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Taylor Made Me Do It

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My friend Taylor invited me over while her aunt was out with her parents #Toys #Bisexual #Teen #Virgin

Her aunt lived down in the basement, but she had her own door. So, she could come and go, and there was even a small kitchenette downstairs.

Also, the laundry room behind the kitchenette, and a bathroom, of course. So, that night we gathered up all of Taylor’s dirty clothes to wash them.

Then, we took some cushions off the couch to put down, and sleep on. She snored, but that’s not what kept me awake.

Of course, we had to sort out her laundry, including some hand washables, like her underwear. Which gave me a chance to check the tags on her bras, size 32Cs, but all she wore to bed was a teeshirt, and some panties.

So, when she climbed over me to get in bed, I got a good look at her crotch, and even up under her teeshirt. She didn’t have a bra on, and that made me horny, but I just held my breath, and climaxed quietly.

Not sure whether Taylor was straight, gay, or even a little bi-curious, because we didn’t talk about it. It was too awkward, and I didn’t want to spoil our relationship, but she was very attractive.

Pretty, but it wasn’t just her face, her body, or anything. I loved everything about her, so I was just satisfied to be her friend. Maybe masturbate on her floor, and fall asleep with the wonderful feelings still swirling around in my body.

Now, I’m a little self conscious about that. I’m skinny, a “Late Bloomer,” because I didn’t even get my period until 7th grade, and while her perky little C cups weren’t exactly huge, she certainly wasn’t as flat chested as me.

Then, we woke up in the morning, her brothers got a ride with her parents, and her Aunt Taylor. I know, it’s confusing that she was named after her aunt, when they couldn’t be more different.

Her aunt is older, of course. A little older than her Taylor’s dad, and to put it nicely. Curvy? A little too curvy, not just big breasted, but also around the middle, and her behind. So, once we got some coffee, and ate cereal, we went down to the basement to check on her laundry.

It was warm down there, from the drier which was running, and there was more underwear up on the drying rack. Her aunt’s big 42″ double D bras, so after she pulled off her smaller ones, we laughed, and I stretched one of the big ones out. Over my flattish chest.

I wasn’t completely flat, I could wear A cups with a couple half cup inserts to fill them out, but she finished throwing her delicates on top of the basket, and took off her teeshirt. Bare chested, I turned around, and shut my mouth, before I started drooling.

“Huh, too bad they’re not warm from the drier.” I took the big bra off, and hung it up, in my teeshirt. Pajama pants, and panties. “You mind giving me a hand?”

She turned around, holding the cups up so I could pull the straps together, and hook them up behind her back. Resisting the urge to smell her hair, but then she bumped my legs bending over, and pulled a teeshirt out.

I thought accidentally, but soon enough, I found out that it wasn’t just my imagination. She pulled up some tights first, but then we went in the den to start folding her clothes on the futon. Her aunt had made it up, folded down as a bed, with the sheet pulled up, and tucked under the pillows. A comforter smoothed out, and folded down, which made for a handy spot to fold laundry.

“You’re quiet.” That’s all she said, then dropped a teeshirt on the pile, and picked out another one to lay out, and fold it up.

“Well, what do you want to talk about?”

“My aunt’s saving up to get another place. She lost her job, and instead of charging rent, she’s working at the shop over the holidays.” Her mom, and dad own a shop where they frame pictures, and stuff. That’s already the sort of thing that people do more, during the holidays they take pictures to get printed out, and framed to remember a thanksgiving, or Christmas, or whatever.

I finished hanging up a pair of slacks, I’d ironed for her. Mostly just to help her get it out of the way, so we could play something else, or whatever. Maybe watch a movie, or cook lunch while her family was away.

“Well, that’s it.” She stacked the rest of her clothes in the basket, and set it down, but kneeling on the floor. She giggled, and reached under the futon to pull out a suitcase. I heard something roll around in there, but her giggles sounded different.

“Check it out,” she unzipped the suitcase, and set up the lid to reveal the toys that were inside.

“Oh, my god!” Sex toys.

“Yeah, my Aunt is really horny, and sometimes, I can hear her through the vents.” She took out one that had molded balls around the base, and stuck it to the table by a suction cup. She giggled again, “This one time, I caught her washing them in the sink.”

“Huh!” I just closed my mouth, and licked drool out of the corner of my lips, but right before my eyes, she grinned, and stuck her tongue out. Licked it up to the head, holding it in both hands, then swirled her tongue around it, then started sucking it like a dick.

