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Addition, and Attraction

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When we were little, my sister and I moved out to the orchard with my mom…

Our mom was an orphan, she lost her family in a fire, and only got out alive. So, she was raised at the firehouse, by firemen who came to put out the fire. They took her in, cooked for her, and she says they were very good cooks. “Because they have a lot of time to spend on things like that in between the fires, and emergencies.”

Then, when she finished high school, they all put their money together to send her to College. She got her NBA, and bought a trailer first. We lived there a few years until the new house was finished, and mom had another baby. A boy, when I was 9, and Bea was 6. Charlie was named that, alphabetically. Oh yeah, and I’m Alfreida, or just Freida for short.

So, being the eldest, I took care of my sister, and I showed her how to take care of Charlie. Change his diapers, and whatnot. So, I had more free time after our lessons. Mom was the teacher, so I suppose we’re home-schooled, but there always seemed to be men around to watch them work.

After they got finished making a new house, with 2 bedrooms, and a nursery. They converted the old trailer to a Bunkhouse. So named, because the 2 bedrooms were turned into 1 big one, with bunk beds, and a beam across the ceiling. For the workers to sleep in, for years we had Migrants stay off, and on.

So, we learned Spanish, and I picked up some new words I probably shouldn’t, listening to them talk. “Punta,” and “A la Verga.” Of course, my mother never used such language in front of us, the kids. She said “Piffle,” when she poked her finger with a needle, sewing something. I didn’t know what that ment, but for the longest time, I kept my distance.

Just close enough to hear them talking, but too far away for them to grab me. Mom didn’t tell us what they’d do if they caught us, but we could tell by the way she warned us that it would be bad. So, we didn’t truest them, but I still listened in. Trying to figure out the meaning of the mystery words mom would never tall us when I asked. “What’s a Coño?”

“I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

I figured out tetas on my own, because the migrants held their hands up. Shaking, and squeezing pretend breasts. After a while, Charly weened, and those migrants moved on, but having 3 children so far, she was very busty. She also liked to exercise, especially after Charley was born. She did crunches, and situps to get her tummy flat again, and then defined into abs. With tight obliques pointing down between her hip bones, into her underwear.

The next year, I turned 10, and we got a new sheriff for the whole county. She was “Tough on illegal immigrants,” so most of the migrants moved on, and warned their friends about it. So, they didn’t get arrested, and deported. The news was all about it, but that ment more Jobs for local boys. Teenagers mostly, though some of their uncles, and fathers brung them.

That winter, they did the pruning, but they all lived there, or nearby. So, they went home in pickup trucks, instead of staying in the bunk-house. Bea, and I got another warning, as always about boys, and not to trust them. Especially large groups of them, and to never be alone with one, if he was older, and larger. Stronger, being farm boys, they were rough, and dirty.

As well as their language, only this time, they said “You check out the tits on her?”

I was just starting to grow, in the nipples, and I had on overalls to hide behind the trees. Mostly, it was just a game I played, so I could hear what they talked about when I wasn’t around. It was chilly too, so I wore a jacket, but I got a real earful, and they started talking even dirtier about her.

When their fathers, and uncles weren’t around. They’d shut up, and “Get back to work” when they came by, to tell them to stop jawboning. Shooting the shit, and keep pruning. Since they weren’t payed to stand around, chewing the fat, but there was a whole lot more sons, and nephews than fathers, and uncles.

“Yeah, I’d love to cum all over those big fat titties, and fuck them.” I peeked around to see the boy lower his hands, from his chest to right in front of his crotch, and hump the air.

“I’m gonna go take a piss.” Another boy climbed down the ladder, and I froze up. Before he walked out from behind the trees, he didn’t look back, but he rubbed his crotch before he stepped behind the brush cart, and unzipped his pants.

“If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it!” One of the boys yelled, and the other boys laughed. Then, a man came over, and told them to “Get back to work.”

“Yessir,” but Charley was just starting to potty train. A toddler, he even stood up to pee, but he still needed help with his overalls. Bea was still staying behind to take care of him, while I went out, but then the boy finished behind the brush cart, and we’re not talking about a little wagon here.

