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My surprise new fuck buddy 3

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After collecting our clothes and cleaning up a bit I told her tomorrow evening at 6 I was free and just walk in quickly . I was afraid someone is going to see her hang out on the porch .
Never satisfied with just repeating I had to come up with something new for tomorrow and I know she will do anything I say !
My sister is slut and has had countless men and a well known cock whore ! Awhile back Sneaking around going through her shit I had discovered a box of dildos and sex toys . Some are good sized I remembered so that evening when she was gone I went and looked again . To my surprise she had bought even more and I picked out 2 for tomorrow! One just a tad bigger than my cock in both length and width the other about 8 inches long but very thick ! I question if it will fit but going to find out !
I got to be honest I was pretty horny and feeling anxious to see how much I could stretch her pussy. I was looking out the front window and I seen her walking down the street coming from the other guys house which really doesn’t surprise me. A few moments later she knocked on the door and came on in. I had already went to the back of the bedroom not wanting her to know I was watching. I told her to come on back. As she walked into the room she kicked her flip-flops off right under the edge of the bed making herself at home with a little giggle . Her hair was a little messed up I’m guessing she had just got fucked real good! kind of funny to think this little girl is making her rounds fucking everybody in the neighborhood including her brother. turn on the DVD player and I have a porno in there as a woman using a dildo on her self I ask her if she’s ever seen one. She laughed and said mom has a bunch. I asked if she’d ever use the one on her self and her face got red and said no. I know she’s lying. I come back around next to her and start kissing her she responds immediately kissing back and rubbing all over my dick she knows we don’t make small talk. Kissing her I slowly pull her clothes off and yes I can smell sex on her again she’s such a nasty little slut. I pull my jogging pants off I’m hard as a rock take her by the hair and shove my dick in her mouth . I am mediately just start fuck in her face I know I can do whatever I want we go at this pace for a couple minutes I’ll pull my dick out and toss her up on the bed. When she does she automatically spreads her legs wide and I can see A red little ass and pussy. Her ass hole was distended a little bit she had been fucked in the ass today. I pull the two dildos out of the dresser and show them to her her eyes got big! She said wow that’s a big one ! I grabbed her by the ankles and slide her to the edge of the bed and take the smaller of the two and it slides right in her pussy. I fuck her with it for a while kind of rough she’s opening her legs wider wanting more! It’s hard for me to believe what I’m doing ha ha! After a couple minutes I grab the big dildo and put some KY on it and line it up with her pussy she looks kind of bewildered and says is that gonna hurt ? I tell her I don’t think so I’ll go easy I start rubbing up and down her pussy and I can tell she halfway wants it but scared of the thickness! I take my fingers and put three in and start stretching her pussy more so I get 4 Fingers in I can see cum running out from the last guy! I take the dildo and push the head in and I can see a bit of a grimace on her face . I pause for a second giving her pussy a chance to open up to the width of the girthy dildo! I start pushing it in and I can see the look on her face changing with acceptance this 10 year old girl was taking a dildo as big around is a Soda can ! I continue my assault on her pussy to her hole become slack loose with acceptance of the big object inside of her! After a few moments I realize she’s having no problems taking it I pulled out . I throw a pillow on the floor and stand the dildo up in the middle of it and told her to go sit on it! Like a good little whore she does if she’s told! The site of a 10 year old girl sliding down on a huge fat dildo or something every man should see! I walk over and start pushing down on her shoulders to make sure she gets full depth of the dildo and pulling her back up in a fucking motion! After we have set a pace I take my dick and shove it in her mouth and tell her to not stop fucking the dildo ! She’s looking up at me with her big Doe eyes sucking my cock ! I grab her by the hair and start driving my cock in her mouth and driving her down on the dildo at the same time. It doesn’t take long and I can feel her start shaking she’s loving it that’s 10 year old girls cuming on that big dildo while sucking my cock! Every time she tries to slow down I force her to pick the pace back up and keep pounding her hole unlock the good little slut she is she just keeps going. I continue ramming my cock down her throat she’s starting to get tears in her eyes from gagging on my cock I am so turned on come right down her throat with no mercy! When I finally pull my cock out she is gagging spit,cum and snot is pouring out of her mouth and she shaking head to toe cuming all at the same time !
I grab my shirt wipe her little face and pick her up putting her back on the bad . I open her legs wide and can see her destroyed pussy I am pleased ! I lean forward and start eating her pussy and she moans and pulls her legs back loving the feel of my tongue on her beat up pussy ! I push my tongue in her loose hole tasting all the Nasty cum ! I’m so turned on and hard again I stand up and drive my cock in with no effort into her sloppy used pussy and pound her hard for no longer than a minute and cum again ! I’m so hot for this slut and her cum filled pussy I dive in again licking all the nasty cum out and loving it ! She Moans and cums again pushing me away she had Reached her sensitivity level and couldn’t stand it no more. I pull her head around to the side of the bed shove my dick in her mouth one more time for her to clean it off. With no objections she did as she was told.

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    Damn good story

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      Agreed, so hard right now

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    Where is 1&2 please. Also any good video/picture sites.

    • Emrof239i ID:15ey3x7y20i

      Just a story no truth to it

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    Hit me up on snap I want to hear more