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Cousin And Me

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A true story unlike all these other stories

Ok so it all started when my cousin and I were little, I saw some show where people were having sex and stuff like that, basically I was young around the age of 8 and I basically told my girl cousin about it and we kissed. We did tons of stuff over the years but it wasn’t as crazy as the time she spent the night. So one day she spent the night at my house, we were home alone when I started slowly getting a boned and really horny. I am only 5’8 with a 5 inch cock and light brown skin. She is white with freckles and a nice ass. So basically I asked her “remeber when we kissed?” She laughed and said “yeah it was funny” i then said “want to try it again?” I basically was so horny that my cock literally hurt. She said no but I asked if she ever watched porn. She said yeah and we went to my room. We basically went under the covers and started watching porn. I of course searched up cousin fucking on the web in hopes to turn her on. So we are there watching porn when I decide to start jerking off. She doesn’t mind, but I can’t cum. So I ask her if she wants to make out. She says sure and we start. It was kind of awkward but we got used to it. She got on top of me and we were making out. My hands were on her shoulders but I decided to lower them to her ass. Her soft and brown hair was hanging. My hand reached her ass and I grabbed. She wasn’t moaning or anything but i could feel her pussy on my cock and it felt nice. I asked her if she wants to do it and she said no. We continue making out and her pussy is just grinding on me.she starts humping faster and moaning. She starts breathing heavy and she says that I’m the best cousin ever. I don’t know why but it kinda weird me out, she starts shaking really bad and it scared me. I didn’t know it was an orgasm because when I watch porn the girl never orgasms, she either squirts or nothing happens. I asked if she was ok but she was just breathing super heavy, she’s still grinding when I get the feeling I’m about to cum. I say I’m about to cum and she grinds more. I ended up cumming and she rolled over. She literally fell asleep immediately. I change and roll into bed with her. I wake up and her ass is on my cock. I have morning wood and I’m surprised she hasn’t woken up yet. My horniness is overpowering me and even worse than last night. I start to feel her ass. She’s fast asleep so I continue without worry. I start to slowly pull down my pants to reveal my 5.5 incher. It grew by .5, I start rubbing but it’s not satisfying me. I slowly pull down her yoga pants. She’s not wearing any panties. I successfully pull her pants down and I begin to put my cock in her asscrack. My cock head finds her asshole and my horny meter is broken. I start pushing without hesitation and can feel my head in her ass. She is somehow not awake so I start pushing more. Her ass is so tight, I take my cock out and find her pussy. My head is between her pushy crack and I start withholding my dick in it. She’s so wet, I push my head in and it slides in. She wakes up and asks what I’m doing. I punch mg entire dick in before she has a chance to say anything. I start pushing back and forth. Her pussy is so tight I already feel like coming. Her fat pussy lips grip my cock. She moans very loudly and I am breathing very heavily. I all of a sudden cum in her. She doesn’t mind it and we are laying there my cock in her pussy and her unsatisfied. The story basically ends there. We got cleaned up and wait for our fam to com home. I have 3 more stories about me and a dude, it’s how I discovered I was bisexual. I also have 2 stories with 2 different girls. Tell me if you guys want to hear them. I’m 13 by the way.

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      Basically when we are young we will try out a lot of things that we are “fun and cool”,but as we get older we are taught that things are dirty and evil and once you get religion you find out that you are going to hell if you do any of the evil things. So if that’s the case we are all already doomed, because according to the bible Adam and Eve is our mother and father so are all incestuous bastards so I for one say keep fucking your sister and brother and your whole family.
      I am one who did it earlier but stopped because of my religious beliefs,but my 9year old great granddaughter brought me back to reality when I opened my eyes and found her lips wrapped around my dick sucking for dear life.
      So I say continue what you are doing if you are enjoying it. And sure we would like to hear more
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      Sorry Joan my mistake this is for the author of the story.
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      You sound interesting. I would love to get naked, strip you down to your panties and rub my penis on your leg.

    • Adriandd ID:1fjh6vikd9i7

      Would love to share stories with you Joan.

      Feel free to contact me on wickr adriandd

    • Adriandd ID:1fjh6vikd9i7

      Would love to share stories with you feel free to contact me on
      Wickr adriandd

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    Share all your secrets

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    Thanks for sharing. I had fun with my coisins when I was young. I think lots of people do. Just do it when we get older we get jaded and forget how much fun it really was.
    Yes, please tell us more about some of the fun that you had and share lots of details and descriptions. I know it helped me remember a lot of the fun that I had growing up.

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    are you currently dating or just a quick fuck that’s all