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I took in a young girl and made her my house wife

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I took in a young girl her mom kicked her out and left and disappeared

this is my first time writing a story please bear with me I know very bad grammar but bear with me apologies for the misspelling and the bad grammar.

My name is Gary am 26 I live in Texas in the countryside currently with my little lover.

This happened on November 2019 when I was out for a walk and saw this girl name zoe age 12 waving for me to come to come to her as I approached her she handed me a sandwich telling me it’s for me.

The way she looked at me and giving a sandwich had my heart melted. Thought she was being very nice to me but she has doing it almost everyday that my frig was getting full, I ask her why you been getting me everyday she smiles at me tells me she has a crush on me, she told to win a mans heart is giving him food.

I thought it was so sweet she developed a habit doing it every day, when Christmas was coming up I thought I should give her something nice I bought her a necklace and Nintendo switch for her. I know I was spoiled her a little but I thought I should give her something in return for all those good sandwiches that she gives me from her school I know some are not that good but I couldn’t say no to her.

When I was going to her house I saw her sitting on the ground crying I was concerned as I approached her and ask her is she ok, she looked up to me got up and hugged me tightly I was confused and asked her why you crying are you okay and told her it’s okay I’m here with you.

Zoe: my mom kicked me out the house and left the house with her boyfriend she blocked my phone number.

I was shocked I hugged her tightly telling her am not going anywhere. I took her home with me it was a walking distance so I wasn’t too far from her home. As we got to my house I let her use the shower and I was about to make some dinner for her.

When she was done in the shower she came out wearing my shirt and panties, that’s when I started having all these weird sexual feelings towards her I thought to myself and I becoming a pedophile never in my life I would be attracted to a little girl but she had a nice figure for a 12-year-old perky boobs and a nice ass.

She thanked me for the meal and talk a lot of things, we had so much in common that I was starting to have romantic feelings with a 12 year old girl. As we were finished eating I gave her present the first she opened was the Nintendo switch she really liked it a lot and she always wanted one, the second she opened was the necklace I bought her she loved it a lot she came up to me and looked at me directly in the eyes then she kissed me in the lips it felt like a minute or two. I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak then she told me are you okay.

I snapped back to reality she asked me is everything’s okay, “I said” I didn’t expect you to kiss me She tells me that she loves me. I never expect this to come out of a 12-year-old girl she told me that she wants me to be her first and have her first kiss with me.

I was starting to get a lot of sexual urges and feelings towards this girl her smell her breath her blonde hair her beautiful blue eyes was like begging me to fuck her.

When I was looking at her she puts her hands on my face and tells me that she never got me a Christmas present, I told her it’s okay you didn’t have to give me anything.

Zoe: my virginity will be your Christmas present.

I was scared and horny at the same time she sits on my lap and starts noticing my boner was poking her butt cheeks and she says.

Zoe: it’s okay I know how sex works I taken sex ed class.

She grinds her ass on my my dick I put my hands on her face and gently kissed her soft lips I passionately stick my tongue into her mouth and she laughs and says my tongue tickles her.

I get off the chair and took her to my bedroom she slowly takes off my large shirt revealing her cute blue panties with stars her cute tits were so nice and perky that I started sucking them and kissing them while groping her ass while she lets out a soft moan.

I laid her on the bed took her panties off and started eating her preteen pussy she was so wet from excitement that she started to moan loud when I lick and suck her pussy.

As I was getting on top of her about to put my cock in her tight pussy. I asked her are you sure you want to go through this it will hurt for the first time but you will start feeling pleasure just tell me you want me to stop and I’ll stop.

Zoe: it’s okay I want to be your girlfriend and get married to you.

I slowly thrust my cock in her and broke her hymen I slowly fuck her that she started to moan so loud I couldn’t believe it that I’m having sex with a 12-year-old girl it felt like I was fucking her for hours that I lost track of time.

As I kept thrusting I couldn’t control myself that I end up cuming inside of her preteen cunt. As I pulled out of her a lot was leaking out of her I shot a few of my loads on her belly thank God she didn’t get pregnant.

I lie down excited and never felt so satisfied ever since my ex left me, I haven’t had a woman’s touched for 8 years.

Zoe heavenly breathing said, how did it feel.

I said it felt so great are you okay did I hurt you in any other way.

She told me am sore but it felt good to her that she was glad that I took her virginity.

We passed out asleep.

I woke up in the morning it was Sunday I looked in next to my bed she wasn’t there I got worried but she came into my room with a boil cereal that she made for me.

We sat down next to each other watching TV we started watching anime that she liked I didn’t like it but I watched it with her anyway.

As we sat down we talked for a bit what we did and I asked her did your mom ever call you she said no the house of hers is still empty there’s no for sale sign there or nothing.

