Amy does NiS Monday

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Amy finally gets her turn to be Naked in School


‘Hi! My name is Amy.
A lot has happened in the last two years since I spoke to you guys. I might tell you about that some other time.
To sketch some background though; Marcia and Dad got together. I don’t know if they’re gonne get married or not. I can only hope. We moved into a house – Marcia, Dad and I. It is more about the bigger space for their collective libraries I suppose. And it cuts down on traveling a lot! We spent so much time in each other’s places on different sides of town that the move just makes so much more sense. Plus, Dad and me, we really love Marcia.
Today is the second Monday of the new school year, and I’ve just started high school. You might say that I’m a bit too young to enter high school. But I’m smart. I’ve gotten a year’s advantage over the norms. Ha! Ha! Ha! No, I’m only joking. It was some administrative mix-up when I first started school. I’ll not go into that right now.
In my experience the first week of every school year is always chaos. Especially at a new school. You have to figure out where you are. And who you are when you’re there.
So today all of the chaos has died down and I can at least find my feet… Or so I thought…’


I find myself in the principal’s office with a bunch of other kids as the first bell rings. I’m nervous. I haven’t even been here long enough to get myself into trouble. And here I am in the Principal’s office before the day even starts.
Conciliation however is that William is with me in the office today. He never gets into trouble. We aren’t best friends or anything. But we’ve known each other our entire lives. Our fathers have been friends since they were in school. We’ve been in the same school and class since day one. And it is his lawn that I mow on Saturdays. He’s got some severe allergies and can’t do it. I get paid for it, so I’m happy.
“Why do you think we’re here?” William asks. He is clearly nervous about the whole situation.
“Your guess is as good as mine.” I answer. “We can only wait and see.”
Just then the principle enters the office with his assistant and two policemen. The office got really cramped when they entered.
“We’re going to have to do something about this.” He mutters to his assistant who just nods. They are on the same page.
“Well… I guess you have all been wondering why we’re all here this morning.” Principal Winslow addresses the room.
“It’s the Program isn’t it?” One of the female students pipes up. “It’s all over the news.” She crosses her arms. “Well you’re not gonne make me do that. I’ve got rights you know.”
“You are right Elma. This is about the Program.”Principal Winslow answers. “And no. In this regard you have very few rights. All, well most of it, is with your parents. They already signed off on it. My job is merely to enforce it.”
Elma grumbles something. She is peeved at the situation.
“Right… I’m sure that you are familiar with the Naked in School program. You’ve all gotten the brochures and we’ve talked about it at assembly. All of your parents have signed the documents. The only thing left to do now is for you to strip and start your week. Your clothes will be available at the end of day.” Principal Winslow says. “We have also partnered you up with someone in your class. You’re going to need each other’s support. You can also lean on Ms. Black. Our school counselor and Program coordinator. She is regrettably not in today, but she will be tomorrow.”
‘Dad, Marcia and I have discussed the program. Since it is in line with what they do, it was no surprise that it got their full support.
Now, I’ve been naked for almost two years now. But only at home with only Dad and Marcia seeing me. And the people at the nudist camp we went to last summer. Everybody was nude there. But this is different. Now I’ll be nude while almost everybody else will be dressed. And this is school. People here really aren’t as grown up as they think they are. Even I can see that. And I’m probably the youngest here.’
But I swallow these fears, and start to strip out of my school uniform. ‘What’s the worst that can happen? This might be exciting. I’ve grown to dislike clothes anyway. I feel much freer without them. Plus, I get to see what William looks like in the buff as well. I’ve always wondered. Not that I like him or anything. It is just that I haven’t seen him naked since we were three. Well I was three. He was four. I can’t remember much of it anyway. I’m sure that he has changed a lot since. I’m curious.’
It is when I am putting my shoes back on that I see that I’m the only one there naked. Except for the shoes of course. We’re allowed to keep those. Some have started to remove their ties and one or two shirts have gotten unbuttoned. But that was about it. Everybody was staring at me, making me feel a bit self-conscious. Well I reckon that this is going to happen all week. So I better get used to it. I straighten my back and look the others in their faces. Showing as much defiance to the world as my petite frame can scrounge up.
