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Trucker Bomb

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I was on the swings, just about high enough to jump off when Cally ran up.

“Get out of the way!” I waved, but that made the chains twist, and I missed my shot. So, I put my feet down to catch the ground, and ran out. I tripped at the top of the trench under the swing, and almost fell, but then she caught up.

“Hey, David?” She just held her phone in both hands in front of her.

“Yeah, what?”

She came over, and bend down to whisper in my ear. ‘how come your dad always pees in public?’

“What? I don’t know, and what do you mean always?” I looked over at the bench, and he was already throwing out a water bottle, but it didn’t look like Mountain Dew. It was too dark, and foamy on top. It looked more like beer, but he just dropped it in the trashcan, and headed back to the car.

“Whenever you bring your sister to the park.” She held up her phone, and showed me. A picture of my dad’s knees, but between his legs, I could see it peeking out of the bottom of his shorts.

“Put that away,” I pushed it up so she held it over her chest. Looking around, I couldn’t believe it. In spite of all evidence, I sure wasn’t digging around in the trash for the trucker bomb. “How did you even get to take that photo in the first place?” Without him seeing her.

“He told me to take a picture, it’ll last longer.” he said that all the time, when someone was staring at mom, but they never actually did. “So, I did.”

“You’re not going to send that to the police.”

“No, why? You think I should?”

“No, of course not.” I don’t want him getting arrested for indecent exposure, but the only time he ever did that before was on the road. On a long road trip, he didn’t want to stop off at a rest area. So, he just had mom look out for him, and throw it out the window. “Well, if you really want to know, maybe I can ask him later, and call you when we get home?”

“Yeah!” She pulled a pen out of her purse, and dropped the phone in. So, she had both hands to hold mine up, and write it on the sleeve.

“Brooke? Come on.” I went to get my sister from the slides, and held her hand on the way back to the car. “It’s time to go.”

Dad saw us coming, and looked down. Fixing his pants before we got there, but when I opened up the back door, I looked. Sure enough, I saw his boner when he was tucking in his shirt, but then Brooke got in her car seat.

So, I got in, and helped her with the straps before I closed the door, and buckled up. Then, I tried to think of some way to ask him what he thought he was doing, but with my little sister there. Okay, that’s a good excuse, but at the same time, I was a little messed up in the head.

For one thing, I knew how I’d feel if some stranger flashed her at the park, and then went back to the car to beat off. It’s just that he’s my dad, so I don’t want to believe that he’s the kind of sick freak that encourages under-age girls to take pictures of his dick. Which shouldn’t have been hanging out in the first place, but he even pulled his shorts up, on one side of his lap.

I could see the wrinkles in his shorts, and his dick head. So he could hold a bottle up between his legs, but of course it’s exactly the sort of thing he did. Only in front of mom, in the front seat where we couldn’t see, and she even kept a lookout for other drivers. That’s why it’s called a trucker bomb, and I’d seen them on the side of the road, too.

So, I guess truckers do it too, and even I did it, when he didn’t want to stop. That ment we only had to stop so mom could take Brooke into the girl’s room, but I always waited until she was asleep. Pulled a blanket or something over my lap, and unzipped my fly to fill up a bottle. As much as I could, my bladder isn’t big enough to fill up a 20 ounce.

Brooke fell asleep, as usual. Especially on the way back from the park, but I didn’t have to go. I didn’t have a bottle, or a blanket to throw over my lap, but I was changing the subject. In my head, that’s denial for you.

I didn’t want to think about my dad being, what? A child molester? He didn’t touch her, Cally I mean, but she never really talked to me before. She mostly just helped Brooke up on the swings, and pushed her since she wasn’t really good at swinging with her legs, herself.

“Always?” she said he Always peed in public. At least whenever he brought me, and Brooke to the park. She’s not my sister, Cally I mean, but then when we got home. I shook “Brooke, wake up, we’re home.”

She yawned, and stretched while I unbuckled her safety seat, but dad went right in, to leave us in the car together.

“You ever see dad peeing at the park?”

“Hm?” She nodded. “Trucker bombs.” She giggled.

“Hahaha, yeah. But not just in the car, you ever see him do that at the playground, watching girls like Cally on the bench?”

