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My Deep Dark Obsession with Sex

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Everybody has an obsession with something. Weather it’s shopping or binge watching the same t.v. show for a thousand times. But for me…it’s sex.

You could say my very first awaking obession to sex started back in my 6th grade year. But really it happen in kindergarten. Who knows it could be a dream I’m taking as a reality or could have really happen to me. Apart of me wants to ask my mother about it but I feel like she would just look at me funny. But anyways this how it went….A little boy use to bully me everyday and I did not know the reason why. I was very shy back then and had a very hard time trying to make friends. So I really didn’t understand what fun it was to bully someone who hardly knows you and you hardly know them. But like the saying goes when a boy bully or picks on you alot it because they really like you.” Well I didn’t know that I till one day during movie time he came and sat by me. I was so scared that I started to think he was going to hit me now. But instead he grab my hand and hold it. The whole entire time during movie time. But whenever the movie ended he would throw my hand down and run away. As if he never was sitting by me. It confuse the hell out me because he did it every day. No movie time he bully me, and call me names. During movie time he hold my hand, cuddle me, or make me lay my head in his lap. It got to a point I had to confront him. I ask what was his deal about being so sweet and nice to me. To being mean and hurtful. He then told me that he liked me and didn’t know how to express his feelings to me. I look at him and said well if you like me then let’s be friends instead of this back and forth crap. He agree n we play like two friends should. But one day he decides to play a “different game”. One that could make us feel good. One that could make me feel REAL good.

I didn’t understand what game he had in mind but it was during recess. Now the way our playground is set up we have this rock climbing wall that faces the seats where the teachers sit. On the other side of it there a pole you can slide down and a little hiding area inside the rock climbing wall. Kind of like a cave. Even though its right in front of a classroom with a window. It barely ever gets use. So the curtain are always close. The boy take be inside the cave and starts touching on me in ways I never been touch before. My chest, butt, belly and down there. He also kisses me with tongue. Im scared and something inside me is screaming this is wrong. I dont know what he doing but its wrong. I try to push him away but he grabs my wrist real tight and pushes me back into the wall. Making my back hurt a little as well as terrified of him. Not knowing what he might do next if I resist him. My face is soaking wet from his tongue licking me as he try to gain access to the inside of my mouth. Which he ends up successing when he touches me down there again. But this time sliding his hand inside my pants. My body starts to shiver and tremble but not in im scared way. What is this feeling? I ask myself. Why does this feel so good? My mind begins to roam and I start to forget where I am and fall into the pleasure. I till he snaps me out of it by undoing his pants and whipping out his dick. He pulls my pants down some more and slide it right up against my clit. I make a noise band cover my mouth due to the shock. Did that come from me?! I look at him and I notice his smile and starts to move back and forth. My body shivering and trembling twice more than before. What is this? I’m so scared. I never felt this before. It…it feels so good. I let my hand slip from my mouth and I start making noise louder. He tells me to be quite but i can’t it feels to good. He has no choice but to cover my mouth with his lips again. Sending even more excitement inside my body. Im so lost in this unknown pleasure. Everything around me is melting I feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into the pleasure. I till im save by a voice in the back of my head you must stop this! I open my eyes and push him back. So hard that he ends out into the open where he could be seen. I quickly fix myself and climb the pole up to the top. I hear him cussing in the back ground and saying what you do that for. I tell him somebody is coming. We look all around and there nobody.

Baby come back down here and let’s continue he yells at me. No! Somebody is coming I can feel it in my body. Aint nobody coming. Don’t you want to feel good again he asks me while grabbing his deck and shaking it at me. I hesitate for a second and decide if I should go with my gut or with the unknown pleasure I just experience. I swallow and was about to slide back down when I heard a scream. We both jump and look to see another girl screaming at what she saw. She quickly runs away and he starts fixing his pants cussing up a storm. I let a sigh of relief. To cut the ending short we both got call the the principal office. I end up telling all that happen because I was scared of what my mother might do. Also, I can’t fully remember how it went in the office as well as my mother face expression when she found out. All I can remember is that happening to me, we got caught and I was the only one who got to go back to school. He was never to be seen again. I couldn’t tell you what he look like at all. Nor remember his name but one thing he did make me remember was the unknown pleasure he gave me. He had awoken something deep inside me. I wanted to feel the tingling sensation again. Which lead to many more sexual experiences down the road. But thats for the next chapter of my story. Stay tune if you have become interested in this. 😉

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