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Lost My Anal Virginity to a Dog

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My Name is Ron, I am blond and very skinny. When I was around 12 years old I liked riding my skateboard, and broke my right arm and my left hand got twisted but was fine, just hurt for a while, and got a few days of school because of it.
So I stayed home as my parents was working, I was alone at home with our dog, he is a german shepherd named Max, and I would just watch TV, and when I got bored I liked taking a bath and I was used to taking bath on the tub,

After I took the bath and I was getting out I got the towel, Max was on my bed so I told him to get down, he thought I was playing with him but he got down so I went to get my clothes, some part of it was on the floor so when I got down I felt Max put his wet nose in my butt, on which made me fall over, and out of reflex I put my left hand and my right arm with cast on the ground which hurt, and while I was getting over the pain Max was licking my ass, as I tried to get up, I felt Max mounting me, and started to hump me, he got a grip around my waist and weight kept me from getting up, and all I could feel was his pointy dick poking around my butt, and I seen his dick before, but I thought it was just that small red pointy part that was his dick and I seen him hump a pillow and he never stayed long so I thought it was going to be over soon.

Then I felt that pointy end right on my ass, and in that moment he thrusted hard, that moment I realized that his dick was bigger that I thought, I felt his hairy skin getting pushed back, as his dick got shoved inside me, as I cried, it felt like it was burning, and he started fucking me non-stop which made me start moaning, and all I could feel was that his burning dick was getting bigger and bigger, stretching me from the inside.

After I thought it was over I felt him start knotting me, which I didn’t know happened at the time, I just felt it growing to a point I felt like it was ripping me open and getting stuck inside me, as he continued to hump me non-stop, all I could feel is his burning dick stuck in me trying to move around, and after a few minutes, he stopped humping, and I could feel it twitching and pulsating still burning hot, he stayed there for a few minutes then tried to leave but it hurt so I laid my face down and held him with my left hand, for what felt like forever, then he got off me and stayed back to back to me but still stuck, and tried to pull it out, in which I tried as well, and finally his dick gets popped out of me, and was such relief, that relaxed my whole body, and I felt this huge amount of liquid come out, dripping all over my legs I look to him and saw the size of his dick, was way bigger that I thought was 8 inches I just couldn’t believe that that was inside of me, just stared at him licking himself as I stayed laid down for awhile, felt my ass opened.

Then I decided to get up, put on my clothes and laid down in bed feeling pain, I didn’t tell anyone, but after a few weeks, I wasn’t feeling any pain anymore my right arm still hurt a bit but I wasn’t wearing a cast anymore, and every time I saw Max or anything related to porn I think about what happened. Didn’t help that sometimes he would try to hump my leg.

One Day when I was alone again, was playing around with him, but what happened wouldn’t get out of my mind, so out of curiosity I touched his dick, pushed his skin to get his dick out and he started humping my hand, I kept watching but he started going crazy and started to jump on my and, to which he jumped on my back again but I was with shorts but I felt his dick hitting my butt, and just could not resist, so I pulled my shorts down, and felt his dick sliding my butt trying to get in, and after a few tries, I felt the pointy end pushing a bit in but with his humps he pulled it out, but now that he found it with the try he went in, and started thrusting fast nonstop again, with me moaning I just hugged my pillow hard as he kept fucking me, this time didn’t hurt as much and when his dick got fully grown feeling it pulsating inside of me just make me get so relaxed, after that I just started letting my dog fuck me every time we were alone for years, which made me get caught…

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  • Reply Richie Rich ID:11avdcepzri

    what happened when you got caught,

  • Reply Princeoo5432 ID:n20ekrzl

    Its my dream to get rammed by dog.I loved this story very much

  • Reply My name is Gabriel ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I always wondered what would it be like to get Ass Fucked and Kontit buy a Dog I’m sure it’s going to hurt for the first time but how does it feel after that though I would like to know and I would like to know what breed should you get mounted by for your first time

    • My name is Gabriel ID:5u0zlwr6i9

      If anyone out there has a dog I would like to see if I could get Ass Fucked and Kontit by him

    • We ID:41examphm

      Pls get help

  • Reply jack ID:1ehqubg41