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Little Amber

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When I was a kid my father always had different women with there kids in and out of our home they would maybe last a year and break up and on to the next .
One of the women he dated had 3 kids and a middle girl named Amber she was 7 when I was 12 . I found out not long after they moved in all three kids had been molested . Amber had taking a shine to me and the other 2 boys always in trouble.
Amber would come in my room at night and listen to my radio and try to be more mature and act interested in whatever I was doing.
To the point she came in my room one night when our parents was out drinking my older sister was in charge . She had tried putting on some makeup and was dressed up in her good school clothes. She asked me if I thought she was pretty? truthfully she was very pretty for a little girl I Said yes and she smiled big and asked if I wanted to kiss her ! I said she was to young for me and she said her uncle was older than me and he liked kissing her ! At that moment the 12 year old horny boy had big ideas and said yes ! She smiled leaned forward and kissed me right on the mouth and I pulled her closer and started kiss her little mouth like my girlfriend down the street! We kissed for awhile and I started rubbing her little ass and kissing her neck and chest she was breathing fast and felt like she was melting in
My arms . I felt brave and started rubbing her little pussy though her shorts and her small pussy was putting of so much heat . I pulled her shorts to the side and slide my fingers past her pantys to find her pussy was wet and she opened her legs wider for access to her wet pussy . I had played finger bang with my sisters friend and was well schooled for 12 !
I pushed my finger into her 7 year old pussy and was finger banging her little pussy ! She pushed forward on my finger and went limp on my lap she had an orgasm ! Not really sure 100% what she was doing I pulled he shorts off and her pink flower pantys and jerked down my shorts and was guiding my hard Dick to her little wet pussy ! She stops me and said you can’t tell nobody I’ll get in big trouble again and won’t be able to see you any more ! I nodded my head yes beginning kiss her again and pushed my hard 12 year old Dick in her 7 year old pussy ! I remember she wasn’t real tight and knowing now because she had been fucking a grown man ! I only lasted about 2 minutes and I started cuming I had lost my virginity to a 7 year old girl ! She looked sooo pleased watching me cum in her pussy and was having little girl orgasms . After we was done she put her clothes back on and said we keep secrets right like an adult. That was probably how she was talk to by her uncle.
I fucked her 2 more times and her mother took them to visit there Dying grandmother a state away and literally never came back left all there stuff and was gone ! I was kinda sad she was gone but it was nothing new . That was almost the last family that was living with us but none was as fun as Amber .

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  • Reply Megan ID:2bgots86ik

    Hi I am Megan and for legal reasons let’s just say I’m 18 about three weeks ago my Uncle Larry picked me up from school he is my mom’s brother 44 years old not very attractive and fat his voice is so sexy I get wet when he talks to me that day he took me to his house and asked me if I was a virgin I said yes he said not after today it was an amazing experience I could not believe he got that giant cock inside me
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  • Reply Lauren ID:5u0x3cfwhm

    I loved my dad fucking me more than you could ever imagine.

    • Emrof239i ID:15ey3x7y20i

      I would love to hear your story

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      VC start her with giving you blow job. Let her know you need her to be a big girl to help you out. Ànd then work toward getting her to want to have your cock

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      I bet he filled your ass,pussy and theoat qith cum and you wanted it soo bad

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    I loved being fucked by my uncle as a young girl too.

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      I never did anything but these days the thought popped into my mind. Now I just want to fuck any girl any age. Lol

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    • Aj ID:2mutfpxyqi

      Tell us more x

    • Mclaren ID:7pqkuwnnhk

      Could you tell me more ? I love it
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    • [email protected] ID:7ylr4iq20j

      Well how old are you now danni?