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She’s carrying my baby

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My daughters 12 year old best friend surprised me with a blowjob, and I took it further and fucked her. Now she’s pregnant with my child.

My name is Trevor, I live with my wife Debbie and 12 year old daughter Kailey.

I had been away for a couple of days on a work trip, and returned home at around 11pm, all the lights were off so I knew my wife and daughter were asleep, so I was very quiet coming in to the house, I went upstairs and straight to my room where my wife was sleeping soundly in the bed.

After giving her a kiss on the forehead I got undressed, put on my bath robe and headed back across the landing in to the bathroom where I spent 15 minutes taking a nice hot shower, after getting out I dried myself off, put on my boxer shorts and robe and headed out.

As I quietly closed the bathroom door, making sure it didn’t squeak as it usually does, I didn’t want to wake anyone up, I turned around, took a step but was then stopped in my tracks, there was a girl standing on the landing, Kailey’s friend, Lola, she must have been sleeping over but I wasn’t aware.

She was just standing there wearing a white nightshirt.

“Jesus! – Hi, Lola, you scared me.” I whispered, pressing my hand over my chest feeling my heart pounding, I figured she needed the toilet, “Bathroom’s free now, sweetheart.” I said.

When she walked towards me I assumed she was going to walk right by and go in to the bathroom, but she didn’t she stopped right in front of me, at first she looked up at my face, I’m 6 foot tall and she’s a very petite little 4’2”, then she looked down, and she reached out and took hold of the two belt of my robe and she slowly pulled on them.

I quickly grabbed her hands because if she had continued, my robe would have opened up, “Lola, what are you doing?” I asked.

She looked back up at me with her big eyes and she smiled, and for some reason her stare just melted my heart and my muscles relaxed, I let go of her hands and she continued to pull on the ends of my belt, as expected my robe fell open, she put her hands up feeling my chest and rubbed my stomach, then her hands went on to my hips, she played with the elastic waist band of my boxer shorts and then she quickly dropped to her knees, pulling my boxers down as she went down.

I was shocked at what she’d done, “Lola!” I said, then I realised I had spoken too loud, I knew if my wife woke up and came out on to the landing now, I’d be in so much shit, there was no way I could explain this, even though it wasn’t my doing.

Then she cupped my balls in her hand, “Lola – No, no, no. Darling, no.” I whispered in panic, then she held my cock in her grip and began to stroke it, my head was telling me to push her away whatever it took, but my cock was saying “Oh yeah baby.”, I hadn’t had sex in nearly a week and I was super horny, and to prevent her from waking anyone up, I just allowed her to do it.

To my shock she then lifted my cock in to her mouth using her tongue and slurped her soft lips up and down my rock hard shaft, I placed my hand on the top of her head and stroked her hair, “Okay, Lola, okay. You do what you gotta do, girl.” I groaned.

There we were out on the landing, Lola on her knees, my cock throbbing and twitching inside her mouth, I had my eyes closed thoroughly enjoying having my cock sucked by this sweet little girl, but my cock needed more, it was hungry for pussy.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, scooped her up in to my arms and carried her downstairs in to the living room, where I placed her down on the couch, pulled off her nightshirt and panties, I threw off my robe then dropped to my knees, she lifted her feet up on to the cushion, I held her knees and pulled her legs apart before burying my head between her legs and eating her wet bald pussy as a midnight snack.

“I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m going to fuck your brains out.” I said.

She looked at me and smiled seductively, “Less talk, more action.” she said, spreading her legs wider for me.

I picked her up and then sat myself down on the couch before placing her straddled facing me over my lap, she was such a tiny girl, who had a gorgeous little pre-pubescent body, I put her arms around me and we kissed passionately, I squeezed her tight little butt cheeks whilst thrusting my cock between her legs.

She moaned out pleasurably as I penetrated her pussy, I don’t know how I managed to squeeze my cock in to such a small hole but I did, and the tightness of her pussy was crushing my cock, and I liked it.

I fucked her on the couch, thrusting my hips up and down, penetrating her as much as I could, but she didn’t make me do all the work, she held on to my shoulders and used them as leverage to lift herself upward, and she bounced herself up and down on my cock.

As we were fucking I just kept having flashbacks of just a few weeks prior where I’d taken her and Kailey out for ice-cream, they’re just kids, tiny little girls, I’m good friends with her father, our kids have grown up together, and now here she is, naked and riding my cock on the couch, staring in to my eyes with the prettiest smile in the universe on her gorgeous little face.

Part way through she leaned backwards, placing her palms on to my knees behind her, with her head tilted all the way back, I took over, holding on to her small delicate hips and thrusting my cock in our of her while rubbing my hands up and down her tiny body and watching my cock sliding in and out of her little tight bald pussy, such a beautiful sight.

At the end she threw herself back up, putting her arms back around me, she put her head on my shoulder as I held on to her tightly, thrust my cock deep in to her and then came inside of her with pleasure, “Oooah – Lola. Oh you beautiful girl – Ooooah.”, I actually felt proud knowing that my sperm was now inside this little girl.

Turns out Lola had a big crush on me, and that night she was just really horny, which was fine by me.

We continued to see each other for months afterwards, texting and chatting online every single day, and every other day we would skip school and work, get in my car, drive to a secluded spot, and fuck like rabbits in the backseat of my car for most of the day.

Sadly, we’ve now had to stop temporarily, because people started to notice that she had a baby bump, yes, 12 year old Lola is pregnant with my child, and walking around and going to school with my baby in her belly, she’s still best friends with Kailey and even sleeps over occasionally, but for now we just have to control our urges until the baby comes.

No one knows it’s mine though, let’s keep it that way.

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