“I seems like it takes the youngest of you to show you how it’s done.” Mr. Winslow chimes in.
“Were not the same as this little redheaded whore!” Elma answers.
“Yeah. Her mom’s a porn star! Probably all kinds of weird shit going on at her house!” One of the boys says to snickers from the other students.
“Language!” Mr. Winslow reprimands.
“Jacking off to Marcia aren’t you. You know that it is illegal for you to watch porn. And now you confess to it in front of the police!” I hit back. They probably saw Marcia dropping me off at school last week. “And I’m not a whore! I’m just not afraid of my own shadow like you are.”
I look at the two policemen guarding the door silently. They were ogling me. Creepy! I know that they won’t do anything about the boy who watches porn. Its legality is nebulous anyway. There are bigger crimes to think about. But right now I’m building up an undeserved reputation. By the end of this week, probably the whole school will know about Marcia. It might not end well for me.
“Aghmm..! I think we have wasted enough time.” Mr. Winslow says
“If all of us refuse to undress, then there is nothing you can do about it!” Elma says stamping down her foot.
“Ms. Brown. Could you please hand me the suspension forms?” He asks his assistant. She takes a handful of them out of the document case she is carrying and hands them to Principal Winslow. “If you refuse, all you need to do is to sign these suspension forms. We’ll contact your parents or guardians to come pick you up. You’ll be suspended for a week. When you come back you’ll be in the Program for two. If you refuse again you’ll be suspended for another two weeks and put in the Program for a month! You could refuse for a third time. Then we’ll have to part ways however.” He says. “I didn’t make these rules. They’re from the government. I merely enforce them.”
There were some grumbles, but the rest of the students started undressing.
“You need some help?” I ask a staring William. He did not take his eyes off of me the whole time. I think he is in shock. He came to however when I waved my hand in front of his face. “Earth to William. Come in William!”
“Uh… Yea… I should probably…” He blushes. It is so cute.
“Let me help you.” I begin taking off his tie as he turns a deeper red.
“I… I can do that…” he stammer and starts working on the buttons of his shirt.
“I know. I just want to help. You know me.”
“It’s because I know you.” William says as he pulls his shirt out of his pants and undoes the last two buttons.
“William. Look at me… Up here… Look. We are going to have to have each other’s backs this week. I’m going to need you. I think that Elma chick has painted a target on my back. I need you to be strong.” I say as I unbuckle his belt.
“Ok.” He says taking his inhaler out of his pocket before his pants drop to the floor. “I might need this.”
“Mr. Winslow. Is it ok if I hang this around my neck? It’s my inhaler. I may need it.” He asks the Principal holding his inhaler up.
“I’ll have to consult someone about it. I don’t remember that the provision has been made for inhalers.”
“Does it say something about prosthetics?” Another boy asks, lifting his leg showing his prostheses below his knee. “Motorbike accident.” He adds.
“It doesn’t. But I can’t see why not. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that prostheses and inhalers and so on should be allowed. Your lives depend on it. Does anybody else have something similar? EpiPen or something?”
“I… do…”Another girl says. “An EpiPen. Severe peanut allergy. I usually just keep it in my pocket. It does not have a lanyard attachment though…”
By now everyone is naked staring at the EpiPen.
“May I have a look at that pen Patricia?” Mr. Winslow asks holding out his hand before taking it. “Ms. Brown. Do we still have any of those school lanyards left that we dished out last year at that fund raiser? I think we can maybe tape this pen to a lanyard for now… Until we can think up something better. The rest of you, it’s time to go. Find the box with your name on it and put your clothes inside. It is now second period. Your teachers know that you’ll be coming.”


William and I exit the now stuffy office and breathe in the fresh air. There were too many breaths in an enclosed space for too long. It muffles the brain.
“You know about the reasonable request part right?” I ask William as we walk outside.
“Yea…”He says.
“I was thinking that maybe we should practice that part before we hit the crowds.” ‘Now don’t get me wrong. Besides the fact that I really want to see more of William before anyone else gets there grubby paws on him… Aghmm..! I really think that some controlled exposure may help both of us. I’m nervous. Sue me!’
