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Dreams do come True. Part 1.

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Father wants daughter and invites his father to watch. However the daughter has other ideas.

I was walking past my dads room when he called out .. ” Got a minute? ” “Sure” I said, and walked in to his room. He was standing by a set of draws. On top was an open note book. ” Now do you know what this is?” I looked and knew straight away. “It looks like my note book dad. Where did you find it? ” Found it in the car when I was cleaning it out. ” Dad was standing behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck, and each time he lent forward his chest was in my back.

I went to pick up the note book when dad said, ” Oh no, no, no … ” his hand went over mine, I pulled it away and dad opened the note book . ” Now start reading from the top. ” ” Dad I don’t want to, please don’t make me. ” I could feel my dads breath on my neck, then in my ear. He started kissing my ear and then bit my lobe. My pussy started to pulsate, I was loving this.

Dad whispered again ” read to me from the top “. I looked at the page and started to read… Dear Diary, another morning and I woke to a drenched pusy again. I can’t stop thinking about dad’s big cock. I loved seeing how hard he was the other day. Even though he was fully clothed, I could still see that his cock was a monster hard on. I stared at it wishing that dad would see me .. I wanted dad to grab me and start ripping my clothes off. I wanted to feel his teeth in my neck and his tongue inside my mouth. ” oh little girl, today you are going to have all your wishes come true. Daddy’s taking you to bed. ” He turned me around. My arms automatically went around his neck and I pressed myself into him. His arm scooped me up and he carried me to bed, laying me down gently.

As I looked up at him, his hands went to his pants and he undid his belt and unzipped his pants. As he pulled them down I saw that his cock went right across passed his hip. He was stretching his underpants and his cock had leaked pre-cum. All the time dad was looking into my eyes.

He stretched out his hand and pulled me up so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He lent forward and lifted my tee shirt off and over my head. I had no bras on so he seen my titties quiver. He put my nipples between his fingers and started rolling them. I cried out with excitement. Dad pushed me back down on my back and he spread my legs open. ” Oh look at you. Your little cunt is glistening. Do you like being fucked my little sweetheart? ” “Daddy I have never been fucked before, I am still a virgin. ” “Oh my god, well your body is telling me you are wanting to be fucked. I will take it easy on you. I will make love to you the way a man loves a woman. I am going to make you my woman. You and daddy are going to be making love all the time now. This will be where you sleep from now on. I felt dads finger going up and down my slit. I could feel my juices pouring out of me. Dad leaned down and started running his tongue along my slit. His tongue would flicker as he licked my juices. ” Oh little girl, you are making daddy very, very happy.

I took my fathers face and pulled him towards me. We started to kiss and I could feel the smell and sweetness of my cum. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth and he used his tongue to circle mine. I was groaning, his lips started moving down my neck, and then he whispered ” Daddy loves you so much. ” His kisses moved to my breasts as he licked and sucked them hard. I was groaning and moving my ass around trying to hump him when I heard a noise. I stopped and froze. ” Dad I think there is someone there. ” Dad just looked at me with a little smirk on his face, the door started opening and dad turned around and sat up a little.

I looked passed dad and saw my grandfather standing there with this weird look on his face. He walked in and looked at me. ” Your dad sent me a text telling me that you are about to get a good fucking. ” he grinned and laughed. ” Are you ready to have your dad’s cock inside you? ” I was about to speak when dad blurted out. ” You haven’t heard the best bit yet .. this little girl has a cunt that is dripping wet with her juices, and the hot little bitch is still a virgin. ” ” You have hit the jackpot son. Now let me have a little look at this wet pussy of hers. ” I felt my grandads fingers touch my clit and rub it a little. Then he lent down and sucked my clit. ” Oh god, she just pissed a little in my mouth. She is as horny as hell. Lets both have her son. ”

“Oh I don’t know dad. You need to ask her if she is willing. When she see the size of your cock I doubt she will let you near her little cunt, you might only get a blow of her. ” Grandad looked at me and unzipped his pants. “Now take this out my little horny girl. Take my cock out and have a wee play. Then decide if you want it inside you. You can also decide who goes first, me or your dad. ”
I knew straight away who I wanted. I wanted this great big rock hard cock to pound me and take my virginity. Dad could be the first to fuck my ass.

I turned to dad and said “I want grandad’s cock first .”

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