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Big Brother’s Love pt. 4

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Part four of big brother teaching his little sister about sex

~I am an adult woman and this is just a fantasy~

After my shower, I felt refreshed and a little bored. I wasn’t sure what to wear but I decided on a soft little fluffy pink nightie that came to about mid thigh and was very comfy.

I could hear my brother back on the xbox with his friends and I tried to find something to do in my room on my own but I was just so bored and wanted to hang out with him so bad. Mom wasn’t going to be home until after dinner like usual and I always hated being alone growing up.

I pushed his door open and saw him playing some violent looking game. He looked over when I entered and then immediately went back to the game.

“What’s up sis?” He asked though his focus was still on the game and I took that as my invitation to take a few steps in.

“I really wanna play..” I whined a little bit, leaning against his recliner that he was sitting on in front of the TV. “I’m bored.”

“Okay? Then find something to do. I’m in the middle of a game but I’ll make dinner soon.” He practically dismissed me but I had already tried that! I sighed and stayed leaning against his recliner, watching him play the game for a minute. “Are you seriously still here?” He asked as he paused the game and pulled off his headset.

“Please.. I want you to play with me so bad.” I pouted and he laughed a little bit, hanging up on his phone once again and rolling his eyes, finally looking at me and giving me his full attention.

“Fine, what do you wanna do?” He asked as he finally dragged his eyes over me, seeming to appreciate my pajamas that had nothing underneath them. I blushed a little bit, shy under his gaze.

“I dunno, I didn’t think about it. I was hoping you would decide, you always pick.” I giggled, biting my lip softly. “I think I’m ready for my next lesson.”

“Yeah? Are you sure?” He tilted his head as he asked, shutting off the TV and pushing to stand.

“Yeah, I’m sure! I’m ready, I promise.” I insisted, not wanting him to think I was a little girl like my mom thought.

“If you’re sure then go lay down on your tummy on your bed and I’ll figure out your next lesson, okay?” I nodded eagerly and went to my room, getting comfy laying on the bed and making sure my nightie was pulled down over my butt.

It felt like forever before my brother finally came in the room, hearing the door shut behind him and straining my neck to get a look at him but he didn’t look like he had anything.

“Are you still sure you’re ready sis?” He asked again and I giggled a little bit, nodding and wiggling my butt.

“I am, I promise! I wanna learn more, so bad.” I practically whined with impatience.

“Okay, but your next lesson might hurt a little bit. Do you think you’ll be able to be a good quiet girl for me during your lesson?” He asked as he moved to climb on the bed behind me, pushing open my legs so he could settle between them, biting his lip as he got a perfect view under my nightie.

“I can take it, I’m a big girl. I’ll be quiet!” I promised, getting even more eager for my lesson but a little nervous.

“Perfect. I was only able to put a little in yesterday because I didn’t want to hurt you but I think you’ve proved that you’re a big girl. And if you take all of it during your lesson I’ll even reward you, okay?” As my brother spoke I felt his fingers playing with my princess parts and it started to tickle again. I blushed and nodded at his question, my fingers curling in the sheets when I felt him push one of his fingers in my hole the same way he had used his tongue.

“O-okay, I can do that.” I insisted softly, little whimpers and moans escaping each time he took his finger out and put it back in. After a while he even added a second one and it didn’t hurt at this point so I was starting to ease up, even when he pushed up my nightie to show off my little butt.

“So cute, you’re so wet again Lilly. It feels so good, doesn’t it?” This time when he spoke I was able to answer, nodding and moaning in agreement. It did feel so good, in fact, it felt so good that I didn’t even notice him positioning his thing right behind me. He still had two fingers knuckle deep inside of my virgin hole as he started to rub the tip of it on my wet bare slit, a low groan escaping his lips.

Before I even knew what was happening, his fingers were replaced by something much bigger, stretching me in a way I had never experienced before. It stung really bad despite how slow he was pushing into me, it felt like I was being split open and every time I thought every last inch was inside of me, he’d keep going. I buried my face in my pillow to muffle my noises, unable to help but cry out when he was all the way in. He was right, it did hurt much worse than the day before but the longer he stayed there without moving the more the pain eased.