All the trimmings from that many pear trees piled up to a lot. Especially with that many boys, and men to do the trimming, so we had a big brush pile to start fires with after dark, when it got even colder. So, he had plenty of privacy back there, but he sure took a long time, to take a piss.

Then, he came around, and said “Hey you!”

“What, who?” the boys called back, but he started walking towards me, and saying “There’s a little girl out here.”

I ran off, but none of them chased me. They let me go, but then I started hiding underneath the brush cart. Between the wheels, it had the sides stuck in so they could really pile it up, and a 4 wheeler to tow it beck when it got full. The back folded down to use as a ramp, so I had a pretty good hiding place to listen in.

Again, and again they started off talking about my mom’s tits. In between the men stopping bye to check on them, and then one would climb down “To take a leak.” The first day I saw them, taking turns to beat off, I went home, and told Bea all about it, that night.

We giggled, especially my little sister when I told her about them swelling. “Sticking up,” she stuck her thumb in front of her crotch, “Like this?”

“Uh huh,” I did the same thing, “Then, they took them, and pulled them in their hands, like this.” I gripped my thumb, and pumped it. “Sometime, they use their other hand to play with their balls like this.” I had to let go, since I was using my fingers on my left hand to demonstrate the balls. “They’re really hairy, though.”

It didn’t occur to me, that Bea knew about erections, before even I did. Because Charley got them, but usually in his sleep. She put him down for a nap, and sometimes he woke up with one. It just went away, so he could pee, but she didn’t tell me about that until much much later.

A lot of the boys were Christian, and also the men. Sometimes caught them, and even whupped them for “Spilling their seed.” Mom didn’t pay them to jerk off, neither, but that gave me a stupid idea. That the spot where they spilled so much seed, behind wherever the brush cart was parked would start sprouting.

So, boys would spring up, right there, but of course that never happened. Eventually, the pruning was done, all the brush was cleared, and stacked to season in the wood shed. They stopped coming by until spring, and then the trees pretty much took care of themselves. It rained a lot, and we put mulch around the roots when it cleared up, but we spent a lot of time in the house.

Now, mom had a computer, and the internet, before it was cool. I guess, because she had a business to run, and we also sent in our tests to get our grades every year. This was way back when you had to plug in the phone, and dial up AoL, but mom did so well without a husband, she could afford to get another phone-line. Just for the computer, she got a handyman to build up the side porch.

Just one, he brought his table saw, and set it up on the tail-gate. Went out to the lumber yard, and came back with plywood to make walls out of. That became her office, that summer, but after the walls came the rafters. Leaned up against the side of the house, so the water ran off once he put the roof on, but before that.

I noticed that Mom was acting strangely, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out why. I told Bea “She’s getting horny, and flirting.” Crouching down behind the garden, that used to be the foundation of the old house. It still had a stone wall around it, with the blackened soot long since worn away from the fire. By rain, and snow, but the ashes and stuff was mixed in with soil that was rich.

Not with the bones of our grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Those were dug up right away, and buried in the church, but mom planted a garden there, so we had plants to hide behind, and watch. Even Charley was there, digging in the sand box with his pail, and trowel. Behind us, while mom came out, and the handyman stopped cutting wood to talk to him.

“How can you tell?” Bea asked.

“Look at how red her neck is.”

She giggled, “Redneck.” Then she looked over, and noticed. “You’re getting real red, too.”

“Huh,” my bra felt tight, with every breath. As if they swelled when I got horny. “I bet they’re gonna do it.”

I was right, but not right away. She flirted with him all day, but then she told him “You can knock off for today.” With a beer in each hand, she gave him one, and lead him up the stairs to the 4 walls he’d put up. Closed the door, but by then we’d gone inside to Charley’s room.

I opened up the window while the saw was running, so he couldn’t hear us, but every time mom came out, she changed. Little by little, her shorts got shorter, and her tops got tighter. More revealing, and she leaned over a bunch of times to give him a good look at her tits. Her bra was practically showing, but then they pounded their beers, and mom took her top off completely.

