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It was just a boost

The younger kids was climbing into the back of the big truck and little Ashley (9) asked for a boost up . When I lifted her up and pushed off on her ass my hand slid between her legs... #

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Trading up 2

On my way home I was full emotions! Guilt , scared, and completely pleased ! I did message the guy and told him I would be back and his response was no problem. A couple weeks go by... # # #

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My surprise new fuck buddy 3

After collecting our clothes and cleaning up a bit I told her tomorrow evening at 6 I was free and just walk in quickly . I was afraid someone is going to see her hang out on the porch... # #

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Trading up

I had posted some car parts for sale or trade and a guy had responded with a deal on trading but I had to drive to his house ! He lived in the bottom of the state about hour half away... # #

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Little Amber

When I was a kid my father always had different women with there kids in and out of our home they would maybe last a year and break up and on to the next . One of the women he dated... # #

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My surprise new fuck buddy 2

I went back to work and had been working 10 hour shifts and was preoccupied with work but I haven’t forgotten about my new friend . My imagination was running kinda wild with ideas... # #

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My surprise new fuck buddy

When I was 16 I lived in our upstairs apartment in my family home . We had a big house and my sister and her son lived rest of my family lived down stairs . My nephew was often hanging... #

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Bucket pussy

I had posted on craigslist for a sub fisting whore. I received a message from a 19 year old girl . She told me she was very petite and I’m thinking small girl-fisting not gonna... # #

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