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Emma From The Block

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1980 I was 22 and just graduated college. I bought a house in a small town. I was a drummer and my friends and I started a band. One of the neighborhood girls came by and listened as we played. Emma was a 10yo girl. Skinny and pretty. She would dance as we played making us laugh. A couple other kids came by and did the same.

I was in my garage. I was smoking a joint when she walked in. It was pretty hot out so she had a sleeveless shirt on and a bikini bottom. Her little ass was so cute. She had a camel toe also.

“Hi Mr.G!”, She said startling the shit out of me. She asked what I was smoking. ‘It doesn’t not smell like cigarettes.”, She said. I said “it is a joint. It makes you feel real good. You want a hit?”. She tried it. It sent her into a coughing fit. Lol. But she tried more. Her and I passed it back and forth. We were both stoned.

“No practice today?”, She said.

“No the guys are coming by in a couple hours around 6pm.”, I said.

“If you and your friends want to come by you can watch us again.”, I said. She said she would. We talked for awhile.

I don’t know if it was the weed or what but I told her she had a cute ass and a beautiful face. She blushed. I asked her if I could see her ass. She said, “No. My mom would get mad!”. I said, “Don’t tell her then! Are you going to tell her we got high?”. She shook her head. Then don’t tell her.

I locked the garage door and asked her again. She mooned me. Man her ass was like artwork beautifully sculpted. Bet the other side was a total masterpiece. I asked to see her pussy. She shook her head. Feeling uncomfortable now and wanting to go.

“Ok ok. I am sorry! I just think you are beautiful!” She blushed, “Don’t be scared. Ok? Let’s be friends. Can you keep this a secret?” She nodded her head yes. “Cool.”, I said and patted her on the back. We smoked another joint and went into the house where it was cooler and I turned on the game. I said, “you can come in anytime if you see the door open. Just you though. I don’t want any strangers in my house. Just my friends.”. She smiled and nodded.

She went back home for supper. I bet she could eat a whole cow after smoking two joints. I had the munchies myself and ate a ton. Lol

My band mates came by and we jammed. The kids came by. We played a couple kids songs for them. My neighbors that came by were laughing and glad we were doing that for the kids.

Me and the boys were drinking after. Tommy said, “You know that Emma’s mom is a single mom. Maybe you should talk to her?”. “Maybe I will”, I said

Emma came by early the next day. This is a small town where people still leave their doors unlocked and shit. It was 8am. She woke me up. “Mr G. Can we smoke another joint again?”, She asked.

“Damn what time is it? Fucking 8am! What the hell kid?”, I said battling a hangover. “Did you eat breakfast or anything yet?”. I asked.

She said she did and told her mom she was going to a friend’s house. She noticed my morning wood. She gasped. “What is that? Are you ok?”, I laughed. “Just my thing. It does that when I wake up.”.

She asked to see it. I said, “no you wouldn’t show me yours yesterday!”

“I showed you my butt!”, She said. “I fine I will show you my butt and we will be even ok?”, I said.
‘”Ew! Why would I want to see your butt?”, She said.

I said, “I don’t know! Look I am going to get up and take a shower. So why don’t you come back in about an hour or so? If you wanna hang out.” She nodded and she left.

I got my clothes together and went out to the bathroom. I got the water running and stripped and got in. It didn’t take long. I knew she was going to come back and spy on me. I opened up the shower curtain real fast and she was standing there in shock, frozen. “Well I thought I said come back in an hour?”. She just stood there scared and stared at my dick. “Uh Emma my eyes are up here!”, I said. I got out dripping wet. I said invitingly, “come on in.” I pulled her little shorts down and took her shirt off and lifted her into the shower with me. Her little pussy was so cute. Bald as can be, just a cute little slit running down the middle.

“Cat got your tongue?”, I asked. “You are not in trouble. I was hoping you would do this. Come on I want to show you some things. Here touch it. It is ok. We both keep quiet and everything will be fine. Ok? You’re not a snitch are you?” Looking at her amusingly. She said no.

“Play with it and it will grow like you saw this morning.” She did and it did. I grabbed my erect cock and started masturbating. She watched. “See it feels real good when I do this.”, I said.

I kept jacking until I felt my orgasm coming on. I shot my load all over her chest. “Ew that is gross! Why did you do that on me? Wash it off! Ew nasty.”, She said. I laughed.

I got down on my knees and I kissed her lips. I rubbed my tongue along them. “Come on open your mouth.”. I said. She did and we made out. Her little tongue felt so good in my mouth. “You are a great kisser!” I said

I reached down and felt her slit. Her knees locked together at first and I told her to relax. I did it again and she had the same reaction. I left my finger in there. “Calm down! I am not going to hurt you!’, I said. I washed my sperm off of her and we dried off and I went and locked the doors and we went to my bedroom.

I had her lie down. “Spread your legs hon and relax. Ok?”, I said. She did. She was shaking she was so nervous. I moved her little lips apart and started licking her clit. She moaned and her body squirmed as I did this. I danced my tongue on her clit and shoved my thumb in her little hole. Her eyes went wide as I did this. I moved it in and out. She let out a loud moan as her legs seized and let go. She let out another loud moan and her legs did the same thing. She did this two more times until her orgasm peaked. She clamped her legs down on my head and held it. “Ah ah uhh”, she said as she came.

I kept going on her and she did it again. Her vagina was soaking my thumb with her juices. She just laid there. She looked like she was in a trance. I laid next to her. “You ok?” She said nodded. She kissed me. She kissed me even more passionately now. Thanking me this way for her first orgasms.

She unfortunately had to go home for lunch and I had to get ready for work. I told her to come by tomorrow and I could show her even more stuff. She said “Definitely!”.

