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Such a good boy

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My mom and sister came home drunk and they came in to my bedroom and showed me what my cock was for and how to use it.

My sexual awakening happened when I was 13 and it was completely unexpected, very wrong, but oh so good.

I was awoken in the middle of the night but loud banging and voices, I woke up in fright and my heart was racing, as soon as my eyes opened I was blinded by my bedroom light coming on, then I heard laughing and silliness, it was my mom and my sister, they went out that night and had just got back.

“Hiya, Bryan.” Said my sister.

“How’s my lovely boy.” Asked mom, I had sat up on the edge of my bed with my feet hanging over the side, they both sat at either side of me and were hugging me and kissing me on my cheeks, I could smell the stink of alcohol on them and clearly they were both very drunk.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, “I’m alright. I’m trying to sleep.” I said in protest of their annoying behaviour, my sister pushed the head of a beer bottle in to my mouth.

“Have a drink little bro.” she laughed, tilting the bottle to pour it in to my mouth.

I hadn’t tasted alcohol before, it was really bubbly and had an odd taste to it, she was pouring too much in to my mouth and I couldn’t gulp it all down, I coughed and spat most of it back out, “Don’t!” I snapped, wiping my mouth with the sleeve of my onesie, which is back when onesies were all the rage.

My mom started singing and then she unzipped the front of my onesie, pulling the zip all the way down from my neck to my crotch, but then I grabbed her hands to stop her, I didn’t want my mom to see my cock, I never wear any underwear when I’m in my onesie, it’s warm enough as it is.

Then my sister got on to the bed and moved behind me, she wrapped her arms over my shoulders and hooked her arms in to mine, pinning my arms behind me and she leaned me backwards, then mom kneeled on the floor, took hold of my onesie and yanked it off me, “Stop it. What are you doing, mom. Don’t.” I shouted.

I didn’t understand what they were doing at the time, I was just embarrassed that they were seeing my exposed cock, no boy wants their mom and sister to see their cock.

“It’s okay, darling. Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you.” Said mom.

“Yeah, we’re just having some fun that’s all.” Said my sister.

“Aww – Look at his little balls.” Said mom, tickling my ball sack before taking hold of my cock and stroking it.

I kicked my legs and struggled trying to get free from my sister and get my mom’s hand off my cock, but my sister was too strong for me and mom pushed my legs apart and held my knees down with her elbows, and she just continued to stroke my cock.

Mom then took her glitter top off, “Have a look at these darling.” She said, exposed her breasts to me, after a few minutes my cock reacted and it got hard, it was only about 4 and a half inches long but still.

“It’s working, mom. Looks nice and juicy too.” Said my sister.

I remember feeling my cock throbbing as it filled with blood and stretched, mom’s grip was tight and every time she moved her hand up and down my shaft it pulled on my foreskin, at first it was painful but then it wasn’t, and I got overwhelmed with a feeling of… absolute pleasure.

My sister released my arms and dragged me on to the bed to lay down, then as mom sat behind me stroking my hair, my sister kneeled between my open legs and stroked my cock in a tight grip just like mom had been doing, my balls had gotten all sweaty and they were tingling like I had pins and needles.

After a while I figured out that it was my sisters stroking motion that was making me feel so good inside, then I had an urge to thrust my hips forward, soon I was doing it over and over again, just swinging my hips up and down and she stopped stroking my cock, allowing me to use my hips to fuck her hand on my own.

“Mom, look!” she called out to get her attention, “He’s doing it.” She added.

Mom looked at what I was doing, “That’s right, good boy, go with your instincts.” She said, sounding proud of me.

It wasn’t long after that when I began to moan uncontrollably, I could feel something happening to my body, I felt like I needed a wee but I couldn’t go, then my cock got stiffer and swelled in the middle, they both knew what it was but I didn’t.

“It’s going to happen.” Said mom.

“Don’t hold it in. Let it go.” Said my sister, “You can do it, bro.” she said.

I pumped her hand really fast and then I screamed loud and watched white stuff shooting out of my cock high up in to the air, several large blobs splatted down and covered my cock and my sister’s hand in a white sticky glaze, and both my mom and sister slurped it all up.

Watching them licking the spunk that just came out of my pee hole made me feel a bit sick but I quickly got over it.

My sister removed all her clothes, I sucked on her firm bouncy boobs and her hard nipples, then she pushed my head down between her legs and she guided me on how to eat out a pussy, she got really wet down there and my face was getting all sticky, her pussy tasted like pineapple juice and I liked it.

After helping my sister reach orgasm and wiping off all the juices that her pussy squirted out on me, she got off my bed and my mom laid herself down, “Come to mommy, darling.” She said, holding out her hands for me.

I laid on top of her and we hugged with my face pressed between her big boobs, I got another erection and mom reached between us and took hold of it in her hand and she guided it to her pussy and told me to push, so I pushed my hips forward and I felt something grip around my cock as it slid inside her hole.

It felt wet, very hot, slimy, it was kind of like jelly, it was an odd feeling but my cock seemed to like it and it made my muscles shake and vibrate.

I fucked my mom for ages and I got so exhausted I told her I couldn’t continue, “Yes you can. You can do it, darling. Make mommy proud.” She said, I wanted her to be proud of me so I gathered up the last bit of energy I had and I fucked her as fast as I could trying to get that tingling feeling in my balls again.

I did it, I ejaculated inside my mom, then I just collapsed, mom told me she was so proud of me, my sister was laughing and she spanked my ass, “Wahoo. You little stud.” She said.

I don’t remember much after that but the next morning we all woke up in my bed, when mom and my sister woke up and saw that we were all naked, they remembered what had happened, they both jumped out of my bed, picked up their clothes and dashed out of my bedroom.

They locked themselves in their room all day, I only saw them at dinner time when they both came downstairs, I could tell they wanted to say something to me but every time they opened their mouths about to speak, they turned and walked away looking ashamed and embarrassed.

It wasn’t until later that night that they both came to see me, mom brought me a cup of hot chocolate and my sister brought a plate of fresh baked cookies, they sat down and told me how sorry they were for doing what they’d done to me, they said they’d never speak about it again and we all agreed to forget it happened.

After the weekend when my sister went to college, my mom came to talk to me, she told me she enjoyed having sex with me and asked me if I wanted to do it again, of course I said yes, she made me promise not to tell my sister about it and then we had sex.

I had sex with my mom nearly every day until I was 15.

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  • Reply John ID:2nhj65nozl1

    When I was 14, Mum got drunk on Xmas Eve. I undressed her to put her to bed. Seeing a pussy for the first time, I got a hard-on. I put my cock into her love-hole, and began fucking her. Mum tried to resist, but she was too drunk. It was not long before I was spunking up her. In the morning. Mum asked me if I’d enjoyed fucking her. I said, “Yes”. Mum said that I could fuck her any time, and that she had missed having a stiff cock up her ever since my father had gone off with his black secretary.

  • Reply JimJam ID:42onbbe43m

    Good job!