“Yeah, Cally showed me.”

“On her phone?”

“No, on the bench.” She nodded. “Let’s go play.”

“Okay, why don’t you go play in the back yard?” We didn’t have any swings, but we had a little tykes playset with a slide. She was getting a little too big for it, since she’s 7, and in 2nd grade, but then again.

I don’t really remember getting it, but I guess I stopped playing on it, when she was a toddler. I remember her bonking her head on the plastic board over the slide, on purpose. She said “Bonk,” and giggled, then lay back to slide down. Run around, and climb up the other side of the cube, but I’m avoiding the issue again.

“Huh!” She said Cally had to point it out to her. I suppose she told her it’s called a trucker bomb, and why, but then she came up to me, and took a dick pic. Of my dad, but he said “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Oh yeah,” I got her number, so I ran in to get the cordless phone off the charger, and took it in my room. Brooke was still out, running around the slide, and climbing up. Holding onto the plastic board, and hitting her head.

“Bonk.” She giggled, and slid down. So, I finished dialing, an hit the button to call her.

“Hello? Is this you, David?”

“Huh, yeah but keep your voice down.” I cupped the phone, and then realized that he couldn’t hear her. Talking about his dick over the phone. “Never mind that, but I talked to my sister, and.”

“Yeah, me too, but she said that he’s never touched her inappropriately, or any of her friends from school.”

“Huh, good.” What a relief!

“She’s probably too young, but she’s only going to get older. So, you might have to worry about it in a few years.”

“Yeah, uh. He hasn’t tried anything with you, or any of the other girls on the playground.”

“Other than flashing us? No, he just looks at you, and comments on how much you’ve grown, talking right to your chest. Until today, but then he told me to take that picture, and I know he wants to.”

She stopped, I thought to think about what to say next, but then she took a deep breath, and let it out. “Un!”

“Huh, you’re not, playing with yourself.”

“I can’t help it! I know that’s exactly what he wants, but. Is it hard?”

“Oh, uh.” I had to check. “I think it’s getting, a little chubby.”

“Well you don’t have a cell phone.”

“No, but I can’t send you naked pictures anyway. Technically that would be childporn, but how old are you? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uh, thirteen?”

“Yeah, me too.” Okay, if she’s going to lie about it, and say she’s older, then it’s only fair that I say I’m a year younger, and the same age.

“Hhuh, how big is it?”

“I don’t know,” I stopped pinching it, and let go, but it stayed straight up, and swung back and forth when I leaned over. “Let me find my ruler.” Sure enough, it was in my math book, with my protractor, but that had lines along the bottom, so I could hold it up. “Only 5 inches.” I rounded up.

“On the top, or the bottom?”

“On the top? I let it fall back down, and held it up on the other side. “Still about 5 inches on the bottom.”


“Oh yeah. Really hairy around the bottom. Not so much on top.”

“Hm, your balls too I bet.”

“Huh, yeah.” Of course.

“I bet they’re just bursting with sperm, they can’t wait to come out. Beat it, beat it loud enough so I can hear it.”

“Uh!” I held the phone down, and slapped my hip with my wrist. For the first time, really. I usually tried to keep it down, because I didn’t want anyone to catch me at it, but then again, I never had phone sex before.

If she said anything, I couldn’t hear it, but I closed my eyes, and remembered her. At the park, I know you’re supposed to ask what they’re wearing, but it’s a pretty silly question when we just saw each other and her sweater was just tight enough to make out a little bit swelling in her chest. “Huh, you wear bras?”

“Huh?” She sniffed, “Huh, yeah. A training bra, but I took it off.”

“What size?”

“Girl’s medium, 7-to-12? I’m sorry, you mind if we finish up before I go and get the tape measure from the sewing room?”

“Yeah, I think I’m getting close.” I held the phone back down, and ignored the little slip about her age. She said thirteen, so she’d sound like a teenager, but then she forgot, and told me her bra size. I guess training bras are in girl’s sizes, like medium 7-12, and 7 year olds actually wear training bras?

