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The crossed line is a lovely place to stay

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Daddy has came in both our mouths for the very first time and we loved it, and it’s definitely getting added as a regular activity. Daddy will always have a warm wet mouth to cum.
We went shopping close to where our boat was docked, for food and drinks. While shopping, I had asked daddy if we could camp out on the lake over night. Which is something we haven’t done in a long time. He didn’t answer but from the shopping cart it looked like the answer was yes.
Still no verification of a yes, we arrived at the boat. And after getting everything on board, daddy tossed me the keys to his truck, which no one has ever driven it not even mom . I was puzzled, then daddy told us that if we were staving for a couple of nights that we would would need a few more clothes .there was a department store near by we could get what we wanted then handed me his card. Stacy said we kinda questioning, he told us yes both of you, then asks us after all we both was his girls right.
He did a pre-check of the boats equipment while we was gone. To say we were excited would have been an under statement, so we decided to get some sexy, revealing outfits to wear just for him.
Returning to the boat, daddy had it gassed up and ready to go. And off we went
Our boat was a modest 22 ft cuddy cabin, with some personal touches from daddy. Like the bigger sun deck that had a hot tub and seating around a fire pit, a better stereo and upgraded solar power system, with still plenty of room to sunbathing an fishing.
We set anchor off the main lake back in a secluded cove. Perfect for swimming or what ever you wanted to do,we had a blast. Swimming and just goofing off. He loved our new matching micro white bikinis.
It was getting later and daddy’s 3 biggest rules was no swimming after dark or drinking and the boat didn’t move after drinking. So this is were we will be staying the night at, seeing how he has opened a beer. Daddy started a fire, it was getting chilly out here on the lake. I went to sit on his lap facing him and Stacy sayt down at his feet.
I could feel him get hard, I asked if something needed attention raising up a little. Stacy seeing the tip of his cock reached up and pulled it out to stroke it. And told me that it was definitely a yes and ready to play again. As she stroked his cock
That’s when I asked him to be my first. He asked if I was sure I answered with a long slow me.Daddy laid me down and that was the first of many times he went down on me.
Wow did that feel great he sucked and licked my pussy through 3 orgasms, and when he kissed it, felt just like he kissed me. I was in bliss.
He came up looking me in the eyes asking one more time if I was sure. I felt his cock twitching across the lips of my soaked pussy, in anticipation of entry. I told him in a whisper yes as a kissed him. Daddy reached down and guided the head between my lips, the head of his cock was in me I’m no longer a virgin I thought with a big smile. And with a very small pump he went a little deeper each time in me.Daddy kept doing this every so slowly and gently till he had me full with his cock.pumping in and out.
Which I came again and again over and over on his cock I now felt his balls slapping my crotch and ass, now knowing to call it balls deep. His felt larger now like a soft steal rod in me he gasped and moaned out loud that he was cumming. He quickly pulled out, and to his surprise felt Stacy’s mouth replace my pussy.
Daddy stiffened and and almost yelling OMG. He shook and pumped into her, fucking her mouth, he came hard and many times while trying not to gag her.
That turned out to be a long night, because after some rest Stacy started licking and sucking his cock, telling him that it was her turn, and it would be my turn to take his cum.
That is how I took daddy away from my bitch mom, and the three of us has lived very happy ever since the divorce.

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    But did daddy breed you two

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    Was für ein Glücklicher Daddy