I said, “Hey I hear your mom is single. Invite her over sometime when we play. I’d like to talk to her. If that is okay with you.” She said she would.

The next morning I had a dream of a girl giving me a handjob. I woke and there was Emma doing exactly that. “You keep doing that stuff and you are going to make a great wife when you get older.”, I said and laughed.

“Ok next lesson blowjobs.”, I said. Take my dick and put it in your mouth.

“Ew no that is gross. Plus the white stuff and pee comes out of there. I don’t want either in my mouth.” I laughed. Ok going to take some coaxing.

“Ok then first things first. Take the tip and put it in your mouth. I am going to jack off and come in your mouth. So you see that it is not gross. You will like it trust me. Come on do it for me.”, I begged, “How about this I will buy us Dairy Queen? Plus if you think it is gross you don’t have to do it anymore to me ok? But you have to swallow some of it.”

I had her at the ice cream. She loved Dairy Queen and her mom took her on occasion. I know her mom was kind of cash strapped. So the times she did go we’re always memorable.

I told her what to do. I had her stick her tongue out and I put my dick head on her tongue to show it was not that bad. I moved my head into her mouth and started masturbating. I kept going until I came. My head moved back as I let go into her mouth. Her mouth was totally filled with come.

“Come on you promised.”, I said. She was all teary eyed and afraid. I kissed her head. “Come on baby. All girls do this. Go ahead and swallow it.” She did. The first swallow she was kind of nervous but she did swallow the rest of it. I think she kind of had a change of heart on the whole thing.

“Well?”, I said. “Tastes like salty raw eggs!”, She said. I laughed. “Was it so gross?”, I asked. She shook her head no.

Her and I walked down to Dairy Queen and I bought her a shake. We walked back down to my house. She sat on my front porch and we talked. She went home and ate lunch and I got ready for work.

Next morning I wake up to her opening my eyelids and her pussy is above my mouth. What the hell? “Good morning. Mr. G! Want an appetizer before breakfast?”. She grinded her pussy against my mouth. My morning wood was hard as a rock now.

“Turn around.” I said. “Put my dick in your mouth.” She whined that she wanted her pussy ate. “I will! We can do both brat. Geez! This is called a 69.”. I told her what to do on blowjobs and what felt good. OMG she really needed work on her BJ skills but what can you expect from a young virgin?

I spread her lips and she kept moving her hips back anxiously. I said to her “calm down! I am going to do it! Relax ok?”. She must have loved the first time. I thumbed her again as she was getting better on my dick. Licking the head and taking as much as she could and sucking hard on it.

She was moaning as her head bobbed on my cock. I stuck my finger in her asshole and thumb in her cunt and rubbed her clit with my other hand. That was it for her as her hips moved back and forth. I could tell her orgasm was coming on. She sucked me harder and harder wanting to finish together. We did. She moved back and then forward and collapsed on me as she shook into a seizure like orgasm. My dick just swelled and I blew my load into her mouth. She giggled with a mouth full of cum. She tapped me making sure I saw she swallowed it all. She came up and laid on my chest. “Good girl!”, I said. She went to the bathroom and washed her mouth out. She came back and made out with me until lunch time.

I thought about how lucky I was to find a girl like that. Someone to wake me up to early morning sex. It was bliss. I went to work thinking of Emma. The new things to teach her. The taking of her virginity. Maybe hooking up with her mom as well. All the wonderful things to come in the near future.

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  • Reply Badman ID:1yqzgh20c

    I’d love to see a part 3 (and more) of this story!

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Please continue. I want to read that you took her virginity, fucked her and came in her, filling her little pussy and womb with sperm. Some ass-fucking too. I really love preteen girls. She will make a good wife and I think men should be allowed to marry little girls and have babies with them.

  • Reply Jeff ID:cor6j2pql

    Loved your story. I had a similar experience with the daughter of my Moms friend. The girl was 11 (almost 12) and had huge crush on me. I was 19 and didn’t have a gf at the time. I still think of that girl a lot. Her name was Suzette.

    • Lolilover ID:99uwotzm

      I have a cute 12 year old girlfriend met her when she was 10 god we are in a secret romantic relationship together I babysit her for free she had crush on me when she first moved in to my neighborhood I live in the countryside on like a 10 acre lot and her family lives right across the street from me her mom and dad are very busy people which makes it great that we spend time together and fuck like rabbits I love her very much we like to sleep naked together at my house

  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    Loved it reminded me of earlier days

    • Lolilover ID:99uwotzm

      What was she like I have a 12-year-old lover that I still play with and make love to I met her when she was 10 years old

  • Reply Danny 1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Ultimate goal for me would be fucking her mom and her at the same time getting them both pregnant

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald1

    WOW! loved it so much and reminded me of Simone and I in the 90’s. I was 30 and Simone was 9 when i met her but 10 when we fucked. What a goddess of a body at 10.
    All young girls should have the right to chose when and where they wanna fuck. I figure it is their body so they should be the ones to decide. Teaching them is as much fun as the sex is. No female should ever be turned down the opportunity to a good cock orgasm and to be taught sensual sex and foreplay.. This is your natural given right and your choice any and every time YOU want it.
    Loved the story and would like to hear more of this very cute sounding girl.

    • Hardcore Grandpa ID:3zxjfle2oik

      I know what you mean Gonzo. I have watched girls a young a 4 masturbate. When I was in my 40’s I seduced a 8 yo and taught her how to be a good lover. Contrary to what a lot of people think, it was she who kept coming back almost daily for a ride on my pony.

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    Wicked awesome story , got me over excited

    • Lolilover ID:99uwotzm

      It gets me more excited when little girls at that age learn to swallow some good cum