I told Bea ‘shush,’ and whispered, ‘try not to giggle too loud,’ and covered up my mouth. Before leaning over the window sill, where we could look straight down. Between the rafters, mom was already sitting down on a tool box. He had his tool belt down on the floor, and she helped him get his pants open.

His dick hard in her mouth, and pumped it in and out. To get it wet, so when she lay back on the floor. All he had to do was spit in his hand, and wipe it between her legs. Get on top of her, with his pants down around his knees, and hump into her. “Huh, fuck me.”

That was the one time Bea giggled, quietly in her hand, but then mom’s eyes flew wide open, and she saw us. we ducked back quick, but she just moaned louder. “Ah, yes. Pump me full of your big hard cock, yes! Harder, I’m about to ah ahHHHH!”

“Mommy?” Charley got up, and looked worried, but Bea and I stopped him before he toddled over to the window.

“It’s okay, she’s okay, I know it sounds like it hurts, but it really feels good.”

“AhH AhH! AhH!” He was really giving it to her.

Then Bea asked, “Really?’ Then she shook her head, “How would you know?”

“Oh, I guess.” I couldn’t get any more flushed, but then the handyman started grunting, and we got up, to look. Out the window, we had a good view of him pulling out, and beating off. All over mom, but she had her eyes closed. Rubbing it all over her body, and wiping it up from her rippling abs to wipe it on her tits.

“Huh!” The handyman pulled up his pants, and sat back. “Huh!” Zipping up, and buttoning them, while mom got up, and grabbed her bra. Got dressed, while they caught their breath, and didn’t say anything until the handyman muttered something about “Don’t want any more little bastards running around,” but then he got in his truck, and left.

Mom came in, fully clothed, but her top stuck to the front of her body. What little it covered, it was definitely the tightest, and lowest cut top she had. With the sleeves cut off, and even then neck cut low, so you could see the sides of her bra through the arm holes, but she sat us down.

For “A little talk,” she finally told us what that was all about. I guessed, most of it, and the dead giveaway was the comment about “Little bastards running around.”

Like Charley, who had black hair, black eyes, and even a deep tan when he finally got out to play in the yard. Half Mexican, from the migrant workers she fucked, back before the new Sheriff threatened to deport them if they came back.

The same with me, and Bea. We both had different fathers, but she never needed to get married. She had enough inheritance to buy a trailer, and enough income from her preserves to build a house, eventually.

Bit by bit, she sold the nicest pares on the farmer’s Market, but the rest of them, the ones with blemishes, and stuff. She cut those all up, and canned them in Mason Jars. So, we had pear preserves year around, and fresh pairs all harvest, to make pies, and tarts, until we got sick of them, but word got around, and she made a whole lot of money off her pear preserves.

“Huh, so I don’t need a husband, full time.” She explained. “However, when a woman gets older, she has needs. A biological clock,” and so on, and so forth. You know what I’m talking about, but I wasn’t even 11. Bea was barely 7, and Charley was just out of diapers. So, she didn’t tell us all this, until we caught her doing it with the handyman.

However, that wasn’t all she did. It turns out that she didn’t even get all her money from pear preserves, either. On the computer, I found her HTML documents, just looking around. Offline, but independent woman that she is, she did her own webpage too.

So, she had that backed up on her computer, as well as the photos she uploaded, but in a word, Porn. She wrote stories too, but those were mostly just to explain what was going on in the pictures. Fantasies, a lot of them were about her husband. “Wifey,” even though she never was married, she wrote about cheating on her husband.

She even had men play the husband, looking in the window from the porch. I recognized the old bunkhouse porch, but it hadn’t been used for that in over a year. So, she had it converted, again, and I have no idea how she got rid of us when she used it as a porn studio.

But she did, have men pretend to be her husband, watching her have sex, and then come in to fuck her when her lover left. Or, just jerk off on the porch, while she had sex with several men, and cummed all over. In the living room, the kitchen or the extra large bathroom she had put in after the bedrooms were split into one big bunk house.

