid in the bathroom when the boys come in to grab their goodies I confronted them and told them I knew what they were doing I told them I watched them last week they were embarrassed as hell they were speechless I said to them it’s all right it kind of turned me on and the one boy looked at me and said what it made me hard watching you two teens blow your loads with such Force now I won’t tell anybody of this but I want you to do something for me have you ever sucked cock before and they both kind of looked at me and said no the other one said he did one time to another friend of his and in return the kids sucked him off as well. Well then you come over and get on your knees the boy did I took my pants down and took my 7-in cock out and said I want you to suck it . and I won’t tell anybody John you come over and watch it is he walked over and stood next to me I pulled my shorts down my 7-inch hard cocks run out Billy said you have a big penis do you want to suck it Billy I could tell he was very interested he took me by surprise when he caught my balls with one hand grabbed my shaft with the other and stuck his mouth on my head of my cock and started sucking it felt so good watching this boy sucking on my head of my cock and jerking me off instantly started turning me on and away like no ever. I told him to go a little deeper took my one hand put it on the back of his head and started pushing a little farther in and out until it was touching the back of his throat he started moaning I thought he must really like sucking cock I grab the other boy around his neck looked into his young blue eyes I’m starting kissing his neck sucking on his ears I went to his mouth he pushed back but I forced him as I stuck my tongue in his mouth he was resistant at first and he was shaking nervously until about a minute or two and he was getting into it he started kissing me back I told Billy I was going to come when I told him that he pulled out of his mouth and my car shot all over his face big loads of cum. Then I told the boys to come in my room I started kissing Billy and took both the boys shortstown they both had rather nice cocks I never sucked the cock before but this was a turn on I told them to both lay on about as I took turns sucking them both off I told them to kiss and they did Billy told me he was going to come and I went to his cock and put my mouth on it and sucked his wife and a half inch cock until he shot all his semen in my mouth and down my throat then John said he was going to come and I did the same to him I ate both the teen boys sucking their balls dry. It was so hot I went up and started kissing the boys with their c** in my mouth they didn’t seem to care I was hard again I told the other boy John now it’s your turn he started sucking me and I told Billy you go down and lick my balls and he was licking my balls John sucking on my cock he wasn’t doing that great of a job scraping his teeth I guess he never really did do it before so what was I to expect in a minute or two I was blowing my load in his mouth and I told him you better swallow it all and he did well the next week same thing happened I made Billy suck John off and was making out with John kissing him passionately on the lips got behind him spread his ass cheeks apart and started licking his ass hole 🕳️. Out it must have turned him on when I did that cuz he said he was going to come and he shot his load down his friend’s throat then they sucked me off at summer was a fun time for the next 6 weeks he did this on a routine basis. One of the times I let John come in by himself the cuter of the boys he had a 5-in thin cock with a big purple head it was beautiful with nice size balls I asked him if he’s ever had sex before and he said no just was us and he is fingered a girl before but not much more than that well I have an idea first I want you to suck my cock until I shoot my load down your throat then I will let you do something he said what will you let me do I said I will let you fuck my ass smiled and said really it’s a deal he started sucking me off and I told him wait I lay on the bed and told him let’s do a 69 but she didn’t know what that was I started sucking his cock and licking and sucking his balls and he gobbled my cock like a champion he could suck cock now he learned how two and plus rather good at it now moaning and sucking he started to twitch a couple times I took his cock out and sucked on his balls I did not want him to come yet I blew my load in his mouth and I told him to mount me as he stuck his small penis deep in my butt he said to me it feels amazing it feels so good as he was moaning pumping me with his teen cock can I c** in you I said yes I want you to come in my butt he went wild and had an intense orgasm I could feel his cock hard enough and start throbbing with each thrust his semen blowing deep in my butthole when he was done he collapsed on the bed that was amazing he said that was the best feeling can we do that again yes go tell your friend to come in and I want him to do the same thing he come in a little while later and stuck his cock deep in my ass and came in me too one great summer

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