William stops walking. “Ok.” He says, putting his book bag down. He puts his hands on his head and spreads his legs shoulder width apart. The way they show in the brochure.
He is blond, and a bit pale. He is well build for a fourteen year old though. He has a washboard stomach and sports a five and half inch erection. He is also more than a head taller than me.
“I got this boner when I saw you. Now it won’t go down.” He laughs at himself as he turns a deep shade of red. It is one of the side effects of being blond I suppose. If you blush it can be seen from space.
“May I touch it? It is a reasonable request.”
“Ok.” He says and his eyes glaze over when I did.
“Wow. You’re charged up. Does it hurt?” I ask while tickling his balls.
“No. Not yet. But if you keep that up I will probably come.”
“Cool. You should ask for relief when we get to class. You’ll feel better.” I say as I take half a step back. “Bend over. I want to see your ass!”
“My what!”
“Your ass. It’s part of it. The reasonable request bit. Plus, I like butts.” I say. ‘Hey. I did say that I have an ulterior motive.’
William bends over and I go behind him to have a look at his hanging balls and pink pucker. He does not have any hair growing on his anus yet. He does not have much hair on his pubis either.
“Ok. Now me.” I stand and take the recommended position for William to inspect me.
“May I touch you?” He asks.
“Yes. Of course.”
I’ve grown out a bit in the last two years. No hair though yet. I’ve grown some semblance of boobs though. They are more like cones with large areolas topped with nipples than are now standing erect in the wind. We are standing outside after all. And the morning air is cool. Marcia says that I shouldn’t worry though. I should grow into them. For now, I am pointy.
William softly strokes my nipples with his thumbs releasing a sigh from me before feeling my labia with his finger tips.
“Ok.” He says. “Bend over. I also want see what all the fuss is about.”
I bend over to let him have a look at my butthole and pussy from that angle.
“I can see now why. I like it!” He laughs.
“Yes. Now I’m beginning to get horny as well. We should get to class.”
We have at least all our classes together. The one we’re going to now is Accounting. A double period. Boring right. We walk into the middle of the first half of the period.
It disrupted the class something fierce. We, our group are the first students to attempt this Naked in School thing in this country. Well you have to start somewhere I suppose. It took Mr. Cartwright a couple of minutes to get the class to calm down.
“As you can see, we are joined today by some of this countries’ first Naked in School participants. Next week it might be one of you. So behave.” He says sternly. “Grab a towel and take your seats.”
He quickly filled William and me in on what happened in class in our absence.
William keeps sneaking glances at my little titties. I don’t think that he managed to absorb anything in that class.
When the bell rang for the next period, Mark, one of the other boys in class asked: “Can they ask for relief now? It is the beginning of the next period.”
“Actually, I don’t think you can do that in a double period. They don’t say.” Mr. Cartwright answers. “But since the program just started I think we can do something. I can see William is not concentrating at all.” The whole class laughed. William blushed. “Do either of you need relief?” He asks
“You’re gonne explode. Let me help you with that.” I whisper to William.
“Ok. Thanks.” He whispers back. “I’m gonne have to ask for relief.” He says louder.
We both stand up and go to the front.
“Do you also need relief Amy?” Mr. Cartwright asks.
“No. Thank you. I’m all right for now. I’m just here to help William out a bit. It’s partially my fault that he’s in this state.” I say to the disruption and the whistles from the class again.
“Well you’ve got five minutes. Do your best.”
“Ok.” I say to him. “Shall we?” I gesture William into the chair in front and grabs the box of tissues. “I’m just going to give you a nice handjob for now ok.” I tell him as I start working on his cock with smooth long strokes from my right hand and playing with his balls with my left. “Tell me if you’re gonne come ok.” I say as his breathing becomes more rapid and I pick up the pace. I smear the tiny drops of precum around his penis and starts working him up into a frenzy.
“I’m gonne…” It is all he could say before he erupts like a volcano. Good thing that I had some tissues in my left hand before he had his orgasm. I am able to catch his cum before it makes a mess. There was applause from the class.
