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Little Emma pervert and past

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As i write in another story, fro the age of 4 i discovered the enjoyment of masturbation. The first time was when i was washing myself, my hand and water running down there what beautiful feeling. Then with panties or nude riding pillows or my teddy bears, my bellowing one was one big brown teddy bear gift from my godfather.
Later when i start elementary school i discovere another pleasure which my parents say it’s rude, as result many times my punishment. What was my new fun, bend over in front of boys, either in school or swings and rubbing my ass. even and hitting him above their personal area. The most fun was when doing that above preteen boys, i could feel some minutes later something hard which then i doesn’t know was their cock.

I learn what it was before 3 years, i was 7 on second grade of elementary school. It was one difficult school year because of the covid nightmare, happy we were going school but we had to wear face masks, kids and teachers, to wearing them for 5 and 6 hours wasn’t easy. To our school come 2 new kids Sonya and David, brother and sister, Sonya with me, David last class of elementary.
As new kids they were very close, difficult to make friends, well i become their friend, i must say they were stunning kids, with blonde hair both of them, soon i fell in love with David, finally he admit he was also in love with me. One day he ask me if i want both of us doing what two lovers are doing, very happy i answer yes. Because we had teachers watching us if we keep the safe distances and to wear the masks, we go to old abandoned building of school, there he push me above the wall, he pull down his face mask and then my, what are you doing this isn’t right and i grab my face mask to wear her again but he stop me.

Don’t worry he say, i have also make covid test and i’m ok, he lower his head and his mouth near to my until he start kissing me, i was in shock and wanting to push him and running but he had me there impossible to escape, his sister here to watching us. To say the truth he was kissing so nice as result i surrender to him. Same thing continue and other days, because weather still was like summer, we girls could wear skirts and dresses, doing him more easy to rub my thighs or ass.
Sometimes he was pulling down my panties and rubbing or hitting my nude ass above his bulge always wondering what it was, Sonya always watching us. I learn when i ask him for it, at first he laugh but he say ok. He call Sonya and she come near, starting to unzip his trouser and pulling down his panties i see for first time a cock, midsize, thin and little hairy, a worm this is what i was feeling all this time, both of them start laughing, no Sonya say its boys pee pee, it become bigger and it had one big head, Sonya explain me everything, i was looking at it like hypnotize.

Soon with her help i start stroking it, it was so hard and liquids running from a small hole above big head, these happening for 2 days, but third day they make me fell to my knees and having his cock rubbing in my lips, Sonya pushing my head so open my mouth, telling me i will love it open it, i was so scare it purpose we were friends but i couldn’t resist more and i open my mouth his cock slide in and with Sonya pushing my head i start sucking it.
Good girlfriend you see it isn’t so bad, She is like you our first time and mommy encourage you David say Sonya agree, Well however all this rough thing and strange taste, liquids i was tasting, i enjoying the blowjob as result Sonya let me free sucking David alone which was moaning, Sonya rubbing my hair. It doesn’t take long when i feel his cock to moving, like of instrict i try to piss his cock but David stop me with his hand behind my head, here come the best part Sonya say and hot liquids fill my mouth.

Drink them Sonya say, it’s good for us girls, without choice i drink them. Almost every school day i was sucking David, sometimes enjoyable others rough especially when i was with pigtails, Sonya watching or like later fell to her knees with me and taking him blowjob together. Our meetings continue until schools closed again because of the increasing covid cases and second bigger lockdown. When we return after months i couldn’t see none of them, we learn that they are under the protection of social services for kids because they were abused from their parents.
I must say thanks to them with their own way, i learn for cocks and blowjobs and love them, next months and years i doesn’t stop blowjobs most of them schoolmates, preteens, teens and rarely adults with them my blowjobs become finest. Thanks to them i knew what to do when i meet stranger on the beach, sex with Melanie was different, new.

Now we are going to the present day and swimming pool, stranger was keeping me so hard above him so i could feel his manhood rubbing and going up down my asscrack in all his glory, he moaning what ass is this you have little slut, this is the reason i chose you on the beach and wanting to tear apart your preteen holes if wasn’t your sister, i giggling and thank him.
Sorry but if i continue the story will be huge, very simple i have the need to narrate my past adventures, story with stranger next story.

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