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Secret Daddy

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The 11 year old I met online turns out to be my daughter

When my daughter Amy was 2 her mom, Michelle left me because I had carelessly left my flash drive full of the naughty little things I enjoy by the computer when I was done and she looked at it. She took Amy and told me if I fought for any kind of custody she’d tell the courts and everyone we knew what she’d found. I lost them and moved on as best I could.
9 years pass. One day I’m on social media and start chatting with a 11 year old girl. She’s very flirty. We chat and exchange some pics and short videos over the course of a couple weeks. We start video chatting. She wasn’t at all shy. After just 3 vid chats we were both naked playing with ourselves for each other to watch. She had even started calling me her boyfriend.
The thought crossed my mind that she’s about the age as my daughter, also blonde… but I hadn’t seen Amy in years and had no idea what she looked like. Besides, this girl said her name was Mary. After a few weeks of playing together on video chat she confesses “I lie about my name online. It’s really Amy.” I asked her what her parents looked like. She told me “I don’t know what my dad looks like. He left us when I was a baby but this is my mom” and sent a picture. I immediately recognized her mother as Michelle and realized I had been video sexting with my lost daughter! I don’t let on that I know her mom, much less that I’m her dad who she doesn’t know. I just say “she’s pretty but you’re much prettier” then I change the subject by joking “you’re wearing too much clothes tho”. She laughs a little and takes her shirt off, showing me her bare buds with pokey little pink nipples. I talked her out of her shorts then we watched each other while we played with ourselves.
About a week later I asked “would you want to meet me in person?” She replies “YESS! 😘”. I asked what town she’s in and where she tells me is a 20 minute drive. We agree I’ll meet her at the burger place near her school Friday (in 2 days). I tell her what my car looks like and “I’ll be there at exactly 4:00, just get in”. After we’ve solidified the plan she vid calls me and we “chat” as usual.
Friday arrives! I’m so excited and nervous to meet my Amy after all this time. I spent all day at work distracted. Many thoughts run through my head. “How far is she prepared to go? We didn’t actually talk about that, just that I’d bring her to my house. How far am I prepared to go with my 11 year old daughter who doesn’t even really know me? If she knew who I am would she still want me to do whatever she’s prepared to let me do? Her not knowing I’m her dad makes it all the more exciting.” I rush home from work. Shower, trim my beard and pubes, masturbate in the shower imagining the fun I’m in for then head out.
I’d timed it just right so I pull into the burger place at exactly 4pm. I’d expected her to be waiting outside but I didn’t see her so I call her. “Hello!” “Hey, I’m here.” “Oh!” and she hangs up. A moment later she comes running out of the restaurant, looks around and immediately sees my car, runs up and hops in. She’s still wearing her school uniform (collared tan short sleeved shirt with 3 or 4 buttons and a tan skirt) and has a small backpack in hand. I tell her “hi! You look cute!” She almost rolls her eyes as she says “I hate this uniform. That’s why you never seen it before”. I playfully reply “if you want you can get out of it when we get to my house” and wink at her as I pull out of the parking lot and head home. “Ok cool” she enthusiastically says back.
I drive fast as we chat about our day. We make the 20 minute drive in 13. “This is it” I say, pulling into my driveway. She doesn’t seem at all nervous as we walk inside. I give her the quick tour. “Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bath. Nothing special.” She says “it’s actually kinda nicer than I thought”. I say “thanks. Have a seat in the living room? Want something to drink?” She smiles and sit on the couch. “Umm, do you have Smirnoff Ice? I drank a couple of those with my friend before.” I tell her “no but I can make a drink for you that’s not too strong. You don’t have to drink alcohol unless you want to”. She smiles and says “I definitely want to” and laughs a little. “Ok” and I go make her a glass of orange juice with a little bit of vodka and bring it back, handing it to her as I sit beside her. She says “thanks” as she take a sip. “It’s just orange juice and a little vodka. Is that ok?” I ask. She answers “Yes, thank you” and takes a big drink. I put my arm around her shoulders and say “you’re so beautiful”. She replies “thanks. You’re really handsome” and smiles.