“That was amazing!”William says after a minute. His penis now rapidly wilting.
“Glad I could help.” I giggle while cleaning the last bit of cum up and throwing the tissues in the dustbin.
The rest of the class was uneventful.
We were asked to pose though on our way to math by some of the more daring students. This whole thing is new and the people don’t know what to make of it yet. I got groped a bit. Some of the guys were really rough. We need to get this sorted out before it escalates. My boobs are still growing. They are very sensitive. Plus these gropers didn’t even ask. It is not in the manual! I will have to ask Ms. Black what to do.
At least we made it to math just as the bell rang.
“Do any of you need relief?” Ms. Martin asks as the class settles down.
“I do!” Mark shouts out.
“Unfortunately it is only for program participants. You will have to wait for your turn.” She says to the laughter of the class.
Neither William nor I take the offer. I guess I did a good job in the previous period. And I felt a little pissed at the boob grabbers.
After math it was lunch. And we both got outside to eat our packed lunches. Hey this is a third world country after all. We can’t buy food at school. And there is no cafeteria. If it rains, we sit outside. If it snows, we sit outside. If hail is falling down, we are at least allowed to try and find a roof. As long as it’s not inside a classroom – They’re afraid that we might do something evil if we’re indoors or something. As if the open air would stop some people!
I was approached by some guys with requests. I turned them away as I do not have to oblige them during lunch. It says so in the rules.
“You know the rules say that a reasonable request only allows another student to look at you. If he or she asks to touch you, you can refuse.” I tell William between bites of my sandwich.
“Does it say so in the brochure?” William asks. I nod. “So you took advantage of me?” He laughs.
“I did ask.” I say. “What I’ve actually been thinking is this: If I would for instance allow A to touch me. But not B, would it be permissible. And if I allow A to touch my boob for instance, does it give him or her for that matter, the right to touch my pussy?”
“Those are some interesting questions. There are some people that I would much rather not come anywhere near me. I think for the rest of the day we shouldn’t allow anyone to touch us until we can get clarity on those questions from Ms. Black tomorrow.” William says. “And I think that I should actually read that damn brochure. There might be some more questions popping up.”
“I’ll ask Dad and Marcia tonight as well. They’ve got a whole bunch of lawyers in their company that specializes in these kinds of stuff. Maybe they’d know or could find out.” I say. “I’m worried. I’m still a virgin you know. I don’t feel comfortable with someone else’s dirty fingers in my vagina.”
“I’ll keep my eye on you. I promise.” William says. He reaches out and squeezes my hand before letting go.
“So you still have your hymen?” He asks
“It’s not something that actually breaks and disappears after you have sex. A lot of women are born without it actually. It is not some magical barrier that guards my virginity. There are a lot of myths going around about it. A lot of cultures and religions still put a lot of stock in it. But yes. I do have one. And I tore it with all of this bicycle riding we’ve been doing. It didn’t hurt much though.” I tell him
“I know all that.” He says. “Well except for you breaking yours of course. The knowledge is out there. I can read. Problem is that the language hasn’t caught up yet. Questions tend to come out sounding wrong. And I haven’t made the time to figure out a better way to ask it. It is not as If I go around asking girls about their virginity every day.”
“I guess not. This situation is pretty unique.” I tell him. “Tell you what… You should come to my place after school. I’ve got an exercise that dad taught me a couple of years ago. You might like it. We might both benefit from it.”
“Ok. We can just swing by my house quickly then to tell my mom where I’ll be. She won’t mind.”
The bell rings for the last two periods and we haste ourselves to class. We got requested again on our way, but we did not let anyone touch us. It did not mean that we did not get groped in passing. My sensitive little boobs got more attention than they deserve. They started to hurt. They are not oven knobs! They don’t even look like oven knobs!
The day ended at least without incident. We got our clothes at the front entrance and put them on in front of a crowd of students before grabbing our bicycles at the side entrance. Things might heat up from tomorrow onward as people get used to this whole nude thing and start to get bolder.
