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Krypto the Super Dog

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Discovering sex with my dog Krypto, named for the Super Dog himself.

I remember how it started. 11 years old, at school. One of my friends, Anthony, told me about it. Sex with dogs.

“You just get on your hands and knees when you’re naked and let your dog get on your back!” he explained.

I was intrigued, thinking of our dog at home. We had a white German shepherd that I named Krypto, always having been a fan of the super dog. My parents had gotten him for me to keep me company on the days they worked late, which was often. Many nights it was just me and Krypto at home while they were away. Sex ed at school had gotten us all talking about it on the playground, and I was curious. I’d played with myself several times now, having gotten a finger into my pussy a few times.

“Are you sure it works?” I asked Anthony.

“I’m serious. Try it!” he insisted.

After school, I let myself into the house, before letting Krypto into the backyard so he could go to the bathroom. While I waited on him, Anthony’s words repeated in my head until I finally decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. I stripped my clothes off, my small breasts happy to have the training bra gone. Krypto came back to the door, ready to come back in, and I opened the door to my dog.

It seemed as if he was thinking over the situation at hand when he saw me, pausing to look at me. Normally he’d run right back in without a second thought, ready for a treat.

“Come on!” I hissed, afraid a neighbor would see me naked with the door open like this.

Krypto trotted inside, his nose going to my young pussy as soon as the door was shut. It didn’t take him long to realize that there was something good there, and in typical man fashion, he was already ready to go. I could see the tip of his cock peeking out of his sheath, just like Anthony had described it would when the dog got hard. Remembering his next words, I carefully pushed Krpyto away so I could get right to the action. Being my first time having any other living being with me, I didn’t know there was still much more involved, just that his cock went into my pussy.

Krypto needed no instructions or persuasion, moving readily to jump onto my back as I got on my hands and knees. His long legs wrapped around my waist, holding me tightly, as he began to thrust. I felt his cock sliding around, searching for his target, and I shifted slightly under his weight, trying to help him find it. At last I felt something hot and thick pushing into me. I couldn’t control the cry I let out at the intrusion, his cock already much thicker and longer than my finger.

Krypto didn’t care about the noise, his doggy mind solely focused on fucking the bitch he saw underneath him. His moves were hard and fast, his goal to breed me like he would any other dog. As he moved in and out, I felt something else hitting my entrance, trying to push into me with each thrust he made. Something Anthony failed to warn me about was the knot. Krypto kept fucking at me, finally getting his knot to push into my wet tight hole. This time I screamed, and it wasn’t even fully inflated yet.

I didn’t know at the time that there was a word for what he did next, but he’d found my g-spot once he got the knot into me, and I was done for. Trembling and moaning for my dog, I came harder than I ever had before, coating his red cock in my pussy juices. Krypto thrust harder into me, trying to completely bury himself in me, as his knot finished inflating. He stilled, and I felt it. Something new, shooting into me repeatedly. The sensation was enough to cause me to cum again. I moaned happily for him, his dog cum spraying my insides.

We were tied together by his knot, a dog and his bitch, both of us experiencing orgasmic bliss. He moved after a few minutes, shifting, tugging at the tie holding us together. I screamed when he did, pain tearing through me. Once Krypto managed to turn around, still stuck inside me, he stilled again, and I heard something that made my blood run cold.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” a voice said.

My dads voice.

If you’d like a part 2, let me know! May or may not be based off something that actually occurred 😘

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