“Huh! Uh, shoot.” Why did I have to think about Brooke? Well, because she’s 7, and she hasn’t even lost all her baby teeth yet. It just seems so ridiculous to think that she could fit the same size as Cally, but maybe they have a small size. Calley said Medium girls, so maybe there’s a small for little little girls, who want to wear training bras. When they’ve got nothing to cover up.

“Huh, huh!” I held the phone up to my ear, and tried to listen to her breathing, but I had to cover the mouth piece, so I wasn’t blowing on it.

“Oh, uh uh uh uh uh!” She just grunted, cute little grunts like that, and about the same rhythm as the hot spurts when I just came.

“Are you.”

“Nh, not.” She had to gasp for breath. “Yet.”

“You close? You sound close.”

“Nghm! Nhn! Snh! Ooooh! God, yeah! Ohhhh! Huh! Ohhhhh!”

“Wow, it really lasts a long time.”

“HhuhHhuh! Huh? Oh yeah. Mhn! What a good one!” She giggled in my ear.

“Huh, I wish you’re here,” that’s cliche’ “Or I was over there, or we’re somewhere together, so I could hug you, and kiss you.”

“Huh, yeah. Maybe next time we’re at the park, we can run off somewhere together, to be alone.”

“Yeah, I’d like that, but I have to go wash my hands.”

“Yeah, I better go take a bath too. Call me later?”

“Of course.” I got up, and fixed my pants, but when I got out to the hall, Brooke ran in the bathroom, giggling.

I grabbed a hand towel to wipe my fingers, before she saw it. “You know what mommy, and daddy are doing right now?”

I stopped the water to listen, but I didn’t hear anything from the room. I looked down the hall, but their door was open, and the bed was still made, with nobody on it.


“Down in the basement.” She held her hands out, and pulled on an imaginary rope, with her fingers tickling invisible balls under it. “She’s topless.”

“Well,” I did just bust him in the car before he got a chance to beat off, looking at Cally. “I guess it is Thursday.”

“So?” She shook her head. “Oh, if daddy’s good all week, he gets to play with mommy’s boobies?” She rubbed her hands on her flat chest. “Who were you talking to in there?”

“Oh, you know Cally?”

“From the park?” She looked up, and then her face broke into a big grin. “Are you 2 doing it when nobody’s looking?” She made the OK sign with her fingers, and poked it to demonstrate.

“Not yet, but we’re just pretending over the phone. Wait, you go to school with her?”

“Uh huh, but she won’t talk to me there. She’s got her own friends at school, but sometimes we talk at the park.” She nodded.

I knew it, she couldn’t possibly be 13, or she would have been in middle school with me last year. Unless she got held back, but what reason would she have to be held back, when she’s so smart?

“What grade is she in?”

“Sikth?” She thought, and her tongue got stuck between her teeth, but she shook her head. “I think.” She stuck her tongue out inside the lips, but kept them closed, and felt the little point poking out.

“She ask about me, or say anything about me, at the park?”

She shook her head, “No, just daddy once. Today, she was asking me about daddy, but I don’t think she really likes him.”


She giggled, “You’re jealous!” She pointed.

“No, I’m not jealous of dad, because I don’t have anything to be jealous about.” It’s not jealousy, it’s. Something else, it feels like a dream where it’s just about to turn into a nightmare, or in a horror movie when the music changes to warn you that the slasher is about to jump out, and stab another college girl to death.

“Davy, you’re a boy.”

“I know.”

“So, how do you make a boy want to kiss you?”

“Well,” I thought, then shook my head. “You’re too young to worry about that.”

“Well, how did Cally get you to kiss her?”

“She didn’t, I didn’t get a chance to.”

“Oh,” she thought. Then, she looked up, “You know that I Kissed a Girl song?”

“Yeah, but you shouldn’t be taking pop stars like Katy Perry seriously. They’re not very good role-models, and especially that Miley Cyrus.”

“I don’t like her, she’s not like Hannah Montana at all. She’s a big fake, and she’s not even a real blonde. She wears a wig.”

“I know, but I mean the way she acts, especially the way she shows off to get boy’s attention.” Oh yeah, “And who’s this boy you want to kiss so much?”

“I don’t know.” She held her hands together, and rocked back and forth, looking away, and lying. “Maybe Bobby?”

