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How I fucked her niece

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This all started after I raped my aunt she now was scared of me and I liked that. Any she has a niece who’s I wanna say 10 but man does she have a fat ass and nice chubby boobs. I told my aunt about how I was gonna rape her niece and she begged me not to. I still did any ways one day we went over to her sisters house and I called over her niece Alondra. My aunt told her sister they should go get their nails done so they agreed and left me and Alondra alone. They would be back in 3 hours so I had time to do a lot. When they left I asked Alondra to help me with a massage she agreed after like 5 minutes I told her I was kinda sad and she needed to cheer me up. She asked how so I told her to take off her clothes so I could massage her. She hesitated at first but when she did damm I got Rock hard I started with her ass and I couldn’t resist so I shoved my cock in her tight ass she screamed begged me to stop but I was ignoring her I told her she needed to do this or else she would die. She did take my 7 inch cock in her ass but I came in less than 5 min cuz of how tight she was. I wasn’t done yet tho I saw her pussy dripping so I started shoving in the tip and she said it hurt so in one final thrust I went in and made her bleed blood of a virgin. It took her a while to enjoy it but she now is 12 and man when I tell u she’s begging to get raped again

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    Great story do part 2 man

  • Reply Nathan4886

    You should record raping her