I lean in and softly kiss her lips. She touches my face and kisses back. I slowly move a hand from her knee to inner thigh, the tips of my fingers an inch from her panties as we make out for a bit. I sit back, smile at her and say “that was nice”. She smiles back then finishes her drink. I lean back in, kissing her again and pulling her onto my lap. I ask “still want to get out of that uniform?” and slip my hands under her top, holding her slim sides. She giggles a little and grins softly and pulls her top off. I hold her and kiss her budding breasts. “Mmm” she moans. I continued kissing and sucking on her developing little chest for a few minutes more before gently laying her down on the couch and sliding her skirt off. Then I began rubbing her pussy over her panties as I move my head between her legs and start kissing her inner thighs, moving from her knees up till I reach her panties. I stop and look up at her. I ask “you want to take off your panties so I can kiss you here?” as I continue rubbing her through her panties. She eagerly does as I ask. I rub her bare little pussy and notice she is just starting to get peach fuzz. She leans back and moans softly as I play with her little pussy. I move my head back in between her legs, lick the peach fuzz on her crotch before softly kissing her young pussy. She’s already very wet as I part her pussy lips and taste my daughter’s sweet young juices for the first time. She puts a hand on the back of my head and moans “oh John, that feels really good!” I stop and look up at her face to say “it’s kinda weird but I like my girlfriends to call me Daddy when we’re doing stuff.” She pants “ok Daddy” as I continue eating her out, working my tongue into her tight young hole and she moans more and starts breathing deeply. I put a hand on her chest and feel her budding breast, giving her puffy little nipples a pinch and continue eating her pussy as I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.
I pull myself off of her and sit on the couch to take my pants off. She watches excitedly. I chuckle and say “what, you seen it before?” She giggles back and says “but not for real, just on my phone.” I pull down my pants, exposing my hard 6 inch dick to my daughter as she looked on happily. “Can I touch it?” she asked. “Yeah!” I eagerly replied. As she sat up and wrapped her hand around it and gently tugged I asked if she’d touched one before. She said “this is the 1st time I seen one in person.” I told her she can play with it as much as she wants. She said ok and kept tugging on my dick. I told her to “squeeze tighter. You won’t hurt it” She did and started stroking faster. I warned her “you gonna make me cum if you keep doing that.” She smiled at me and kept going. “I want to.” “Ok” I leaned back into the couch and she sat up beside me continued to stroked me. I put my hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. After a minute she moved to her knees on the floor between my legs and licked the precum already building on the tip. “It tastes better than I thought” then put her lips around the head of my dick and softly sucked while her tongue licked the tip like it was a lollipop. I moaned and softly trusted forward a little deeper into her mouth and said “baby it feels so good. Suck it a little harder.” She did as she started moving up and down, taking me in and out of her mouth. I’d have known it was her 1st time even if she hadn’t told me. It still felt amazing. After her sucking my dick for only a couple minutes I was already about to cum. I tell her “I’m so close baby! I want you to swallow it, ok?” Looking up at me, my dick in her mouth she replies “mmhmm”. I put my hand on the back of her head and let out a moan as I cum hard in the back of her mouth. She pulls back, gags on it slightly then swallows and opens her mouth to show me. She looks me in my eyes and asks “was that good Joh.. Daddy?” “Mmm, SOOO good sweetie” I reply as I take her hand and help her back onto the couch.
She leans back and I move on top of her, kissing her lips then neck, down to her chest, nipples, flat little tummy, crotch, finally making my way back between her legs. She tastes like heaven as I lick up her pussy to her clit. I lick and suck on it then stick my tongue in her as deep as I can.