“I have an idea.” I say as we ride our bicycles the five kilometers to our homes. William lives about three blocks from me. I have to go past his house to school every day or take a much longer route.
“Shoot.” He says.
“I think that from tomorrow we might have to help each other undress.” I say. “If you want to that is. I just have a feeling that I may need some support in that matter. Something just feels off and can’t really put my finger on it.”
“It’s that Elma again isn’t it.” He says. “She’s been quiet today. She may have calmed down a bit. We don’t know.”
“Promise me.”
“Ok. We can try. But I don’t think a program participant can make reasonable requests. We have to find out.” He answers.
“O god! I hope not. If some goon undresses me tomorrow I might get hurt or something. Some students think I’m a loose person who likes things rough because of Marcia I think. My boobs hurt so much from all the groping.” I tell him.
“Yea. I saw some of it. I could not do much with my legs spread and my hands on my head. They surround me, and keep me busy. I’m sorry.” William says.
“I’ve noticed. Come to think of it. The grabbing mostly happens when you are held up in a corner. Or when we are in a crowd and it can be done covertly.”
“Did you see who’s doing it?” He asks.
“No. It always happens in passing. All I can say is that there is more than one culprit.” I say as we enter William’s driveway. “I think I’ll speak to Ms. Black about it tomorrow. Maybe she has a solution.”
“You should tell your dad. It is better that he is aware of what is going on.”
“Yea. This can be a long week.”
“Chin up!” He says. “Only four days left.”
“Mom! I’m home!”William shouts as he enters the house.
“In the office!” I can hear her shout back. She runs an online business selling all kinds of stuff. I don’t really understand it.
“Come.” He tells me.
“Hi!” He tells his mother. “I’m going to Amy’s. Bye.”
“Hey! Wait up!” She says. Putting her and up.
“Hi Mss. Smith.” I say.
“Hello Amy. William. Don’t you have more to say than that? The school called me you know.” Mss. Smith says.
“Yea… I’m in the program. Bye.”
“Ok. You’ll probably find out anyway. Amy is in it too. We’re going to her house to try and make sense of the day. Bye.”
“Ok… Be back at six.” She laughs. “You can tell us all about it when you come back.
William dumps his book bag in his room and we head off.
“That was short.” I say as we climb our bikes again.
“Yea. Better to stop the interrogation before it starts. Otherwise we might never leave.” William laughs
We ride the last couple of blocks in silence.
“Marcia and Dad will only be home at around six. You want some coffee?” I ask as we enter my house.
“I could drink some yes. Thank you.”
I made us some coffee and produced some cookies out of a cupboard somewhere.
“So… What are you planning for us this afternoon?” William asks as he sips his coffee.
“You’ll see. Just keep an open mind that’s all. In fact, that is the most important part.” I say. “Drink up. We need to get started.”
After coffee I grabbed a small suitcase from my room and we moved into the living room.
“What’s in the case?” William asks curiously.
“Some stuff we might need. I’ll show what’s in the case later. For now, we need to take our clothes off again.” I answer.
William looks at me skeptically and eyes the case. I can see that he feels a bit uncomfortable.
“Open mind remember. But you can stop whenever you want. Besides. This won’t hurt. I promise. It will be beneficial for both of us.”
“Ok…” He says as he starts unbuttoning his shirt.
“Shoes as well this time.” I say as I quickly remove my shirt and skirt. I did not put my panties back on when we got dressed this afternoon.
We are both soon naked and I pull out two blindfolds out of the suitcase without letting William see the rest of the content. I figure that it is that frog in the pot thing. Don’t scare him all at once!
“Ok. Now stand in front of me and put the blindfold on. Follow my instructions. We are going to explore and feel ourselves with our hands and fingers. Take a deep breath. In through the nose, and out through your mouth.” I say as we put the blindfold on. “In through your nose, and out through your mouth… relax. Keep breathing. Now feel the top of your head with your hands and fingers…” I lead us through the whole feel your own body thing. The whole time maintaining a relaxed atmosphere, breathing in deep and keeping in sync with William. The way Daddy taught me.
“That was interesting…” William says after we take the blindfolds off. I can see that he is already sporting an erection.