Of course, that’s exactly what it was supposed to be, a big fat rubbery dick, with a fairly realistic head molded in the top, and even balls over the suction cup, stuck to the glass top coffee table. Pushed aside, over by the wall so her aunt could fold out the futon to sleep on, and she could fold her laundry, while I hung up her dresses, and slacks by the ironing board.

“Algh!” She held it at the bottom, and stuck her tongue out, with the head deep in her throat until she had to stop. “Cah kuh! Stooh!” She spat a big slimy hawker on the head, so it ran down, and she could twist her hands back and forth. Slicking it all over, like cum, but then she got up from the corner. “You want to try it?”

“Huh, yeah.” I guess I was showing off, my cock slobbering skills, but also tasting her spit. Well, it just tasted like spit, with a little mintiness from brushing her teeth, and mouthwash after we ate breakfast. She bent over in her tights, so I could see her pantie lines, and picked up the basket.

“Shuck! Huh, where you going?” She grabbed the hangers off the closet rod in the corner, and draped them over her arm.

“I’m going to go put these up, but I’ll be right back.” She winked, but when she turned to the stairs, she looked back. Turning at the waist, and then the hips, looking right at me, while my eyes lingered on her pantie lines. Stretched over her ass with her tights, I blinked, and shook my head when she left.

Me alone, with her aunt’s sex toys. I guess she expected me to masturbate alone, but I looked over the side of the suitcase still beside the futon. With the lid leaning up, and a big vibrator in the bottom. Not like a dildo vibe, a “Back Massager,” but you know it could be used for other things, of course.

So, I got that out, and plugged it in next to the coffee table. Conveniently right by the outlet, so I could sit on the head, and play with the controls until i found a good setting. “Omhph!” Grabbing the dong on the corner again, to suck on, close my eyes, and imagine someone.

Someone else, a guy of course. With a big dick, and his legs spread. His pants open, and his dick sticking out. To slip my fingers up and down, while the drool dripped out of the corners of my mouth, but it was huge.

Unbelievably, hilariously oversized. I could barely get the whole head in my mouth, so I just locked my teeth around the ridge, and tried to suck my cheeks in so my mouth sealed around it, but air kept sucking in.

While the vibe rattled against the concrete floor through the carpet, and sent waves of pleasure up my body, I knew that I couldn’t take much more of that without climaxing, and I was getting closer. But, it was hard to imagine anyone taking the whole thing, it made me feel even littler, and younger.

If it was this big, and attached to a normal sized guy, then that ment I was even more petite, which means younger. Maybe even more innocent, and blissfully ignorant, but he sat back, and rubbed it hard in his pants anyway. Unzipped them, then rubbed it through his underwear. Then, he slowly pulled them down to reveal the fat head, the long shaft, and held it up for me to sit on.

“Uph phuh ah hn!” I just held on, but the suction cup un-stuck. I think I pulled it off, pried it up, and just leaned over. Put my head down, sideways so I could breathe, and feel the cold glass on my cheek. The metal edges of the corner digging into my teeshirt, and the vibrating head still buzzing steadily away under my twitching crotch.

“Hey, check this out.”

“Uh?” I turned over when she set down a computer down on the coffee table. Not her laptop, another one I hadn’t seen before, but she had a video playing. Full screen, and I checked the corner to read the LegaLPorno logo. LegaL in red, and Porno in white, but both Ls capitalized, and the girl bent over the back of a white couch.

Another girl behind her, gripping a double dong in both hands to plunge in and out of her buss, but looking away from the camera, and opening wide. Her tongue out, and a dirty grin as she bent down, closer, and closer.

Taylor let out another dirty giggle. “You want to try that?”

“Butt licking?” I shook my head, and looked up. “What are you wearing?”

“You like it?” She turned, twisting at the waist, and crossing one knee over to shake her hips. Her bottom with lacy panties stretched over it, and ran her hands up her sides to the cups of a matching bra.

“Yeah, they look terrific on your body.”

Another giggle, she helped me up, bent over so her cleavage was right in front of my face, until I got to my feet. Then, her hands ran down my sides, and around my hips. she pulled my shirt up, and slipped her hands inside my pajama pants. Slowly rubbing her bra cups back and forth over my chest, I guess I closed my eyes, because I didn’t even see her bend down to kiss me.

“Smooch,” she pulled out my pants, and pushed them down over my underpants. “Get on the bed.”

“Okay,” I backed up, hardly believeing this was really happening, but also excited, and feeling so lucky.

She giggled, and I was starting to love that sound. Her sexy dirty little giggles, but she shook her head when I sat down.