After eating her young pussy for several more minutes I moved back up to be eye level to her and asked “do you want me to have sex with you?” She catches her breath and cautiously answers “I do but… I only ever put my finger in it. Be, umm, careful, ok?” I kiss her lips and say “we don’t have to…” She interrupts me saying “I want to!” and kisses me again, wrapping her legs around my hips and grinds into me. Looking down at her, taking in all her young, soon to be deflowered, innocence and somehow sexiness at the same time all I can say is “god you’re so sexy!” I lay on her gently and she wraps her legs tightly around me. I rubbed the head of my dick on her little slit before gently pushing myself into virgin pussy. Just the tip at first, then a couple inches. She winced a little as I carefully tore through her hymen. I pulled out some then kissed her as I pushed my dick deeper into her tight young pussy. She moaned “yes daddy!” as I start steadily pumping more of my dick into her till she’s comfortably taking my full length. She’s incredibly tight. Much tighter than any of the women or even the couple younger girls I’ve had before. I hold her tight as she moans in time with my thrusts. I thrust faster and she wraps her arms around me squeezing me as hard as she can. I look into her eyes and ask “does it feel good baby?” She nods and pants “yes daddy it feels really good”. I kiss her lips and ask “can I cum in you?” She shakily answers “o..k”. I say “mmm, good girl, Daddy’s good girl” as I pump a little harder till I explode hard, deep inside my daughter’s tight young pussy. I hold with myself balls deep inside her and kiss her deeply. Continue kissing her as I slowly pump my dick into her a few more times before pulling out. I roll onto my side and she rolls to face me. She kisses me and catching her breath says “that… was amazing”. I reply “yes! It was! I’m really glad you enjoyed your first time” and pull her close, playing with her bottom. She suddenly looks like is nervous about something so I ask “what’s up?” She says “oh, umm, I want to tell you something but…” “tell me anything” I interrupt and give her a peck on her lips. She takes a breath and blurts “I love you”. I smile, kiss her and say “I love you too” then we lay there naked and make out for a few minutes before I suggest “you want to take a shower? I have a really nice bathroom”. She says “I do feel kinda… icky” and giggles a little. I get up and put my hand out to take hers “come on, I’ll show you”. As she gets up I notice the bloody, cummy mess on my couch and think “SO worth it”.
I guide her to my bathroom and start to show her how the faucets work when she asks “umm, can you just get in with me? It’s a big shower” and gives me a smile that I’m learning can make me do anything. “Yeah, sure” I answered and step into the shower and turn it on. She gets in after me. I squirt soap in my hands, rub them together then I rub all over her body paying extra attention to some parts. She does the same. After a few minutes of washing each other I was throbbing hard again. I pick her up kissing her and she wraps her legs around me. I hold her firmly against the wall and slide my dick in her little pussy. She moans softly as I start bouncing her on me. Slowly then faster. I gasp out “yes! Daddy loves his little princess!” Then she begins moaning “yes, daddy, yes, daddy!” with each bounce. I hold her tight as I cum in her again. I pull out and carefully set her down. I tell her “Baby girl that was incredible! FUCK, you feel so good!” and lean into her and squeeze her bottom. “It was really good daddy” she says, blushing. I move my hand from her bottom to her young slit and play with it as the water runs down. I work a couple fingers inside her pussy and gently finger her, washing my cum out. She trembles as keep fingering her and rubbing her clit till she eventually cums, squeezing my fingers so tight I had to take them out of her. She shyly looks down and says “umm, thank you”. I hug her wet naked body and say “thank you for letting me make you feel so good” then I lean down and kiss her. We rinse off and get dressed. She asks “can you take me home? I don’t want to but my mom will be home in a little bit” “Of course baby! Like NOW now?” “Yeah”
On the way home she says how special today was and I am. I tell her I love her again and ask when we can see each other again. She says “I don’t know I’ll text you. Hey, stop here. I’ll walk the rest of the way” I respond “ok. Oh good idea. Thank you for today. Get home safe!” as she gets out she blows me a kiss. We both say “bye” and I drive home.

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I might write more if this one gets enough attention. This one took me a while

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