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Uncle and Nephew – Part 3

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The evening at my house continues with my nephew Joe and me exploring each other’s bodies and finding new ways to cum.

He was swallowing loudly trying to clear his throat. “Grab a Coke from the fridge if you want. And grab me a beer while your there.” He walking into the kitchen, his cock still standing proud and bobbing around as he walked. God I was a lucky uncle.

He came back with the cans, handed me the beer and popped the ring on his Coke, taking a big gulp. I opened my beer and did the same.

Joe stood there in front of me, cock standing up hard, can in hand. “OK, enough rest. My turn now.” And with that he pushed my legs apart with his and stood right against the sofa thrusting his cock towards my mouth.

I put my beer down on the side table and reached my hand up to cup his balls, rolling them gently around in my hand, my other hand grabbing his shaft and slowly pulling the foreskin back and forwards over the head. He was so hard and hot and his breathing got deeper.

He leant forward to put his can on the table beside mind, his cock almost poking me in the eye. I opened my mouth and licked the tip, wiggling around the slit and tasting the precum that was leaking. Taking the head in my mouth I started slowly sliding up and down, sucking harder each time. He was getting so excited he was thrusting gently forwards to meet my mouth. With each stroke I was taking him deeper and deeper until I stuck my tongue out to open my throat and swallowed him completely down to his balls. He groaned loudly and I could feel his legs quivering.

I pulled back to the tip and slid my hands round over his buttocks and pulled him forwards into me again. I kept sliding up and down, using his soft, round boy bum cheeks to control the speed and depth. Moving one hand round to his balls again I let my other hand move further behind him, pressing my fingers between the cheeks till I found his hole. I was pressing my middle finger against the pucker feeling it clamp shut then gradually relax. His eyes were closed, his cock throbbing, and I knew he was close to cumming.

I pulled back, pushing him away with his hips. He looked crestfallen that I’d stopped. “Wait there Joe, don’t move.” I got up and almost ran into my bedroom, grabbing a bottle of lube from the bedside table. He had done as he was told and hadn’t moved an inch.

I took my position on the sofa again. He was watching me intently as I squeezed some lube on my fingers. “What’s that?” he asked.

“It’s just some lube to make things easier. Trust me.” He nodded.

Pulling him forwards again I resumed sucking his cock while my lubed fingers reached round between his cheeks again. As soon as the lube touched his hole his cock lurched, I thought he was going to cum but he resisted the urge. I massaged his little hole, spreading the lube liberally to make sure I wouldn’t hurt him. I was sucking very gently because I didn’t want him to cum too soon.

My middle finger pressed against his hole and, though his pucker clenched to begin with, it started to relax and my finger tip pushed in just to the first knuckle. His cock lurched, his anus clamped down on my finger but I didn’t let it slip out. As he relaxed again I pushed further in, reaching the second knuckle. His insides felt so warm and tight, slippery and soft. My cock was hard again but I didn’t care about me, I was only interested in giving him the best experience I could.

Joe’s whole body was sort of vibrating with almost continuous very quick shudders. He was gasping for breath, his cock was lurching wildly. I thought his legs might buckle and he might fall but his young body kept standing.

With one more push my finger was fully embedded into his rectum as I felt for his prostate. As soon as I touched it he fucked into my mouth so hard I thought he would knock my teeth out and break my nose. He was wiggling his butt on my finger and letting out these small screeches. As I massaged his insides he finally let his cum go. As he thrust forwards he fucked into my throat and as he pulled back he impaled himself on my finger. Suddenly with an almighty thrust my mouth was flooded with his wonderful young cum. I was swallowing for all I was worth, wondering at how someone so young could produce so much cum. He kept thrusting and cumming until he could take no more, his cock head so sensitive he couldn’t stand my mouth on it. He pulled out of my mouth with a loud plop as I sucked the last drops from his shaft, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away from his ass, his cock lurching once more as my finger slowly slid out through his still tight hole.

He crumpled to his knees on the floor. Reaching behind he ran his fingers over his recently probed anus, I guess to make sure it was OK. He was fine, just a little sore from his first fingering. His cock was only semi-hard but it was still twitching and as one final drop appeard on the tip, he wiped it up with his finger and sucked his finger clean. It was so sexy to watch I was really hard again.

“God Unc, that was mind-blowing. I think I need a few minutes this time.” He reached over me, his belly against my cock, and grabbed his Coke trying to take a few gulps while still getting his breath back. I didn’t touch my beer, I wanted to keep the taste of him in my mouth a bit longer.

Coke in one hand, his other reached over and wrapped around my cock, slowly sliding the skin up and down. I gently cradled his balls in my hand, massaging softly. Neither of us wanted anything more at that moment.

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    When I was moving into a new apartment the maintenance guy was just gonna help me with the water that was leaking from the washing machine he was an older guy in his 50s he took care of the leak within a hour and asked me if he could use the bathroom and wash up not a problem when he came out he said I should run a load of laundry before he left to make sure everything was ok I put the clothes in the basket in the washer and when he said I should load it up I walked in my bathroom and got the towels in and when I started to take off my pants and underwear and put them in the washer so it was full he told me that I had a nice ass and if he could touch it

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    How young was this boy?