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My cousin taught me about sex

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It was just a normal visit but that day my cousin had other plans for her sister and I.

My name is Anon and I have dirty blond hair, blue eyes and I was a pretty skinny kid when this story takes place when I was 11 My first cousin was also 11 (let’s call her Kate) which is 3 months younger than me with long blond hair, hazle eyes and a bit of the chubby side with a flat chest, then her older sister (we’ll call her Sarah) was 17 at the time with brunette hair, hazle eyes, nice curvy body and a pair a tits that can perfectly fit in your hands.

It all started around the summer and my mom said that we would go visit my cousins. This was a normal deal for me because I saw them once a week during the summer. I arrived like normal and ran past my mom and my aunt straight to the bedroom where I found them watching a movie on their TV (i think it was cars but i dont remember). We all hugged but Sarah was having her hands explore my back in a very sensual way but with my age I didn’t think much of it.

We sat at the TV and finished the movie but as we turned off the TV Sarah asked of we wanted to try something new, something fun. Kate and I both agree then Sarah told me to go inside the closet. Walking into the closet she whispered in my ear to get naked. I didn’t know why she asked that but I trusted my cousin so I went into the closet and got undressed. Sarah asked if I did what she asked and I said yes then she tells me to come out. I walked out of the closet without second thought cause I wasn’t shy at all since we have all see each other naked before when we used to take baths together. Kate asked why I was naked but Sarah told her to trust her and have me sit on the bed. I sat on the bed and they both kneeled in front of me with Sarah licking her lips. She asked me if I have ever jerked off before and I asked her whats that. She told me it’s where a guy touches his penis to make it feel good. She proceeds to grab my hand and place it on my soft dick and starts motioning it up and down. This went on for a minute then she let go of my hand and let me do it on my own as they watched me. During this I got my first ever hard on and grew to 3 inches. The feeling was so nice and I was enjoying it.

While I was jerking off, Sarah got Kate to undress and sat her next to me. Sarah told Kate that girls don’t have what boys have so they have to rub themselves in a different way then Sarah grabs Kate’s hand and puts it on her pussy and showes her how to rub herself. Kate let out cute little moans as she did this. I was so mesmerized by what I was seeing, I didn’t notice Sarah go between my legs. She took my hands off my dick and proceed to stroke it herself. The feeling was even better than my own hand and she was going fast. In a few seconds I had some muscle spasms in my cock that sent an awesome feeling through my body. Later I learned I had orgasmed but I hadn’t started to produce semen yet.

Sarah just looked at me with a smile on her face and told me to get up so I got up and she moved me infront of Kate, spread my legs and bent me down. When I bent down Sarah told me to lick her and pointed at her clit. I did as I was told and started to like Kate’s pussy and her moans get a little louder. While I was licking Kate’s pussy, Sarah got between my legs again sitting up then proceeded to slide my 3 inch dick into her mouth. This took me by surprise that I stood straight and looked down at her seeing her head bobbing against my cock. She slid her mouth off and sad to go back to licking Kate so I did. The taste of Kate was something I never had before. I loved the taste of her and just wanted more, then the feeling of Sarah sucking on my dick was amazing, feeling her tongue circle around it and how warm it felt. During this Kate had her first orgasm and nothing happened really since she was young but she shook and moaned really loudly so we all stopped to listen for anyone coming down the hall to check in on us. No one came and this was the first time we noticed that they were plying music really loudly so they couldn’t really hear us.

Kate layed on the bed breathing heavily as Sarah stood me straight then helped Kate down to her knees. Sarah instructed Kate how to suck on me and pushed her head down on my. This caught Kate by surprise that she immediately pulled her head off and yelled at her sister for a second. After that Kate looks back at my dick and takes the tip in her mouth and starts sucking. Sarah went around behind me and got undressed then came around and grabbed my hands and placed them on her perfectly round tits. She showed me how to squeeze them and play with them. She let me go nuts squeezing her tits. I fell in love with them and loved how soft they felt in my hands. She surprised me when she moved one of my hand from her left breast and shoved it in my face. Sarah told me to suck on her nipple and I did as she told me. Sarah was moaning now leaning her head back enjoying the feeling of me playing and sucking on her tits while I am enjoying getting sucked off by Kate and playing with Sarah’s tits. I had another orgasm and I stopped playing with Sarah’s tits.

