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Hump on a Log

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Mom said “Take your sister,” and she was all “Mom?” So mom said “She needs the exercise…”

“Uh!” I was insulted. “I’m not fat.”

“What? Don’t be upset, I’m just going to see Beau.”

“Beauregard Durant?”

“Yeah, the only Beau in town?”

“Well,” I tried to think of another one, and shook my head. “What for, he’s not selling you drugs or anything.”

“No, he’s not selling drugs. He’s my boyfriend?”

“Oh.” I shook my head, “Since when?”

“Well, since. Middle school I guess. We never really talked much.”

“For boyfriend, and girlfriend?”

“He’s French.”

“He speaks English.” They all do.

“Well, he’s got other things he does with his mouth.”

My face heated up, and I guess I got a lump in my throat too, but I could guess. French kissing, I heard that’s when a boy sticks his tongue in your mouth. “There he is,” she pushed my arm, gently, and said “Try to stay out of trouble,” but then she ran up, and he caught her when she jumped. Laughing so loud I could hear her across the field, and you could practically hear the violins.

“Huh!” So, I guess it was like one of those romance movies, where the lovers haven’t seen each other for a long long time, so when they finally do. I wonder how long it’s been, she said she was talking to her friends on the phone, but she never told anyone that she had a boyfriend.

Beau, is that as in Beauty? I mean, it’s short of Beauregard, but she calls him Beau, and he’s not a beautiful boy. I guess he’d be cute, if he didn’t have that nose. It looks like it gets in the way. “Hm.” For kissing, maybe I should find a boy with a little nose to kiss?

A cute little nose, that doesn’t get in the way, and big blue eyes, but once I got to the trees. I could hear her laughing, and look around the tree to see them together. They weren’t just holding hands, he had his arm around her. Sitting next to each other on a trunk of a tree. I wondered how long that’s been there, but it still had all the bark on it, so it must not have fallen down that long ago. At least it wasn’t rotten?

Then, she got her phone out, and showed him something. Her head down on his shoulder, she kissed his cheek, and his neck. Her hand wandered down his shirt, and stopped between his legs.

“Huh!?” Someone pushed me.

“You just gonna watch?”

“Uh,” I turned around, and backed up. “Who’re you, and what’re you doing back here?”

“Well, I saw you peeking in the trees.” I looked back, but they were pretty far away. If they heard us talking then, they were too busy making out, but my sister got his zipper open, and her fingers inside it. “I was just wondering what was so interesting.”

He was a stranger, but about my age. Maybe a little older, and a little taller. He didn’t say his name, and then he just started walking off.

“Uh, I’m.” I almost said my name, and then I tried to think of a good one to tell him, because I didn’t want him to know my real name, or where I lived.

“Getting a little hot, watching the teenagers making out?”

I shook my head, until I felt it. It wasn’t hot, under the shade. What little shade was left from the leaves falling, but somebody had raked them up under the rest of the trees. Or maybe they just blew back there, but he was only a few steps away, and I looked up, at his face.

That’s not a big nose. I nodded, and closed my mouth, but all of a sudden, I think I want his tongue in there.

“Looking at porn.” He said as much to himself, watching them around the tree, he touched himself. His crotch, and I realized that he was getting hard. Looking at my sister, and ignoring me.

“Huh,” I looked down when he looked back. “Maybe, a little.” I looked back up, but he shook his head. “Huh, you know, hot?”

He grinned. “Yeah, you’re sister’s hot, too.” Of course, he figured we’re big sister, and little sister, because we showed up together, and I look kinda like her, only younger. “But she’s got a boyfriend.”

“I don’t. Uh.” I looked around, “You know somewhere, around here where maybe I could get out of these hot clothes, and nobody else could see it.”

He looking me up, and down, and untucked his shirt. Pulled it out to hide his boner, but he said “Yeah, all right.”

It turns out that wasn’t the only tree down in the woods, but we had to walk quite a ways, and this one was farther back, through the leaves. I was nervous, so I tried to talk over it. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m a virgin, so don’t hurt me?”

“It’s okay,” he put his arm around me, and patted my bottom, “I’ll be gentle.”

I can’t believe I’m running off with some boy I just met, to do it in the woods, but I had some Idea, how it would go. That goes in there, but first you have to take off your clothes. “This looks like a pretty good spot.” I looked around, but the log was older.

Most of the bark had fallen off, and I knocked on the wood, but it didn’t smell rotten. He gave my butt cheek a little squeeze, and came around front. Touched my hips, and sat down on the log. Pulling me in, and feeling up my skirt. It was a long skirt, because it was December, but it didn’t feel like it.

It felt hot, I was burning up on the inside, and finding out why it’s called In Heat. “Let me unbutton this.” He let go of my butt, and felt up my sides to my chest. I giggled, and shook my hips to get the skirt down over my butt.