Of course, she didn’t mention that. She’d been having group sex orgies, and selling pictures on her own cheater/cuckhold webpage, but not just to make ends meet. She made more money off of them then she did off her pear preserves, syrup, and fresh produce put together, but she kept getting pregnant.

Having kids, and hiring men to expand the house every summer to make room. So, we always had lots of workmen around, until I turned 18, and the boys I’d watched jerking off in the fields were old enough to start making porno movies with me, but that’s a whole nother story…


Beatrix (gb Incest. Details, such as names are changed along with the PoV.)

I knew it was wrong the whole time, but don’t judge me. You wouldn’t be here reading this unless you’re into incest, and child molesters, so save it.

I guess I was jealous of my big sister, because she got to have all the fun. While I was stuck at home babysitting, but I loved my little brother. Carlos, so I didn’t mind so much once he stopped pooping in diapers, so I had to wipe his ass for him.

Then, Freddy came, and told me about the boys in the field. Talking about mommy’s big tits, and beating off behind the trailer full of hay bales. We had a combine harvester, with a bailer, but that didn’t pick up the bales to put them on the trailer.

So, mommy had to hire men to do that for her, including Carlos’s father. I never met him, but Freddy and I were born in the fire house. Our fathers were firemen, and mommy was a teenager when she had us girls. She wouldn’t tell us which ones she had sex with, because she was underage. So, they could get in trouble, and go to jail for statutory rape.

It wasn’t rape, though. That’s just what they call it, in the law that says you have to be at least 16 to have sex. They taught her how to cook too, so she taught us, everything from making pie crusts to canning, sewing, and of course cleaning up the house. It kept getting bigger, and bigger along with our family, but she never got married.

She prided herself on raising us alone, teaching us, and only needing men for 1 thing. Besides the work that nobody could do on their own, like taking care of the fields. So, she killed 2 birds with 1 stone, hired men to do the big jobs like bringing in the hay to sell, and fucking the ones she liked when she got horny.

The first time Freddy saw it, he was a handy man. She hired him mostly because he had the tools, but he took his shirt off, and wore shorts when it got hot. I could see him from the playroom all day, and mommy went out to flirt with him. Dressing sluttier, and sluttier until he had 3 walls put up for a little privacy, but he barely put on the roof.

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen it, nor heard it. Being stuck at home all day ment I was there whenever mommy invited one in. So, I put Carlos down for a nap, and listened at the door. Giggled in my hands when they talked dirty, and figured out what “It was.”

“Suck it, yeah suck it good and hard.” That only had to mean one thing, and I’d seen her in the guest house, a couple times too. I barely even remember the first man’s name, but he waited out front on the porch. Looking through the window until I came out in my nighty to see what was going on.

His pants fell down, so he had to pull them up, and hide behind the chair on the porch. Another man came out, and lit a cigarette to smoke on his way back to his truck. As soon as he was gone, the other man came out from behind the porch chair, and went in to fuck her. So, I could go up the stairs, and watch them through the window. Just like the men did, when they pretended to be her jealous husband.

It was just make believe, mommy knew some men who wanted to play the jealous husband, and others who wanted to pretend to cheat on him with her. Sometimes, the switched, but I got to see all of it, because I knew when I saw the light on out there. The only thing she used the guest house for was to have men over, and play jealous husband with, even though she never got married.

Then, she had a lot of men over, after the harvest, and the hay was all hauled off. She bought a lot of digital cameras, and got a great deal, for buying a big box. So, they could all take pictures, standing around naked, with their dick hard, taking turns getting sucked, fucking her, and even pumping her butt.

There were so many of them, that was the only way she could fuck 2 at once, suck another one, and pump 2 more. One in each hand, there was so much cum she could roll around in it, on the shower curtain they lay out in the living room. Like a picnic blanket, only for sex.

So, I guess I better get to the incest part, where I started molesting my little bother, but again. I was mostly jealous of Freddy, and Mommy having all the fun. He just finished wearing diapers, and I sure was glad that was over, but that ment potty training.

All he could do was piss out of it, and he didn’t even get it up. Unless he just took a nap, but the first time I saw him get up. With his overalls sticking out like a sideways tent, I said “Let me help you.”

