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11 years old and sent to my uncles for the summer part 2

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he stood beside the bed and held his cock out and asked me to open my mouth

Following on from the previous post..

So the next morning I awoke my uncle was still asleep uncovered and naked on the bed I lay there thinking about what happened the night before I remember feeling wrong for looking at him like I was being naughty, sometime later my uncle awoke he saw me looking and said good morning he asked if I was ok with everything that had happened the night before I said I was ok with what happened he looked down and saw he was getting his morning wood and he took a hold of it and gave it a little stroke.
He looked at me and asked me if I would make him happy today and he would get up after to make me breakfast I put my hand around his cock and he wrapped his hound around mine and proceeded to stroke his thick cock as hard as he could he was whispering to me asking me questions, do you like touching me, would I suck him as he did to me the night before, can he suck me again. I didn’t answer instead I just carried on but soon my sister came bouncing down the hall which we both heard and quickly stopped she came in the room and asked if we were getting up. This put a stop to his morning fun we got up and had breakfast.

That day was as he promised he took us to the beach again this time staying longer he bought us both some beach clothes I wore shorts and my sister wore a one-piece from there we went to the shops and overall we had a great day.

That night my uncle wasn’t as gentle with the way he approached the sexual encounter we both got in bed together and he told me to take my pants off and he put a VHS in. as I watched the tv there were boys my age sucking dicks he told me to play with my dick so I did watching these small clips of boy after boy wanking and sucking various dicks.

My uncle turned and told me how lucky I was as not everyone my age gets to play these games and that I would start to really enjoy it soon. Once the video ended I still want hard so my uncle went to his wardrobe and pulled out a little folder of pics it was of young girls and boys sucking and being fucked I found I got really turned on more by the images of the girls and soon my little dick was hard.
He crawled between my legs and took my little dick in his mouth he paused and asked me if I liked seeing them being fucked like that so I told him I did he went back but this time not to my dick but to my bum hole he started licking pushing in slightly as he did then he replaced his tongue with his finger which slid in with my tight little hole all slippery he pushed in and out slowly at first until he was as far in as he could get then he started blowing me again.

As he got in to a rhythm I could no longer look at the pics and instead just laid with my eyes closed as his finger drove in and out of my ass, he pulled his finger out and spit on my hole he pushed it back in he did this a few times I remember feeling gross then he started to push 2 fingers init was a lot harder now so he didn’t go as deep but he did it fast fucking me with his hand as he sucked.

A short while later he stopped and told me to lie on my side he stood beside the bed and held his cock out and asked me to open my mouth I told him I wasn’t ready to suck him and he said it was ok but he wanted to make me feel good so he rolled me over facing away and laid behind me.

Uncle: I won’t hurt you ok

I didn’t answer he hooked my leg over his s I felt him rub something over my bum hole and push it in and out he then replaced his fingers with the head of his dick. I told him no but he promised me he wouldn’t hurt me he pushed in slightly just enough so my hole was open over his cock head and he wanked his cock as his pre cum started to leak he would cover my crack in it and go back to my hole slowly pushing back and forth until most of his tip was in he started to thrust not going any further until I heard him start to grunt he unloaded in and around my hole once he finished cumming he pushed a little more and I felt a sharp pain and cried out in pain so he pulled out.

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    Thanks guys part 3 coming in a cpl of days feel free to contact me

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    Fuck.. waiting for part 3

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    damn that is so fucking hot! part 3 please!!