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Sex in school

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A boring geography lesson took a turn for the best

I (12 M) had a huge crush on this girl called sky (12 F) and we sat next to each other in class. We had geography which we both hated but half way through the lesson sky handed me a note. It said go to the disabled toilets around the back of the school. She then instantly asked to go to the toilet and left the room. I was a bit nervous at first so I waited around 5 minutes before asking to go to the toilet to. I arrived at the disabled toilet door but sky wasn’t there. Did she trick me? I thought she did until the door quickly opened and I got dragged inside. She locked the door then asked what took me so long. I was just in shock that I was in a locked room with my crush that I didn’t know how to answer. Sky said that she sees me taking quick looks at her ass and sometimes her titts (which I did). She sat me on the toilet seat and kneeled in front of me. She slowly started touching my sides and gave me a kiss on my lips. Instant boner. She saw my bulge and unzipped my pants. I was startled at this but didn’t say anything. Once my pants were fully off and on the floor next to us she said if I wanted to have sex with her I would have to do exactly as she says. She told me to fully strip naked and I complied. Your cock is huge she said. I sat on she cold toilet seat which sent a shiver up my spine. Sky slowly started to pull her leggings down. I watched as her curves were being revealed. Her huge ass popped out as her pink panties followed her Nike pro leggings down her legs. She pulled her T-shirt off and clipped her bra off so we were both fully naked. She had huge D cup titts and a huge ass for a 12 year old. She kneeled in front of me again and instantly shoved her mouth over my dick. The warmth of her mouth around my penis was so erotic I almost came then and there but I didn’t. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock and moved her head up and down on me. I released a huge load in her mouth and she said it tasted amazing, she swallowed every last drop. She got up from her knees and sat on my still very hard dick which went right up her ass making her moan very loud. She bounced on my lap moaning every time my cock went all the way in her. Her huge boobs bounced so high. She screamed ‘IM CUMMING!’ and orgasmed all over my thighs. She got off me and lay on her back spreading her legs very wide and told me to fuck her tight pussy. I quickly got down and started thrusting my cock deep inside her. I got a ball gag from her bag and put it on her because she was moaning way to loud. She came three times in five minutes and I couldn’t hold it in longer. I released my load in her pussy and filled her to the brim. We were both exhausted and lay naked on the bathroom floor. I crawled over to her and we passionately kissed until the end of the day. We got ready when the school bell rang and just got on with our day.

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  • Reply TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

    That was hot

  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    A teacher could have been waiting for them when they came out of the toilet.

    • 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

      My thoughts exactly lol