Before I could get my senses back Sarah pushed me down right on top of Kate and my dick was pressed against her pussy. Sarah grabbed my hips and showed me how to thrust. I got the hang of it and started thrusting having my dick slide against Kate’s pussy. The feeling was great having it slide against her pussy and you can tell Kate was enjoying this by how her eyes were closed, with her arms wrapped around me and moaning. I looked at Sarah to get approval if I was doing it right but I see her in the bed next to Kate and I, fingering herself and moaning pretty loudly. I felt the same feeling as I felt when I “came” so I picked up the pace and thrusted faster against Kate’s pussy making her moan more and more until we both had a orgasm and our bodies shook together.

I fell onto my back breathing heavily with my eyes close until I felt someone get on top of me. I opened my eyes and see Sarah was straddling me. Without a word she took my dick and slid it inside of her and started grinding against me really fast. I reached up and played with her tits again as she grinded. The feeling of her pussy felt so tight and Sarah’s juices was getting all over my crotch. After a few minutes she leaned closer to me putting her tits in my face and started bouncing up and down as much as possible with 3 inched dick. Her riding it felt so good. I sucked on her tits as she rode me and made her go crazy because she was really moaning. As Sarah was riding me, I felt someone start to lick my balls and I figured it was Kate. I felt pretty sensitive down there at this rate but I didn’t care anymore. I was experiencing something new and I was loving it. Kate started licking the base of my dick and I guess a bit of Sarah’s pussy because she was moaning more than before and we got Sarah to cum within a minute. Sarah got off of me and layed down next to me as Kate was licking Sarah’s juices off of me.

When Kate was done we both jumped up and ask Sarah if we could do this again. Sarah said we would do more the next time I came and visit them. Later we got dressed and went outside to the backward for a hour or so before my mom got me and took me home.

We all continued this routine until Kate and I turned 13 then Kate announced that she is gay and was into girls. Sarah and I continued until I was 14 but it stopped there when she moved out to live with her boyfriend. Sarah now has a 3 year old daughter with another child on the way and is due to have her new baby in a few months. I don’t think she’s into the things that we did anymore but I haven’t really had a chance to see her or talk to her most of the time since she went to move with her boyfriend.

That’s the end of my time with my cousins. This work is very beginner so I really don’t expect me to have the best of grammar or writing. I might write another story and it was when I was with my ex around when I was 15.
In case you were wondering my age as of rn, I’m 21 so this is still fresh in my mind even though it has been years.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10v1

    Good story and i enjoyed it. I always love to hear about life stories verses fake ones. I have had so many wild times that some get jealous and say they are not real of BS. Fuck em all and I don’t care as I fucked more in the service them 10 people put together. Young pussy is the greatest but all pussy is good. The best blow jobs i have ever had came from a 10 year old and an 80 year old toothless granny. God i love them all and will never turn down pussy from any female lol!

    • AnonGuy ID:nc3ove8j

      Almost any pussy is good for me too but I like young pussy more. I never really got to fuck Kate and only Sarah. I think my best fuck would have to be with my ex and the hottest sequel adventure I had was teaching some of my friends that are both sisters about sex a bit after I met my ex

    • AnonGuy ID:nc3ove8j

      *sexual not sequel. Hate auto correct sometimes

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaqr9

      All females should be taught at the youngest age possible. it is not just about sex but many other things involved. Sixteen is too late! Kids need parents to talk openly and honestly with them from a very young age. Kids need to be comfortable with their selves and their sexuality long before they practice it.
      Children must be lovingly approached and taught the beautiful and ugly sides of human sexuality. They must know the responsibilities that go along with sexual relations before they have children themselves. We all know this is a different world. We must face it with the utmost courage and honesty.

      Sexuality isn’t just about sex. It is also about how your child:

      * feels about their developing body.
      * makes healthy decisions and choices about their own body.
      * understands and expresses feelings of intimacy, attraction and affection for others.
      * develops and maintains respectful relationships.
      Your child’s beliefs and expectations about sex and sexuality are influenced by their personal experiences, upbringing and cultural background leading to a natural healthy sex life backed by healthy decisions they make.

      Parents teach your children, Do not rely on the Government controlled school systems to do it for you. They teach nothing but the function of their reproductive organs leading to ignorance, disease and pregnancy. IT’s YOUR JOB to teach your children, NOT THEM.

      Just remember though your child’s sexuality might be different from yours or from your expectations. But if you can accept your child’s sexuality, it’s good for your child’s healthy development and for your relationship with your child. If parents are to lazy to teach their girls about sex then someone like me would be more then happy to step in and teach then. I love teaching and cant wait to have another round with by best friends Daughters age 13 and 8. They love it and now does their mother LOL!