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Creaming my lil sis

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Lana laid on her brother’s bed reading while he showered she was 14 so she could Wear her pink little panties and a small shirt and not worry seeing as her parents were at a dinner party.

Lucas walked out in boxers and sat down she immediately jumped on his lap and giggled bouncing he bit his lip and grabbed her hips making her laugh as she grinded willingly she whimpered at the feeling of the hard thick feeling pressing into her young virgin cunt.

‘that feels weird lucas’ he kissed her neck pulling her shirt off smiling ‘ were gonna do some.stuff but you can tell mom or anybody or we will be in trouble’ she nodded and let him take off her panties laying down he stripped and stroked himself ‘get up and suck my dick’ she bent over sucking the tip with her little ass in the air while lucas fingered her tight small hole..

‘lucas my princess parts feel good’ he pulled his finger out and sucked on it ‘ its gonna feel even better down turn around and lean back on me’ with her thighs in his hand and his cock breaking her cherry she cried in pain ‘shhh and relax or moms gonna know’ she did as told and just like that she moaned being railed ‘l-lucas’ ‘oh lana your little pussy feels so good’ he grunted and closed his eyes the wet sloshing and her little ass slapping on his lap while she moaned and he grunted ‘ i habe to pee lucas move’ he rubbed her littke clit and she saoked the bed whike he pushed deeper entering her cervix spilling his seed

He pulled out and took a video as clumps of cum fell out with her bright red face as she drooled ‘m-my stomach feels so-so full’

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    What is your bra size and panty sizes and do you shave your nether region?

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    I love all this email me on [email protected] In love incest I crave it every day

  • Reply 16 yo girl

    Yessss so hot especially the last few lines reminds me of how my brother and his friend played with me when I just 6. I cried but I loved it because they would give candy.

    • The Femboy

      Hehe lucky I wished my brothers would do that to me

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      snap me at varunsodh2, i am 16 guy lol

    • Stacy

      U. Lil bad hot pussys girl

    • M. Lovdahl

      Want to be used as a breeder. Any daughters can be started as young as you were broken in