She asked me if she can move in with me I said yes anyway because I was very lonely in my house for almost 3 years when I moved out of my parents house when I was financially stable.

I drove my truck to her house to grab whatever stuff she needs her clothes her books everything she needs.

I was kind of scared getting caught by neighbors walking in with a 12-year-old girl in her house to grab a few of her stuff to move in my house. Even though I live in the countryside houses are very far apart my land is like about 5 acres and hers is like 2 acres next door was a house but nobody made a report thank God.

She understands that me and her in a relationship is pedophilia but she told me she doesn’t care she would rather be with a man that cares for her instead of a boy in her own age.

She tells everybody I’m her uncle in case people get suspicious so we can hold hands in public on our dates I love taking her out to the movies and took her to the incredible pizza.

Sometimes we like to go have sex in the car and do it in the park in a very wooded area and sometimes we go to her abandoned house and have sex in her room it gets me excited when I’m having sex inside of a little girl’s room.

When the coronavirus lockdown happen it didn’t stop our sex life I am so glad that I have her in my life she takes care of me and I take care of her.

I taught her how to cook and how to clean the house I will help her out around the house she became my new housewife.

I homeschooled her to make sure she gets her learning.

We even walk around nude around my house and have a free use policy in our house she finds it very hot and it turns her on a lot the one part I love it the most is when she sucks me off in the morning to take care of my morning wood now that is a good wife.

Now today is 2022 she’s 14 now we still fuck like rabbits Zoe is an amazing girl I want to keep her happy still never heard of peep from her mom I guess she doesn’t even care about her daughter.

I make sure she receives all the love and intentions she deserves.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:3yvnnkcd4

    As long as you intend to stay married to them even when they’re no longer preteens but full-fledged adults, I don’t have any complaints. However, don’t be surprised if they start wondering what it would be like to be with a much younger man when they get older.

    • Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

      Marriage is for life with me and the couple needs to work in a marriage, but life can and does happen. I have commented that I love watching little girls grow into amazing women. Females always have their own minds and are free to find happiness in life. I will always respect that.

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Rereading this makes me want a little girl for a wife so much. An 8 to 10 year-old would be good. I would love keeping her little pussy and womb filled with sperm every day. Pregnant little girls are so hot. Little girls instinctively are drawn to men and they are so beautiful and it is our duty to teach them about life and love and how wonderful their little bodies are and how wonderful sex and intimacy is. Their mouths, pussies and asses are beautiful gifts. Not to mention their eyes and hearts.

    • NaughtyLilGurl ID:c35zxvi8

      That’s hot

    • Little baby girl ID:3zxjf67bqrc

      @littlegirllover im a little girl and I want to be a wife for a man and have him teach me stuff! Pweaseee??

    • Little baby girl ID:3zxjf67bqrc

      @littlegirllover my snapchat is: little_p4321

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Collar her and breed her

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    I want a preteen wife to, teach, love and breed. Start fucking her whenever her little pussy can take cock and keep going until she comes to me and tells me she’s pregnant. Have a daughter with her and teach her about love and breeding.

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      I also want a preteen wife get her pregnant have a girl like this I’ll have another young pussy to fuck

  • Reply Bob ID:ffh2ubrv4

    My ultimate fantasy. A young girl who willingly takes care what f my needs and I spoil her in return

  • Reply Tom ID:1dazk9mm9c

    This story doesn’t add up why would her mom let she move in ur house

    • Your Name ID:5u0x67i20a

      She didn’t nimrod! She left before she moved in with him you fuck tard! What are you from india?

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    I’m thinking at some point you’re going to breed her and have the next little daughter in a few years

  • Reply alonz ID:43z00p6ik

    Is this real?? I am a 15-year-old girl and this is one of my biggest fantasies, if so what a lucky girl!

    • Spongyohah ID:1m5l2u2oic

      I’m a guy who’s dreamt of this before damn

    • AJ ID:2xn8xqgwoic

      Do you chat on pm

    • ChingaTuMadre69 ID:29kcjdmzrb

      Along do you have SC or any social media I want to chat with u

    • Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

      Well, Alonz, maybe you’re willing to share your fantasies with me? I’ll tell you mine.
      Email me at [email protected]

    • Aj ID:2xn8xqgwoic

      You chat on email

    • alonz ID:43z00p6ik

      my email is [email protected]

    • Gary ID:99uwotzm

      Aloz yes it is you can believe it or not I know there are some fake stories out there

    • Gary ID:99uwotzm

      Aloz sorry for the late response

    • JonahFarquad ID:3zxi7uylzrd

      Alonz if you have any social media let me know what it is

  • Reply TennesseeTallMan ID:bo1uhy18l

    Very hot story I wish I could find a girl around that age who would love to make a man’s fantasy come true and have all their needs taken care of
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    • Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

      I agree