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The Sleep Over

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Harry allows his 14 year old daughter to have a friend sleep over and he gets a surprise.

Harry Hinton is a 34 year old who is raising a 14 year old girl named Marsha alone. His wife and her mother was killed by a drunk driver when Marsha was 6. Harry devoted himself to making sure that Marsha knew that she was loved and that she was going to be OK no matter what.

Marsha had started developing earlier than most girls her age and she looked to be closer to 16 or 17 by her body. She had 34 B cup tits and a delightful ass. Now Harry never looked at her in a sexual way as he wanted to be the best father for her.

Marsha came to Harry one day and wanted to have a friend come over and spend the night. Marsha was selective about her friends and rarely had anyone come over so he said that she could. She was delighted and hugged him tightly as she thanked him.

Friday afternoon they were both just getting home and a car pulled up. A young girl who looked to be around 15 years old got out of the car and ran to Marsha and they hugged each other as they squealed with delight.

“Daddy I want you to meet Gina my best friend in the whole world!” Marsha said.

Gina was a beautiful red haired girl with a slightly chubby body. Not fat but a few extra pounds in all the right places. She had 32 D tits and a gorgeous ass.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you Mr. Hinton. Marsha has told me all about you!” Gina said as she bit her bottom lip and looked at Harry with a glint in her eyes.

Harry caught her lip bite and saw the look in her eyes but didn’t really feel like she was flirting with him.

“Please call me Harry. A friend of Marsha is a friend of mine!” He said as they went into the house.

Harry ordered a pizza and the girls chatted away as they talked about things that girls talk about at their age. Harry kept noticing that Gina would steal glances at his crotch area every once in a while. He decided that it must be a curiosity thing and tried to ignore it.

They watched a movie on TV and the girls went to Marsha’s bedroom to play. Harry was watching TV and drinking a beer. Harry fell asleep in his chair and sometime later he was dreaming of a woman giving him a blowjob.

The dream seemed so real to the point that he could almost feel the wetness of her mouth. It had been so long since he had gotten a blowjob that it didn’t take long before his cock exploded. He felt like he was actually cumming and it woke him up.

When Harry got his eyes open and looked down, he saw the a red haired girl and she was swallowing something. It was Gina and she had her hand wrapped around Harry’s cock and she has what appeared to be cum running down the sides of her mouth.

Harry realized that he hadn’t been dreaming about a blowjob but had actually gotten a blowjob from Marsha’s best friend.

“MMMMMMM Mr. Hinton, I mean Harry you taste delicious! I absolutely love the taste of cum!” Gina said as she wiped the cum from her mouth with her finger and sucked it clean.

“Gina my god what are you doing? Where is Marsha? Are you trying to get me killed?” Harry stammered trying to get his cock out of her hand and back in his pants.

“Marsha is asleep and I came down to get a glass of water because I couldn’t sleep. When I came into the living room I saw you asleep in the chair and you had a hard on. I just couldn’t resist getting it out and helping relieve your condition!” Gina said as she continued to stroke his 7 inches.

“But you are too young to be doing that with me. I can go to prison and probably get shot by your father if they ever found out!” He groaned as his cock throbbed angrily in her hand.

“Who do you think taught me how to suck cock? I have been giving my daddy blowjobs for a year now. He says that I have the best pussy in the world too!” She said as she climbed into his lap.

Harry watched in awe as Gina straddled his hard throbbing cock and pulled her panties to the side revealing her smooth bare pussy and placed the fat purple head against her tight wet pussy. She moaned as she began to push herself down onto his cock.

“OMFG YEEEEESSSSSSSSS you are bigger than my daddy.” She moaned as she worked her tight little pussy down onto his cock.

Harry groaned deeply as he felt her hot wet tight little pussy stretching around his cock. It was so fucking tight that he thought that she would give up. But Gina was determined to get it all in her pussy. Gina lifted her ass up until only the head remained inside and she immediately dropped her full body weight down and drove his cock all the way in.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” She hissed trying to stifle her moans.