“F-fuck.. You’re so tight, holy shit.” He moaned, his entire weight now on my back as he started to slowly thrust. It was hurting much less already though it still felt like he was splitting me open.

After a minute or two my brother started to adjust me, pulling out so he could move me so I was laying on my back. He tried to push back in but I winced and brought my little hands up to stop him, so he grabbed Teddy who was laying on the bed near us and he had me hug the bear to my chest.

“Just squeeze Teddy when it hurts, okay? I’ll be gentle.” My brother reassured me and I nodded. This time he was able to push back in, once again stretching me out on every last inch. It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the first time though I still couldn’t help my moans and whimpers with each thrust.

My brother couldn’t take his eyes off me, dragging them from my face to my stuffie I was hugging and then to my tiny bare princess parts that he was stuffing full. It seemed like the sight was almost too much to handle as within seconds he groaned and had to pull back out, white sticky stuff once again covering my wet slit and my tummy. He cursed as some even got on my bear and I giggled a little bit from how good he felt, that prideful feeling coming back.

“Was I a big girl?” I asked softly as he panted, clearly once again not intending to cum that fast. He hummed and nodded, reaching up to pat my head.

“You did, you took it like such a big girl.” He groaned, leaning back a little back to rub his thing on the sticky stuff on me, dragging it over my soft bare skin. “Did it hurt?”

“N-no, it didn’t. Didn’t hurt.” I lied and he grinned, rubbing the tip against my hole like he had yesterday and it felt so good, having me squirming a little bit from the ticklish feeling.

“I’m glad Lilly, you’re such a perfect little princess for me. Way better than Teddy.” He teased and I giggled again, still hugging the bear close to my chest, especially when I could feel him pushing inside of my tight protesting hole again. “F-fuck, I’m still so hard. I can’t get enough of your cute little body.”

I blushed from my brother’s words, focusing on not crying out from his entire thing filling me up again. Instead I moaned desperately, trying to keep my thighs spread for him. This time he grabbed Teddy, setting the bear aside so he could lean down and kiss me. I definitely didn’t expect it but kissed him back like he had taught me to, even using a little tongue because I wanted to please him so bad.

As my brother started to thrust it was a bit rougher this time, his body now pressed against mine and the kiss deepened as he was forcing his tongue in my mouth, rubbing it on mine and swirling it around. All I could do was take it as his thrusts got even rougher, his hips kind of slamming into mine as my loud moans were drowned into his mouth and my hands reached up to curl my arms around him and cling to him.

“I-I have to p-pee—” I barely got a second to speak before my brother was messily kissing me again, essentially shutting me up with his tongue, his thrusts getting shaky like he was struggling to control himself.

This time I was much more eager to let the sensation from earlier take over, the white hot ecstacy coursing through my body the second I felt him slam inside of me to start cumming and white sticky stuff started to fill my insides. It was the first time he hadn’t pulled out but I wasn’t thinking about that, only focused on how good it felt as I orgasmed uncontrollably with his thing still buried inside of me. I was still hugging him close and clinging to him, panting from the intensity of my orgasm and noticing he was breathing just as heavily.

“I-I have a question..” I spoke softly as he didn’t move from his position on top of me, brushing my hair back from my face and asking what my question was.

“Are you my boyfriend?” I asked, my voice practically a whisper as I was scared he was going to say no. I knew they were just lessons but boyfriends and girlfriends kiss and have sex according to my friends so I really wanted to know if we were dating. The question seemed to catch him off guard and he thought about it for a couple seconds.

“Do you want me to be your boyfriend?” He finally asked, a little smirk on his lips when I nodded shyly, blushing and still clinging. “Well I’d love if you were my girlfriend but we would have to keep it a secret like our lessons, could you do that Lilly?”

“Mmhm, I can!” I insisted, nodding eagerly. He laughed and leaned in for a kiss that was much softer and shorter than the others, smiling.

“Perfect. Boyfriend and girlfriend it is then.”

~Thanks again for reading guys and please leave any suggestions/tips in the replies for future parts~

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