He didn’t need help with his overalls, he just pulled the straps down off his arms. Like a bra strap, he turned around to sit down, instead of peeing standing up. “I can do it.” He pushed it down, so it pointed in the potty, and pushed real hard, but only a little came out.

“Let me help.” I touched him, and it wasn’t really the first time. I used to change his diapers, wipe his butt, and even rinse the pee off with a wet washcloth. Gave him baths, and helped him get dressed, but this was the first time he had a boner.

A hard little thing, I could barely even pinch, and stroke with 2 fingers. So, I switch to 1, so I had enough room to pull the skin all the way back, then all the way out to cover his dripping head. “Ngh!” He grunted, but I picked him up, and put him in the bathtub. He pushed out drop after drop, while I pretended it was cum. Dripping out every time I pulled the skin back, then he’d take another breath. “Ngh!” Clench his soft smooth round little butt cheeks, and hump his hips to squirt out a little more, until he was down.

“Huh, tankow.” I was a little surprised he could say “I can do it,” so clear, but those were 2 of his favorite sentences. “I can do it,” even when he needed help, but I wanted to help him get dressed. Not just as a big sister, but to sneak dirty little touches in, and try to make him hard again, until I realized I couldn’t.

It didn’t work, he could barely get it up, let alone keep it up. Unless he just woke up, and had to pee. It wasn’t me, it was him, he wasn’t even 2 years old yet, so he was way too young to jerk him off. That didn’t stop me, though.

Then, Freddy told me “It feels good,” and I asked her how she knew. “Oh, I mean.” She shook her head, “I guess, it feels just as good with a real boy, but I’m still a virgin. If fingers don’t count.” She held up her hand, and wiggled them at me.

“You mean, you play with yourself?” I giggled, but she didn’t know, about any of the secret stuff. I knew, and did, because I never told her. I even started playing with myself before she did, because I got so horny watching mommy play husband, and lover with all those men. Especially the “Husband” watching out front, until it was his turn if he could hold it. Sometimes, they finished early, and had to eat her out to get it up again, if they even could.

She finished laughing, and nodding, so I could ask her, “How?” She already showed me how boys did it, with her thumb. I knew that, just from watching guests play “Husband” out on the porch, but then I talked her into taking off her clothes. On her bed, she was starting to get a little hairy there, and her nipples stuck out on little hills too.

“Huh, I just imagine what a boy would do, if he ever got his hands on me.”

She felt herself all over, until she got down to her cunt. Then, she licked her fingers, “First you have to get it wet,” then she sucked her thumb, and pretended it was a dick, while she pumped two fingers in and out.

“But you don’t have enough hands.” I waited until her eyes were closed to get naked, and go over to her bed. Touch her little titties, and pinched her nipple. To bent over, and suck it, while she deep throated her thumb. Coughed, and spat it out to pretend it was cum.

I told her “I’m a Lesbian,” and then I had to explain that to her. “That’s a girl that likes to have sex with other girls instead of men, but don’t tell mom.” I lied to her, so she would keep the secret, and never suspect that I was molesting our baby brother too.

So, I made up a story about another girl. We babysat together all the time, I mean most of my friends. Outside of my family, we’d get together, and sometimes go to the store together. To spend the money we made babysitting but the first girl I kissed. She didn’t like it, but she called me a “Lesbo,” or a “Lezzy.” I forget which, but then she told me what that was short for, and that’s how I found out.

I was hoping to teach her, how to molest her little brother, since we both had one. No dice, but I thought about what would have happened if she was a lesbian, for real. I knew that they ate pussy, so I talked my sister into letting me, while she was good and horny.

That got her wet enough to hold my fist down between us, stick my thumb in, and bang it into her like a dick. So, I guess I was the first one to fuck her too, but that just ment she would never tell nobody nothing. It was our little secret, so I could keep molesting boys and girls, every chance I got. Of course, that was usually Carlos until mommy started getting pregnant, and having more kids.

Those are a lot more stories I could tell, but right now I have to get off real bad….

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