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Big Brother’s Love pt. 2

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Second part of older brother teaching his little sister about sex

~I am an adult woman and this is just a fantasy~

A couple days went by and nothing special happened, it was the weekend so my mom was home all day and I didn’t really see my brother. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he had taught me and went to do more research on the subject but got too embarrassed and scared to get caught, so I closed it.

It wasn’t until sunday night that I even saw my brother again, and it was the middle of the night when I woke up to him standing in front of my bed. His hand was wrapped around his thing and he was staring at me and breathing heavily. I was hugging my teddy bear to my chest and my grip only tightened when he stepped closer.

“What are you—” I was cut off by my brother suddenly stepping forward, his hands on the back of my head as he pushed the tip of his thing in my mouth.

“It’s time for your next lesson sis, since you liked the taste I think you’ll really like this one.” I could hear the smirk in his voice as he started to use my mouth the same way he had used my teddy bear. It didn’t hurt or anything but I could barely breathe and I was very disoriented with sleepiness. I could feel him move one of his hands from my head down to my pajamas, bringing a blush to my cheeks as he started to squeeze and rub my tiny body. No one had ever touched me like this before and it made me feel so excited.

“F-fuck, I can’t even fit in your little mouth. S-shit—” I felt my brother starting to throb on my tongue, buried as far as he could in my mouth and I squeezed my eyes shut, the sensation causing tears to start falling. He held me down as I tasted that sticky stuff start to fill my mouth, swallowing all of it in hopes it would impress him. It was pretty hard to swallow with his big thing still in my mouth but I couldn’t keep the taste for long.

When he finally finished and pulled back to put it back in his pajama pants I coughed a little bit, sniffling and bringing my hand up to wipe my tears and then my mouth.

“You’re so good at that Lilly, such a good girl. I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.” My brother sounded very genuine when he said this and it made me smile a little bit, though I still had tears on my face.

“Really, you think so?” I sniffled and my brother wiped my tears, much more gentle than five minutes ago.

“Hey, don’t cry. You did so good, I do think so. I promise.” He made me scoot back in bed to make room for him and then he climbed in my bed with me, which was small as it was made for a little girl so I had to lay very close to him and he was much larger than myself, though we looked very similar otherwise.

“You’re a big girl now so I want to treat you like one. But big girls can still have cuddles and kisses.” He grinned and I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit as he hugged me excessively tightly and kissed all over my face. When he was satisfied with my giggling and struggling to get out of his grip he stopped with a smile, much closer now and he had me practically pinned between him and the wall.

“Have you had your first kiss Lilly?” He asked as I still held my teddy bear and I shook my head, blushing a little bit with embarrassment. “Aw, but you’re getting so old. Aren’t you curious?”

“I am curious but I’m scared I’ll be bad..” I admitted and he smiled.

“That’s okay, I can teach you. That way when you actually have your first kiss you’ll be prepared!” He suggested and I tilted my head, thinking about it. It was a genius idea really, I could get so good at kissing for my first boyfriend.

“Sure, but it doesn’t count as my first kiss since you’re my brother right?” I asked innocently, going to move Teddy.

“Exactly, it doesn’t count. And it’s okay, y-you can hold Teddy.” He said, stopping my from moving my stuffie and I blush and nod, hugging him to my chest again. I look up at my brother as he leaned down, kissing me and at first I felt a little awkward but as I got used to it I started to melt into it, his lips moving against mine and I copied what he was doing.

“That’s really good Lilly, you should try using your tongue, boys really like that.” His voice was hoarse when he spoke again and I giggled a little bit, glad he was giving me tips so I could be really good. When he kissed me again I used my tongue this time, tentative at first but soon swirling my tongue with his as he started to explore my mouth.

“Was that better?” I asked softly when he pulled back and he nodded, very little space between us now.

“It was, you’re already so good Lilly. Do you want to learn more tonight?” He asked and his voice was even deeper, his eyes occasionally dragging over my thin carebears pajamas and the teddy bear I was still hugging to my chest.

“I do wanna learn more..” I said hesitantly but that was all the permission he needed to position himself closer to me, his hand dragging over my hip.

“I’m really going to need to see more of you to teach you Lilly, is that okay?” I thought about his question for a few moments before I nodded, my body was still very underdeveloped so I didn’t really have much to hide or at least that was how I felt. My brother started to pull up my shirt slowly, showing off my tummy before easing down my shorts, showing off the little plain white underwear I had underneath. I blushed as his eyes were glued to my princess parts, biting his bottom lip and starting to drag his hands over my small pale revealed thighs.

“Keep holding Teddy, okay? I’m going to teach you something else adults really like to do.” I nodded eagerly, hugging my bear silently as he moved to sit between my legs, his hands still rubbing on my thighs.

“Is it gonna hurt?” I whispered and he shook his head, his fingers moving to rub on my underwear now. It didn’t feel how I expected, it kind of tickled and made me feel warm in my tummy.

“It won’t hurt if you relax and just squeeze Teddy, okay?” He spoke softly now and I nodded, blushing as he started to pull my underwear down my legs, slowly taking them off and leaving my completely bare and soft princess parts revealed.

“F-fuck, so pretty. You have a perfect pussy..” He groaned and I blushed harshly from him using that naughty word, watching as he settled back between my thighs. He started to drag his fingers over my slit, using his other hand to jerk himself off as he practically moaned just from the sight of my virgin pussy. His fingers were still curled around his thing as he started to rub it up and down on my princess parts, occasionally feeling him pushing it against my virgin hole but ultimately going back to rubbing.

“S-shit.. That’s it, Lilly, hug your stuffie just like that..” My brothers voice was hoarse and he kept groaning, pressing his weight down against me and my teddy bear as I felt him push extra hard against my hole but still not going in and it seemed like the sensation set him off because he moaned even louder, pulling back suddenly to start shooting that sticky stuff all over my bare slit, some landing on my tummy and some even on Teddy too. I blushed as he panted, collapsing next to me.

“W-was that sex?” I asked softly and my brother seemed to think about it for a while before he spoke.

“Yes it was, that was sex. You did so good.” He finally spoke, patting my head as I curled up to his side, yawning.

“It felt really good.” I said softly and he smiled, kissing my forehead.

“Well get some sleep and I’ll teach you even more about sex tomorrow, okay?” He said, grabbing my underwear and pulling it back up my legs and over the white sticky stuff on my princess parts, as well as my pajama bottoms. He tucked me back in once he got out of my bed, saying goodnight and leaving my room like nothing had happened.

~Hi guys!! Thank you for your replies on part one 🙂 as always leave requests down below for future parts~

~Also thanks for reading!! Again this is just a fantasy, I am 19 and no children were harmed in the making of this writing lol~

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