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The girl along the road 2

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Claire from along the road and her sister Debbie called by

The house had a dirt track running along the back that was used to access garages and I was in mine working one day with the door open when I head a lot of giggling and realised that local school kids used it as a short cut. I hid behind a cupboard and watched as they went by loads of little girls and some boys of all ages in school uniform. I couldn’t help it, I got my cock out and unseen by them stroked it slowly imagining all those sweet young pussies and tiny cocks. My imagination was out of control and I had to do it, so rubbing faster a shot my load as 2 girls went by being groped by 2 boys unaware that I was watching. Having found this good wanking spot I went there the next day well before school was out and was working away when the girl up the road came by and saw me.
She said hello and I asked her where she was going and she said she was going to meet her sister. We chatted a bit and it wasn’t long before kids started approaching and then one girl by herself stopped and spoke to the one talking to me. “This is the man I told you about Debbie”. The new girl was obviously the sister and her eyes lit up, “so it’s you been playing with Claire’s pussy and getting a wank”. I was stunned, no I was petrified where was this going, I’d obviously trusted Claire too much and was now caught, what could I say. Claire was probably about 12 or 13 and simply walked into my garage and said that Claire had been telling her all about me. I kept quiet trying to work out the best thing to do as she walked right to the far end of the garage and now out of sight of the door. “I want to see it too” she said. I tried pleading ignorance but she told me that if I did as she asked that she could keep a secret and only Claire would know because they told each other everything. “So come on, get it out, let’s see if it’s as big as Claire said it is”.
I pushed my track bottoms down and there it hung, the fright had stopped me getting a hard on but Claire said that if you touched it then it got much bigger and not to be outdone by big sis, she got hold of it and started stroking. That did, baby sis stroking as big sis watched did the trick and I was soon hard and Debbie was impressed. “Wow, it’s bigger than all the boy’s I’ve seen” she said cupping my balls as Claire stroked. “Can we so it?” asked Claire and I said of course she could and she told Debbie to watch as she began wanking me off. Debbie was still stroking my balls and it didn’t take long as Claire got really excited proud of making me shoot my load. “Will you do to Debbie what you did to me?”
How could I refuse, Debbie knew what Claire meant and dropped her panties and jumped up and sat on my workbench. I eased her back and lifted her skirt, oh fuck what a lovely pussy, a tiny bit of fluff. I was so amazed that I just stood looking until Debbie said “come on then get on with what is it that got Claire so excited?” As I bent down and got my head between her legs she said “oi what are you doing?” Obviously Claire hadn’t told her about this bit and as I got close to her pussy she seemed to be getting worried until Claire told her it was OK. And when I blew softly on her lips she gasped, and when I got my mouth over her pussy she groaned and wriggled a bit. Then I went to work on her licking along her slit tasting her and loving it.
When my tongue went in she shrieked and asked what I was doing, but Claire was there and asked her if it felt really good, of course it was. Then I began fingering as well and she lost it completely I had to hold her down to prevent her falling from the workbench still working with my fingers and tongue. Then she thrust her hips to me and ground her cunt against my mouth and fingers groaning like mad. Eventually it was over and she flopped back and I turned to see Claire standing there with a big grin and said me next please.
So as Debbie leaned back I lifted Claire up next to her and when I lifted her skirt found the little minx had already taken her panties off. Her bald tight pussy was gorgeous and I worked on her for a while with my mouth and soon had her begging me to do it. Her pussy was tighter than Debbie’s and one finger was enough to satisfy her. I lifted her down then and they both put their panties back on before going out and waving to me as they went saying they’d see me soon. I just hoped they could keep quiet and looked forward to more action with them and in the back of my mind was would I get to fuck them.

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    I’m ready for #3

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    I hope you get to fuck them and tell us about it