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Author: Gary

I’m not gay 2

I had met my new big cock friend Jay. he gave his number and said next time I’m looking for porn or anything else send a message . Few weeks pass by and I’m starting to get an itch... # #

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Best summer Saturdays

This is a somewhat true story some of the facts are fluffed just to make it a better story. When I was 13 I caught my stepbrother and the neighbor boy naked in my clubhouse playing... # # #

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I’m not gay

Not sure when or how I got started putting stuff in my ass but I was around 9-10 the first time as I remember. Fast forward in my early 20s I had been buying dildos and fucking my ass... # #

1009 words | 9 |4.44

Happy with the dogs

Hi everyone, My name is Gary and this is my new passion.. So last week my buddy Jake asked me to watch his dog he said she is very special and is always ready to please you. That kinda... # # #

882 words | 6 |4.65