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Cat: PreTeen

Uncle fun

I love my nephew and I really wanted to fuck him, I’m 46 and he’s 10 now, so i had a plan I went into his room and tied each of his arms to the bed and flipped him over so he was... # # # # #

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Love of a Female

This is just something from the heart to all Females that bounces through my brain. I know this isn’t the norm on this site yet from the heart. # #

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Me and My Cousin-The Beginning

During the summers, I would go up to my grandparents house at the lake numerous times. There were 10 of us cousins that were within 10 years of age: 9 boys, 1 girl. This one summer,... # # #

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Sex addiction

Ever since I was a lil boy. I always been very horny. Getting a hard on from girls on TV, movies, cartoon and even my own Family members. Not just cousins either. My own mom and lil... # # #

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Step dad fucked me and I liked it

When I was 11 I went to stay over for the night at my step dads, I only did this because I always felt strange about letting my brother go alone. Although he knew he wasn’t my... # #

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cousin and terrace

I was 9 years old when I walked out into the terrace and found my 14 year old cousin masturbating on the hamaca, he asked me to come closer as I started at his erection, it was the... # # #

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A little girl discover masturbation

I was probably 8yearsold. I noticed one day how good it felt when I wiped myself after I peed . I started going in the bathroom just to rub the toilet paper on my vagina even if I didn’t... #

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She just wanted to feel loved

The little girl from across the street was very sad and felt like no one loved her, so I showed her that people do love her. I made love to her. # #

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Discovering my pussy

I discovered the pleasures my pussy can give me by accident, ironically I was playing with my pussy-cat when I figured it all out. # #

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Well where do i start I met this guy we will call him by his online alius (gonzo) he was quirky funny and dare i say it, silly? He was everything from his sexy gray and white chest... # # #

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This is my story about how I had a gay experience at camp in the locker rooms. So it all starts when I was 9, just a youngin at camp only ever masturbated twice. I met a kid we will... # # #

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I will fuck him

I am in love with my sisters boyfriend and I wanted to fuck him so badly, but he rejected me. So I forced him to fuck me. # # #

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I want daddy

I had a dream about my daddy fucking me when I was 13, I continued my fantasy and measturbate thing of him manipulating me into having sex with him # # #

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