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Cat: Virgin

Honeymoon in Malindi

In the night of 24th October, about 10.30 p.m., Mr. Allen and his wife Carol, an english newlywed couple who were visiting Malindi during their honey-moon, were returning to their residence... # # #

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Games with brother

sudenly he put his hands behind my head and had grab my head strong he start my head up down his cock in a rhym i couldnt follow # #

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moments with the maid

I figured that she couldn’t hold on any longer and rushed to help her. I too started to lift the suitcase with both my hands since it was very heavy. #

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Christmas vacation

On the morning of December 29, John, Stuart and Larry proceeded north on Walnut Street Road in Springfield, intending to commit one or more burglaries. As they approached the residence... # # #

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The curse

My name is Sarah, I’m 5’3, reasonable B cup breasts and other than that quite a nice slim body with long blonde hair, my glasses sometimes make me look a bit nerdish but I like... # # #

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Sibling fight escalated

I have read a lot of accidental penetration story’s but I can assure you most of them are fake. I will tell you my story about how I accidentally fucked my sister and how it came... # #

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The ride

13 year old girl doesn’t want to ride the bus to school, so she begs her older brother to take her. She’s willing to do anything and does. # # #

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Slitting a Spliff

I was niccing on lunch, but Bujold always has smokes, so I met him out by the cafeteria doors, and we went out through the side gate. They’ve got a rusty old chain up, but somebody,... # # #

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our beach part two

i rise my head and i could see his cock full erected inside of his underwear waiting to tear apart my virgin pussy. # #

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