“Yes.” I say. “I’m going to explore you now, and after you can explore me in the same way.” I put my blindfold back on. “Just put my hand on your head to start with.” I tell him, sticking out my right hand. Something that Marcia taught me.
I begin with studying his short cropped but thick blond hair. I explore the contours of his skull, and feel the folds of his ears. My finger tips traces the tiny little hairs on his eyes and feels the smooth skin on his cheeks. He definitely is not shaving yet. I investigate his neck and shoulders with my hands and fingers and discover the potential growing in his arms. I feel his chest and am delighted to be able to rub his nipples into erection. I feel his abs. He must take a lot of pride in these muscles. Boys usually do. I go down and explore his legs and feet before asking him to turn around. I begin at the top again and feel his smooth skin and shoulder blades. I trace his spine down all the way to his butt. I cup his butt cheeks in both hands, massaging them a little before letting my fingers explore inward. He jumps a bit when I run my fingers over his tiny little asshole studying its folds. I go down his legs quickly, tickling the backs of the knees on the thirteen year old in front of me a bit. I move all the way down to end up at his ankles.
“Oh my Gosh! That was incredible!” He says as I stand up and he turns around. Precum glistens on the top of his erect penis.
“My turn.” I say as I feel my own arousal simmering in my gut.
William puts the blindfold on and I guide his hand to the top of my head.
“Don’t squeeze my boobs please. They are still a bit sore.” I tell him.
He nods. Eager to start.
I can feel William start on my head feeling my hair, my scalp and ears. His touch is so tender. Gentle, as if I was to shatter into a billion pieces if he were to touch me harder. His fingers trace my face, committing it to memory before going down to my neck and throat. His touch is so sensual; I can feel myself getting wet. He explores my arms one at a time, all the way down to my finger tips. He feels my chest and I gasp as his fingers brush over my nipples. William moves down and delights me by circling my navel with his thumb. He explores my twelve, soon to be thirteen, year old legs all the way down to my feet and the tips of my toes. I turn around and find myself shaking with arousal as the thirteen year old William starts at the top of my skull again. It takes every bit of restraint not to jump him then and there. I sigh when he starts exploring my ass. I can feel his finger linger on my butthole. I want more, but he moves on, tracing the backs of my legs and tickling me behind my knees. He reaches my ankles and I can hear him take a deep breath. We both forgot to breathe there for a while.
I turn around as he takes the blindfold off. William keeps sitting there on his knees looking up at me for a few seconds.
“God! You’re beautiful!” He eventually speaks. “I want to hold you, and taste you and, and… I don’t know what. Climb into you.”
“I…” I don’t know what to say. Nobody has ever made me feel this way before. And I don’t mean horny. This is different. More. I’m confused. I think I must deal with the horny first. “Sit on the couch.” I say as I take his hand and help him off the floor and onto the couch. “Let’s deal with horny first.” I say as he sits down and I take position on the floor between his knees in front of him. I take his rock hard erection into my mouth and start to suck on it. His is the first penis that I could actually take in all the way into the back of my throat. I feel his sparse pubes tickle my nose as I go down on him, swallowing him in. I play with the sensitive area under his glans with the tip of my tongue while tickling the underside of his balls every time I come up. I go down deep throating William, licking the underside of his shaft every time I do. I pick up the pace until William mutters something incoherent before blasting the back of my throat with his hot cum. I spent a minute licking him clean as he comes down from his high.
William pulls me up to sit next to him and he puts his arm around me and just holds me for a couple of minutes.
“Thank you.” He says. “I want to repay you. But I don’t know how. I’ve never done it before. Could you teach me?”
“With pleasure.” I giggle as he takes position between my spread legs. He takes my twelve year old, soon to be thirteen, pussy in with his eyes. It is his first time taking a long hard look at it. I scoot forward on the couch and lift my legs, revealing my anus. I reach down and spread my lips a little; giving the boy a good look at my insides.
“A quick anatomy lesson. It will help you.” I say as I spread my labia even more. William is now practically drooling as he takes in my scent.
