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Hannah’s therapy

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My cousin has a 10yo daughter, Hannah that was involved in a accident leaving her with a traumatic brain injury. My cousin and I grew up together so she always comes over or I go over to her house.

Her husband died in the accident. She asked me one time if I could come and watch Hannah for a couple hours. She trusted me with her because I am in the medical field and know what to do.

She can move somewhat right now and smiles to certain stimulation. She has some congnitive ability but limited muscle use. She will get better over time. It just takes awhile. She can point to what she wants.

I went and checked on her. I saw her beautiful 10yo body and beautiful baldy and had to give it a rub. She smiled. I got a positive response from her so I did it more. Using 3 fingers rubbing her outer folds and then sliding my middle finger in her slit and sliding over her little clit. She was moaning now. Her eyes got wide as I slid my middle finger of my other hand in her and moved it in and out.

She let out a passionate moan as she shook and she came. Her little pussy soaking wet. She smiled at me. A big smile of thanks I could see.

I took my dick out and put it in her hand. She held with what little control she had. She was still a little weak. I sat down and jacked off in front of her. Letting her watch the show. Her eyes opened in shock as the sperm flew out. I mopped up a finger full and let her taste it as I swished it into her mouth. She swallowed it all. She pointed to it wanting more making noise. So I obliged.

She was making noise. I wasn’t sure what she wanted at first but she pointed downwards as best she could wanting me to rub her again. I had an old mini vibrator I had bought my ex wife as a joke one time. It was perfect for her small enough for her little body. I went and got it and used it on her.

Her eyes got wide again as my finger entered her. I used the vibrator on her clit. Her hips were responding now. Moving up and down. She started moaning again. Her body tightened and let up. Tightened again and let up. Finally the big one came as she peaked her orgasm and her legs came together her and she arched her back a little. She let out a load passionate moan. I left the vibrator on her as she moaned again passionately as her second orgasm hit. She shook in a seizure like state. She was very wet now. She smiled again. She was so happy I was doing this for her.

I put my dick up to her mouth and asked her to open her mouth for me. She pointed to my dick wanting the cum again. “It will.” I said, “Let me finish in your mouth.” I put it to her lips and pushed the head in. I started masturbating and felt her lick my head. I arched my head back after a couple minutes as I released my load into her mouth. She had a mouthful of cum and it took 3 swallows to get it all down. She did not seem to care. I cleaned the cum off the side of her face with my finger and gave her more. She pointed towards my dick again wanting more. Lol. I corrupted her. I did this playing with her and myself until my cousin got home. I could see Hannah was disappointed because she knew it was going to end. I kissed her head and told her we would do it again. She smiled.

It was good to see her respond to my sex therapy session. I look forward as she recovers to see all the other things we can do together.

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