“Bobby who?”

“Bobby Jelinek, he’s the cutest boy in school, and all the girls want to kiss his face. They told me.” She nodded, and covered up her mouth. To giggle, then she looked up, guilty. “She’s right though. I liked it.”

“You got to kiss Bobby Jelinik?”

“No, Katy Perry.”

“Wh?” It took me a second to realize she didn’t mean kissing Katy Perry, but she was back to that song. “Wait, who did you kiss?”

“Jesthika.” Her tongue slipped again. She licked the little bud again, and closed her mouth. “Smch.” She sucked it back in. “She’s getting a new tooth too.” She pulled her cheek back. “Righ heaw.”

“Huh,” I pushed her gently back, and dropped the seat on the toilet to sit down. “Okay, now you know that some girls are. Different.”

She nodded. “She’s gonna be bisexual.”

“Where did you hear about that?”

“Jethsica. She told me, it’s okay she’s bisexual.” She shook her head, “Or she’s gonna be, when she’s in high school.”

“Okay, so she didn’t try to molest you or anything.”

She thought, “Wait, you don’t think daddy.”

“No, of course not, I just had to make sure.”

“Okay, but it was just practice.” She nodded, “I’m not gonna be bisexual, I’m gonna marry Bobby, and then I’ll be miss Brooke Jelinek. You think that sounds okay?”

“I guess it sounds fine, if you want to be called that, but.” I couldn’t think about anything else to ask, so I just said. “Great talk,” got up, and patted her shoulder on the way out.

“Well, how do I get him to kiss me?”

“Well, did you ever think about asking him? You don’t have to wait for him to make a move on you. If you like him so much, then just go talk to him.”

“Oh,” she thought. “Like Cally.”

“Yeah,” I just realized that, or I needed her to point it out. “Like Cally.” I don’t know if that was the best advice, to go tell the boy she’s got a crush on to kiss her, but I guess Cally is a better role model than Katy Perry, or Miley Cyrus.

Or that Jessica. “Which one’s Jessica?” I turned back, and stopped her before she closed the door to her room.

“Oh,” she thought. “She looks like Sam.”

“Who’s Sam, her brother?”

“No, thilly. Sam on I, Carly?”

“Oh,” I don’t watch that show, or any of those old Nickelodeon shows, but I think I know the one she’s talking about. “The blond one with the wrecked hair?”

“Uh huh.”

Well, she did say to call her later, and I still had the phone in my room. So, I hit Redial.


“Hey, it’s me.”

“Oh hey. You talk to your dad?”

“No, I haven’t really gotten a chance. He did just go down to the basement to.”

“Beat off?”

“Not exactly, I’m not sure what he, and mom are doing down there, right now. I didn’t get to see it.” So, Brooke must’ve looked in the basement window, then run up here to tell me, until she heard me making phone sex with Cally. “And how the hell am I going to talk to my dad about flashing girls on the playground?”

“I don’t know? I just want him to stop.”

“I know, I get that, but he’s my dad. I don’t want him to go to jail, and I don’t want mom to divorce him, which she would if she ever found out.”

“Well, that’s no excuse for protecting him.”

“I know, but I’m just scared, okay?”

“Okay, I know, I’m sorry. You’re right, I shouldn’t blame you for him acting like that, but. Uh, I don’t know, I just don’t know what to do, and I could barely get the guts to ask you about it.”

“Oh, I talked to my sister though, and you know a girl at school named Jessica?”

“Only about a hundred of them. That’s just like Lisa, or John for boys.”

“I guess, but you know that old show I, Carly?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well, she said she looks like Sam from I, Carly.”

“Oh yeah. That’s Jesse O.”

“Jesse O?”

“Yeah, O’reiley. She’s Irish, so everyone calls her Jesse O.”

“So, how well do you know her?”

“Not really. I mean she’s in 4th grade. I think, 3rd or 4th grade?”

“Well, Brooke said she made a pass at her, and talked her into kissing her. She says she’s going to be bisexual when she grows up.”

“Oh. Well, I guess you know that’s a line, right?”

“You mean a pickup line, like that Katy Perry song?”


