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My first time with a dog

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I was 13 years old and beginning to explore my sexual desires. I watched every thing I could find on the internet, until I came across zoophilla. I watched a girl and her dog have sex. Now I would hate to say it but I found quite hot and found myself touching my wet pussy. Then a thought came to my mind “What about fucking my dog?”. This would be hard to do since my family are always here but luckily they would be going away for the weekend in a couple of days. After waiting which felt like an eternity I found myself waving goodbye to them. I turned to my collie and said “we have the whole weekend together” I told him to follow me. We made it to my room and I took my clothes off and panties and got on all 4’s and waited. I waited for a bit and I thought he got uninterested so I turned around and tried to jerk him off which surprisingly worked the first time and as he penetrated my 13 year old pussy if was more painful than I thought but as it lasted longer I started to like it and he put his knot in my pussy and were now ass-to-ass he filled me with his love juices. It was warm and nice. We had sex the whole weekend him filling me up and me somewhat doing a good job sucking his doggie cock. It was awesome. Right now I am being filled with doggie cum. That weekend got me hooked to doggie sex.

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    Welcome to the bitch club my love. My first time was rape. What is rape? Unwillingly fucked. But now I am willingly fucked,and I am a man.
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    • Frank

      Oh stop it. You’re commenting on every article with a new fantasy and it’s just silly. Get a life.

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    great story

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    How old are you now

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    hot story would like to have fun with ouand your dog im 16

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      That would be hot to hear about if you ever do.

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