“Nice, not too big.” He couldn’t really get 2 handfulls of my bra to squeeze. Well, training bra, but as soon as I got my skirt down, he pulled out my shirt, and felt up inside it.

“Huh, your hands are cold!”

“Oh, but your body is so hot, they’ll warm up, I promise.” I nodded, and unbuttoned the top. It was just a 3 button pullover, so I got those open, and pulled it off. He felt up my back, looking for the hooks, and I had to pull it out, and off. “It doesn’t unhook.”

He looked up, but he had this expression on his face, it was really red, and then he pulled me in again. This time, he wiped his face on my chest, and pressed his nose in one side, feeling around with his tongue until he found my nipple, and kissed it.

“Huh!” It got hard right away, and he sucked it, but that just reminded me of the elephant in his pants. I stuck my hands down between out legs. He had his spread wide open, and his shirt untucked, so I had to pull it up, but he just turned, and licked around the other side. To find my nipple, kiss, and suck it hard too.

“Oh,” I found it, “Huh, it doesn’t feel too big.” Better not let him think I’m making fun of his penis size, “Because if it was too big, I don’t know if I could take it.”

“Why don’t you get it out, and see?”

“Your shirt’s in the way.” I pulled it up, and he let go of me to hold his arms up, so I could take it off. Then, he went right for his pants, got them open, and pulled his underwear out.

“Huh!” He grabbed my hands when I stuck them in there. “Cold.”

I giggled, when his little pouch wrinkled up tight, so I could feel his balls.

“Well, it’s nice and warm in your pants.”

“I bet it’s nice and warm in your mouth, too.” He just felt up my arms, and gently pulled my shoulders, but I knew what I had to do. Boys like it when you suck it, and he did just suck my nipples so good, so I held it out.

He stuck his thumbs in the waistband, and pulled his nuts out to hold it down. It wasn’t that big, maybe a little bigger then my thumbs, but it was hard. Pale, and a little softer on the tip. When I stuck my tongue out, and kind of poked it with my tongue. Then, I sucked it back in to rub the roof of my mouth, but it didn’t taste bad.

A little salty, so I licked it, and then I let it stick up in his furry crotch, and went down to kiss his balls.

“Huh, you sure you never done this before?” I nodded, but stuck my tongue out, and licked it all the way to the top. “You’re a natural.”

What’s to learn? It’s a penis, you lick it, and stick it in your mouth. “Suck it.”

“Smup!” A little air leaked in the corners when he ran his hands though my hair, and guided it back down. So, I tried to make an O with my mouth, and that made my cheeks suck in, and puff out loose when he pushed me back down. So, my nose brushed his pubes. “Snh!”

Oh, wow. That smell, it’s such a sexy boy smell, it made my head spin. So, I tried to get a sniff, each and ever time. it slit up and down my tongue, so I rolled it up like a U to rub it too.

“Huh, here it comes.” He just sighed, and held my head down.

“Snh, hn. Snh! Hng! Gln!” I swallowed, and that just made my tongue rub under it, so it bulged, and blew another shot in my mouth. Then it went soft.

“Smuip!” I let it flop down on his balls, and wiped my mouth. “What’s wrong?”

“Huh,” his grin went away, and he shook his head. “I finished?” He pulled his underwear up, and dried it. “But I’m not selfish, and maybe if you let me finger you, I can get it up again.”

“Okay,” I can definitely se how cum hungry cock sluts can get addicted to that.

“Here,” he picked me up, and turned around. “Lay down.” He puled his pants up, and buttoned them though. The log was hard on my back, but then he rubbed between my legs, and I arched my back. “Oh!” Squirmed, and he put a hand on my chest, but not to steady it. He found my nipple again, and it dried off, but he pinched it gently, and his fingers pinched the crotch.

Pulled it out of the way so he could stick his fingers in, and feel around. “You’re not wet?”

“No,” I got an idea, and pulled the sides down my hips. “But maybe if you kissed it like a lesbian, that would help.”

“Okay,” he grinned, “Yeah.” I had to put my feet down to get them out from under my butt, but he helped me pull them off my legs, and he even smelled them.

“What do they smell like?”

He put them down over my nose, so I could sniff them, but I shook my head. “Gross.” He put them in his pocket, but then he leaned over, and stuck his nose between my legs. “Snh, huh. Well I love it.” I tried to grab his head, but his shoulders were in the way. It turns out, i didn;t have to, because then he stuck his tongue in there.

“OH!” This was even better than French kissing, I bet. “Oh god. You’re so rough!”

“I’m sorry.”

“No,” I hugged his back, “Rougher, uh HUH!” I had to hold on, and twisted sideways like that. I almost fell off, squirming, and humping his face, but I didn’t. It was kind of a thrill, in and of itself. You know how you tip back your chair, and almost fall, but you catch yourself at the last second? Well, I was almost falling off the log, and hanging on for dear life, but the longer he kept at it, the better it felt, until it was just a rush of blood all over me.