“No, turn around, and bend over.” She bent to pick up the vibe, and pull out the cord. The dildo, and looked back, with a dirty grin on her hot flushed face. “You’re such a bottom. Pull down your panties.”

“Okay,” I was a little nervous, since she showed me what she wanted to do, with that. “I don’t know if that’s going to fit.”

“Sh.” She just held my hips, and stuck her thumbs in my buttocks. Gripped them, and kissed the base of my spine.

“Huh, that’s so dirty?”

“Hahl!” Her breath was hot, but her tongue felt wet. Lapping up, but licking lower, and lower, until her nose was running down my crack, and she touched my pucker with the tick of her tongue. She giggled. “Not too dirty,” then she licked it. With her tongue flat, she rubbed it up, and down, then up to dig the tip in, and wiggle it around.

“Uh, fuck that feels good. Oh so good, I love it. God, I had no idea you’re a dirty ass licker.”

“Smooch.” She kissed it. “Well, you never asked, but that’s just foreplay to get it wet.”

She let go of one side, then ran her fingers up and down the crack, and pushed it like a button.

“Uh, you’re not think that, ihn!” I just pulled my elbows back. So, I could put my head down, and turn it on my shoulders. My butt up in the air, and spread even more so she could rub it with her fingers. “Siph!” I sucked drool out of the corner of my mouth. licked my lips, and shook my head. “That dong’ll never fit?”

“I bet it will. You’d be surprised how much it stretches.” She stopped rubbing it so I could open my eyes, and twist to look back. She stuck them in her mouth, to get them wet, then grinned, and licked up my crack again. “I’ll just have to loosen you up with my fingers.”

“Uh!” My eyes slammed shut, when she stuck them up between my legs, and rubbed my cunt. “Huh yeah. Stick them inH!” My eyes flew open, and my mouth, but I couldn’t breathe, well enough to finish that. In my pussy, not my ass, but then they pushed the breath right out of me, so she could go back down to eating out my ass. “U!” U managed to suck in a gasp when her fingers pulled back out, then jammed back in. “Uh!” She crossed them, and twisted them to literally screw me. “Ah ahn!” Then the popped back out, and I just tried to catch my breath.

“Smuip!” I looked back, but she sucked her pinky in, and slipped it back out, slowly. Smiling, so it broke the seal, and sucked in through her teeth. “You ready?” She slipped it up, my taint, and I took a deep breath. Closed my eyes, and braced myself for the dirty penetration.


“Relax, try not to tense up. I can’t loosen it up if you don’t relax.” She rubbed the small of my back, and wiggled the tip in deeper, and deeper. I managed to relax, and let her work in a knuckle, then another, and another. Slowly, just wiggling it, until her knuckles bumped my butt cheeks, and she couldn’t push it in any deeper.

“Uh, huh more. You can give me more uh!” I slammed shut, and puckered. “Hm!” Reached out blindly, and turned my head over to find her aunt’s pillow.

She pushed my hip, gently. “Lay down on your side, and pull your leg up, here.” I held my knee, then hugged it, and moaned out loud, as her fingers wiggled inside me. Front and back, double penetrating me. With both hands, so she could pull some out, and push others in.

“Oh auh ah ahN!” I didn’t even feel close, but before long, another climax snuck up behind me, and hit me like a dodgeball to the back of my head. “Ah Ah Ah AH!” She pulled all her fingers out, and just slipped her tongue back and forth. Sideways like that, so she could swing it flat between her teeth. Back and forth across my taint to my fuckholes on either end and wiggle them in, until the spasms dies down, and I could start to catch my breath.

“Wheugh!” I rolled back on my back, and she climbed up on top of me. Naked, she pulled my shirt up to rub her breasts on my panting tummy, then she kissed me again. Forced her tongue in to wiggle, and swirl around in my mouth.

“Smooch!” She wiped my mouth, and I blinked, to see her eyes, staring into mine. “You ready for the real thing?”

“Huh, yeah.” I rubbed her bare back, and felt down it to her surprisingly firm buttocks.

“Good,” she got up. “She’s all yours, boys.”

“Huh?” I sat up, but her brothers were already there. With naked except for rubbers stretched over their hard cocks. “Oh!”

She smiled, and nodded. Picking up the sex toys, and leaning back on the coffee table. So, she could hold the massager head to the suction cup sticking out between her legs.

Watching me get double penetrated by her brothers, and loving it. Of course, I’d seen LegaLPornos before. Not with her, but more often than not, the girls just got out the toys to loosen each other up for when the men came in to fuck them in every hole.

At least they were boys, so neither one of them was as big as that fucking thing.

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