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The Janus Club (part 2)

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Mrs.Collins and the The Janus Clubs own Brothel.

From the outside, the Janus Club looked like a very neat row of four very nice houses in an upper middle class area in Randolph Mews London , but in fact it was only Number 1 and Number 7 Randolph Mews which had front doors that actually opened, Numbers 3 and 5 Randolph Mews were permanently bolted shut .
The inside of house numbers 1,3 and 5 had been altered to enable members to walk through the building and allowed them to reach house number 7 , which was the Clubs own Brothel operated by a certain Mrs Collins,who controlled her girls and the members with an iron fist.
The girls were free to leave whenever they wanted, but once a girl left they could not return. Each day there was a class for the women where they spent an hour having the latest news papers read to them so they were in a position to talk to members on events going on in London and the World in the bar of an evening.
Each afternoon they would leave the club to go shopping, visit family, stroll in the local park but always with a chaperone, so no woman was tempted to work outside the clubs brothel. Each woman had an examination every week to ensure they had not caught a disease, and the girls pay was well ,well above the average pay of a run of the mill prostitute.
The top floor of all four houses consisted of bedrooms, 5 in each house, where members could stay if it got late ,or they had consumed too much champagne or rare Scotch during the evening, or of course rather than go home to be greeted by a sleeping wife ,they could pick a girl from Mrs Collins heard, take them to a bedroom and fuck their brains out all night.
Members had rules as well, No shit or piss play in a bedroom, no man with a weeping dick was allowed to take a girl to a bedroom, and no money was to change hands, Mrs Collins would speak to the girls in the morning, find out what they had done to please the member, and then she would compare the girls report with the one the member filled in while having breakfast, grading the girls and jotting down any complaints they had with regards to the girls performance, then she would send the bill to the accounts department to be settled by the member on the 21 st of the month.
Thats side of Mrs Collins business was all fairly vanilla, the basement of number 7 Randolph Road was another story. It was in the basement that members sexual wishes no matter how unusual they were took place.
It was said that in London in 1880 one on every four women of the lower class worked as a prostitute, and in Robby and Marty Grey, who it was rumored were Mrs Collins brothers she had the perfect pair of hoodlums to bring her the type of women or girls the members requested.
They had become so well know in the Red Lion Pub in Hackney, that every night they would sit for an hour interviewing prostitutes and women who were down on their luck and just about willing to do anything who sought them out. If the brothers thought the woman was pretty enough they would explain what she would be expected to do ,if she was invited to the club for an evening.
Even a woman standing up with a horrified look on her face would suddenly stop, and sit back down again when Roddy or Marty Grey would mention the pay the woman would earn for one nights work. In 1880 the average workers yearly salary was 50 pounds a year, around 60 dollars US, so the mention of being able to earn as much as almost half a years salary in one night made even the the most horrified look on the womans face turn into a weak smile.
Members request for the basement entertainment were varied, one half of the area was an exquisite bedroom lit by candles , and always stroon with rose petals, the other half had various forms of torture and punishment instruments in it. The walls had been sound proofed with a second layer of bricks and a 12 inch layer of sand between the brick walls, and the only rule for the member or members entering the dungeon was that any woman they took with them,must be able to walk out of the place when he, or she or they had finished with her or in some cases them.
The most common request among members was for a young virgin, with a nice tight cunt and hymen for them to break . Mrs Collins golden rule was the girl had to be over 13, and the Mother had to bring the girl and wait until the member had finished with her daughter before they could leave. A lot of the members took great delight in hiring both the mother and daughter and making the mother prepare her daughter for the fucking to come.
Members would sit in a chair drinking champagne and watching a naked Mother chain her daughters wrists to a metal loop in the headboard, before sliding down her daughters belly to start licking her tight little cunt, the only lube the girl would get would be her Mothers spit. Most members enjoyed leaving the girls legs unchained, they enjoyed seeing the girls legs flaying about as their cocks split the poor girls cunt in half. The true sadistic member would make the Mother stand by the bed fucking herself with a candle and watching her daughter scream, but Mothers had been warned beforehand by Mrs.Collins not to interfere with a members enjoyment.
Mrs. Collins got to know the members tastes and how they behaved very well. Unbeknown to the members she had paid one of the workmen to stay after his colleagues had left for the night to remove a small section of the bricks in each wall and the sand between in a dark corner of the bedroom and what was now the torture chamber , and she had put a large tapestry over each small viewing area.
Leaving the working girls in the capable hands of her sister Anne, Mrs Collins would take a girl who was not working with her down the back stairs from her office to the basement , climb onto a small stool, slowly pull the tapastry to one side, lift her dress and petticoats up and the girl would get on here knees pull Mrs Collins pantaloons open at the crotch and lick the woman to a climax while Mrs Collins watched some poor girl or woman suffer at the hands of a member, or members.
The more the woman or girl screamed and cried the quicker Mrs Collins would reach her orgasim,covering her whores face with her love juice, grabbing the girls hair and forcing her mouth onto her cunt, she would hang onto the open brick work and bite her lip to stop herself from being heard inside the room.
Upstairs in the bar a small bell rang , Medway looked at Ashford and smiled, ” it’s that time old man he said, the auction is about to begin, lets go to the Bull Ring and watch the fun ” he said lighting a cigar and swallowing the last of his Scotch.

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