“To start out with, you can kiss the inside of a lady’s thigh to get the motor running before moving in to kiss her vulva. You can suck and kiss and lick the labia.” I stroke my outer lips as I tell him. You can run your tongue up and down through the crack.” I show a mesmerized William by slowly running my finger between my nether lips. “Then you lick, suck and tongue fuck the vagina.” I say as I put a finger into my already wet pussy. “Then you move up and lick around the clit.” I pull the hood back and show him my engorged clitoris. “And finally you can lick and suck here on the clit itself. Wanne try?”
William dives in and starts to kiss my thighs as instructed.
“My motor is already running.” I tell him.
William starts licking my pussy, A bit clumsily at first until he got a rhythm going. He licks and sucks and slurps up my juices as his tongue sends wave after wave of pleasure up my body. He circles my clitty with his tongue before pulling the hood back with his fingers and sucks my clitoris in with his lips and flicks it with his tongue. I go off like fireworks as I buck my hips and grips William’s head between my legs.
I release him just before he started to suffocate.
William sits back on the couch and holds me in his arms as I come down. I look up into his smiling face glistening with my juices. He looks into my eyes before coming down to kiss me. We are soon wordlessly sucking on each other’s tongues, playfully biting each other’s lips as we devour each other in passion. Our hands roamed and we shifted position. I find myself on his lap facing him with my legs wrapped around his waist when I came up for air. My pussy slowly grinding into his now hard again cock. We kept on kissing and humping until we both came.
Clap,clap,clap… “That was beautiful!” I hear Marcia say as she claps. I look around and see her and Dad standing in the doorway watching the show we put on.
William and me fumble around shocked and embarrassed looking for a place to hide our cum smeared bodies.
“You two should take a shower.” Dad says. “Who knew that coming home early would yield a show like this?” He laughs. “Don’t take too long. I want to hear all about this.”
So we went into the bathroom attached to my bedroom. We washed each other off quickly. I guess we were too spent to do anything else.
“Our clothes are still in front.”William says as we dry off.
“Well I guess this can count as outreach then.” I giggle.
“I’ll need to go soon.”He says. “I’m sorry to have to leave you with your folks like that.”
“Don’t worry. They’re cool.” I say as I walk out of the bathroom.
We find Marcia and Dad in the kitchen preparing something light to eat. It is a bit too early for dinner.
“Come sit down.” Dad says. “Eat something. Our two nudists has put up such a good show, it would be remiss of us not to repay the favour.” He says as we awkwardly sit down at the table and he pours us some juice. We, William and I are still in the buff; our clothes forgotten in the living room somewhere.
“How long has this been going on?” Marcia asks.
“Since this afternoon.” I tell her.
“Oh. How did it happen?” She asks intrigued as she sits down at the table.
“Well… You know that Program thing…” I say.
“The Naked in School Program?” Dad asks. Always getting right to the point.
“That one yea… William and I are both in it.”
“Oh. So it started today. I thought I saw a message from the school on my phone. I was stuck in meetings the whole day.” Dad says.
“So… What happened? You two…?” Marcia asks. “Come on. You know I like a good story.” Marcia says.
“Ok.” I say.
“From the beginning.” William adds.
So we retold what happened today up until the moment we got caught with our pants down.
We finished just in time for William to go back home.
“I’ve got some questions about the program.” I said after William left and I sat back down at the kitchen table.
“Oh. Is something bothering you?” Dad asks.
“Yes…” And tell them all of the concerns I have with the program. I even tell them about the abuse I thought I was subjected to regarding my breasts. And I told them about Elma and my suspicions about her.
“That is quite a lot. I’ve written it all down. I will have my lawyers come up with some answers as soon as possible. As for Elma… I don’t have a clear answer as to how to deal with her yet. Just steer clear for now. And speak to Ms. Black. I’m sure she can help you.” Dad says after I lifted my concerns.
“What I do has nothing to do with either you or them. I’m sorry that I’ve landed you in a pickle.” Marcia adds.
“Nothing for you to be sorry about. Those kids just haven’t grown up yet.” I tell her.
“Thank you. But you tell me if it escalates.”

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