“I Kissed a Girl.”

“I know the song, but she said that too?”

“Yeah, so I’m a little worried about her hanging out with my sister.”

“Well, I guess she is a little like Sam. You know, a tomboy, she gets in lots of fights?”

“I never watched it.”

“So, it sounds like she might actually be gay, but she doesn’t want to say that. So, when a gay girl has the hots for you, she doesn’t come right out and say it. She puts on Katy Perry, and asks if you’ve ever felt a little bi-curious?”

“Yeah, so if you could keep an eye on her at school. Oh yeah, and do you know a boy named Bobby?”

“Uh! Could you be more specific?”

“Bobby J. Something that starts with a J. It sounded Russian, or maybe a G?”


“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“I think he’s Polish, but what about him?”

“Well, I was just wondering what kind of guy he was.”

“Uhm, I don’t know. He’s just a boy, you know?”

“I never met him myself, I was just wondering if he was the kind of boy my sister should be. Well, she said she wanted to kiss his face. Actually, that all the girls do.”

“Well, maybe the younger ones. I guess he’s cute, but he’s a 6th grader. So, he’s probably not going to be interested.” Even if he was, I just had phone sex with a 6th grader. So, I can’t really get mad at him just because she’s my little sister, and she does have a big crush on him.

“Good. Thanks, and I promise to ask my dad about. You know.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, but I’ll keep an eye on your little sis anyway.”

“I really appreciate it, but you’re right. Somebody has to do something to make him stop. I can’t wait for somebody else to do it, because that’s how guys like him get away with it for years.”

“Guys, and girls.”

“There’s girls too? Oh, of course there are, you’re just telling me about Jesse O, and how she’s been trying to get in my sister’s pants. I can’t believe I forgot that so quickly. I must still be in denial, or something.”

“Oh, well I got to go help my mom start dinner, so call me later?”

“It’s okay if I call over at your house, what if your dad picks up?”

“He won’t. I’ve got my own phone, and he respects my privacy.”

“Oh right. So, call you later then.”

“Kaybye.” She hung up.

Now, I have to say something to my dad, but what? Even though she said that I don’t, somebody has to, and I can’t tell mom, or she’ll divorce him. Maybe he’s got some childporn on his computer?

“Yeah,” I just have to ask to borrow it, for a homework project or something. Then maybe I can find something to confront him with?

Or better yet, I have an E-mail, and I know his E-mail. So maybe I can get Cally to send me that picture she took, so I can blackmail him into quitting?

I don’t know, but if anyone is in the right position, with the right knowledge of how to stop him, it’s me. “Hey mom? Where’s the computer?”

“Down in the study, plugged in probably. Why?”

“Is dad down there? Well, I’ve got this report I have to do research on, or I could go to the library instead. That’s probably a better place to do research anyhow. What’s that? It smells good.”

“Well, it’s going to be chicken, and noodles.” Chicken noodle casserole. “I can take you, but why don’t you grate the cheese for me so I can get it in the oven sooner?

“Okay, cream of mushroom?” She already had the veggies chopped up in a bowl by the cutting board.

“In the pantry.” I got out the can opener with the cheese grater, but I made sure not to forget to think about the Email. Shoot, I’m going to have to call Calley before we go , so she can send me the picture, and I can forward it as an attachment?

I don’t even know how to do that, but I guess I’ll figure it out. “Open the can for me.” I put down the block of Colby, and picked up the can opener. So she could shake it out into the sauce-pan, and could go back to grating cheese.

Where was I? Oh right, Emails…

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    wow that went no where…..worst sex story ever!! Why would you write something and not finish….I guess I better stay away from your stories…..

    • Psiberzerker

      Okay? I write them for me, but honestly, there’s no end. I suppose when you die, you stop having sex, but that’s about it. This was a beginning, and I can go on, but what’s the point after you threatened not to read any more of my stories?

      I’m satisfied with it. If you’re not, there’s plenty of other smut writers on the internet. Have a nice life…

    • Psiberzerker

      OIC, you’re looking for underage girls to solicit illegal porn pictures from, and snapchat. No wonder you’re disappointed. Say hi to Chris Hansen for me, pedo.