Harry grunted as he felt her hot furnace envelope and clamp down on his cock. Gina reached down and grabbed her night shirt and pulled it over her head revealing her gorgeous tits to Harry’s face.

“Please suck my nipples Harry!” She moaned as she worked her pussy up and down his shaft.

Harry immediately wrapped his hands around each tit as he sucked hard on her nipples. She moaned and whimpered as she bounced up and down on his hard throbbing cock. Her bubble ass cheeks slapped down on his lap.

Her pussy spasmed around his cock as her orgasms racked her body over and over again. Gina’s daddy was right, she had the best pussy that he had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Harry wondered what else her daddy had taught Gina.

Gina wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face against her tits as he gripped her ass cheeks and helped bounce her up and down his cock.

“FUCK YES FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” She chanted as Harry thrust upwards into her smoldering little pussy.

Gina was a hot little fuck toy and she knew just how to pleasure a cock with her muscles.


Harry knew that he shouldn’t be fucking Gina but he also knew that Gina’s daddy shouldn’t be fucking her either. He is only a man who hasn’t had much pussy in the years since his wife died.

When a 15 year old sex pot practically rapes you then the only option is to let her and take advantage of the situation.


When Gina hears that she instantly cums again spraying his lap with her juices. Gina begins to double her efforts of driving her pussy down onto his cock. Harry can’t do anything but hang on to her bouncing ass.

“PLEASE HARRY CUM IN MEEEEEEEE!” She moaned as she felt another orgasm slam her body.

Harry drove upwards and planted his cock as deep as he possibly could in her soaking wet tight little pussy and began to pump stream after stream deep into her womb.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE BABY!” He groaned as he held her down onto his spurting cock.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” Gina moaned as she felt every spurt spash her insides.

Harry pumped so much cum into her pussy that it started leaking out and ran down his shaft and balls. They stayed like that for a while until his cock deflated and slipped out of her pussy. His cum ran out of her pussy and plopped onto his cock and balls.

Gina climbed out of his lap and immediately began to suck up the cum from his wilted cock and balls. She didn’t let a single drop go to waste. She cleaned his cock and balls making sure that she got everything.

Harry sat there stunned by what just happened. Gina looked up at Harry with a wicked little smile on her face.

“I told you that my daddy said that I had the best pussy!” She said as she kissed the head of his cock.

Harry saw some movement out of the corner of his eye and looked over only to see the face of his daughter Marsha standing in the doorway watching them with her hand between her legs.

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck77e7szya9

    Alabama, you know how to do it. Had me hard from time I read the title, till I was pumping with both hands bursting my nuts. Just like that when I woke up after have a sensual fucking where I knew I was fucking my boy crush. Felt too good, opened my eyes and there was my baby sister pumping away on my fat dick, till she had her orgasm and left me high, horny and dick wet from her juices. I got even later that week.

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    Daughters turn πŸ˜‰ 😜 😘

    Such a hot story 😍 πŸ˜‹

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  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

    @Roberto it’s a link code for some sort of messaging app.

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    Can’t wait for more

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      Thank you HH as always.

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    Hope Marsha sucks her daddy’s cum from Gina’s ginger cunt.

  • Reply Roberto Salemu ID:1epko5o9eke0

    Question what are the random strings of letters in comments like this?

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    Hope there’s a part 2 involving the daughter and friend

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    I read this story on another site before

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      You might have read something similar however you didn’t read THIS story.

  • Reply Concerned Citizen ID:1cqfogkhcbvw

    32 D is skinnier than 34 B. The number is the size of the bra’s band going around their ribs. the Number is the diameter of their breasts.

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

      Thanks for the information to a completely made up and fictional story. Please concern yourself with something else.

  • Reply Mister Daddy ID:2liqeotm4

    Let’s hope Gina is not on the Pill.

    • Pregnant fetish ID:7z8j90mzrb

      Yes and Marsha joins for around and she gets pregnant as well

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

      Not sure if she is yet

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    Got to be another part to this.
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      You should expand that fantasy to a little story and share it with us.

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