“Oh, oh god. I can’t breathe, huh! Uh!” Pounding in my ears, and these weird wonderful spasms inside me, so he stopped.

“Don’t stop AH!” He stuck his finger in me! “Uh, huh!” I swallowed, and felt my sex, gripping his finger, but I just nodded. Hard, I wanted to tell him to keep going, but he pulled out.

“Don’t stop, why’d you stop?”

“I thought you said you’re a virgin.” He held his finger up. As if to show me, I wasn’t bleeding.

“I am, or I guess I was.” I sat up. “Huh, you mean that.”

“Your cherry.”

“Yeah, I use tampons.” I don’t like the pads, they’re just uncomfortable enough when they’re dry, but then they get wet, sticky, and gross. So, I chose to use tampons to keep it inside, until I can let it out, and douche. It just goes better that way.

He just bent down, and picked up his shirt. Shook it out, but I guess that ruined the mood for me too, and besides. We both got off, and oral sex won’t make you pregnant. I’m lucky I guess, because I got so horny, if he’d wanted to shoot me full of sperm, and put a baby in me, I probably would have done it.

“Huh, thanks.” I picked up my top, and held it over my chest, shivering, but he just put on his shirt, and left. I felt more alone then I ever have in my life, but I got dressed. “Huh!” I guess he’s not boyfriend material, and what is it with popping your cherry, anyway? I guess I’m lucky that he licked me off before he found out, and why didn’t he believe me about the tampons, either?

He didn’t even kiss me goodbye. “Huh!” Did we even kiss, at all? On the lips, I’m trying to remember what that felt like. My first kiss, but it all happened so fast, did we skip it all together?

Then, I heard my sister calling. “LILI!?” She sounded scared, “This isn’t funny, so just come out.”

“I’m right here, god.”

“Oh my god, what happened?”

“What?” I felt my hair, which was a wreck. Of course, so I couldn’t help giggling. “Well, what happened to your Beau?”

“He had to go, do stuff.” She waved it off.

“Well, I got sick of waiting, so I found a boy to go have oral sex with in the woods.”

“Oh, hah ha. Very funny.”

I just stopped straightening my hair, and looked at her. Seriously, I nodded.

“Ap but,” she looked around, “What boy?” Shaking her head.

“I don’t just some pervy boy. I caught him watching you and Beau, but he got a boner. So I found another log, and sucked him off. I didn’t get his name, but he’s really good at licking pussy, so he got me off too.”

“Oh my god. You’re serious?”

“Yeah, you do it, so it’s only fair.”

“I didn’t do all that, and besides. I’m 17, and you’re not even 13 yet.”


“So, I didn’t even get to 2nd base until last year, and I have a boyfriend.”

“Well, good. So you can save if for when you get married, while I go hump random boys in the woods, and be a slut.”

“Don’t say things like that, and what do you think dad’s going to think?”

“Nothing, because you’re not going to tell him that you let me run off alone, and get molested in the woods while you’re making out with your boyfriend.”

“Uh! I better get you home, before you find any more boys to suck off, you little whore.”

I laughed, “Virgin,” and we talked about it all the way home. “So what were you showing Beau on your phone?”

“You’re watching us?”

“Well, I saw this boy go over there to peep on you, so I guess I saw a little.”

“Huh!” She shook her head, “Well, thanks, I guess.”

“So you don’t mind him looking at other women naked to get in the mood?” Well, she’s almost 18, but you have to think, that if they’re taking their clothes off professionally, they’re at least a little older.

“Well, huh! I guess I thought that if I showed him 2 girls doing it, he might try going down on me. And he really ate you out?”

“Yeah, he really ate me out, and it was amazing!” I thought, “Well, if he likes French kissing so much, then maybe you can suggest.”

“I already tried that, but he wants me to. You really sucked him off?” She still couldn’t believe it, but I guess how wrecked my hair was when I ran out was enough proof.

“Yeah, I really sucked him off, and it’s really not that bad, once you get used to it.” I smacked my lips, and rubbed the roof of my mouth with my tongue, but I guess the aftertaste went away. I giggled, “I swallowed it, but then. He checked my virginity, and he got upset, when he couldn’t pop it.”

“How long have you been doing this stuff?”

“Oh, that was my first time.” I nodded, “Tampons.”

“Oh,” she understood that, so I didn’t even have to explain it. “I don’t know, some boys are just. Obsessed with that, I don’t really understand them any better than you.”

“Well, he didn’t say anything about me not being a natural blonde, so I guess it’s just him.” Yeah, well I got to do oral sex before she did. Almost 5 whole years before her, and she still doesn’t want to give it to get it? So, maybe she’s not the best one to ask about that.

Although, she has been French kissing, and I still haven’t gotten my first kiss from a boy yet. On the mouth, I mean, so I better make sure to try that, the next chance I get. Whenever that’ll be. I guess he was the wrong boy, but at the right place, at the right time to catch me in heat.

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