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Uncle Jim takes my virginity

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Parents away, uncle stays with over and ends up fucking a fourteen year old girl

Hey, my names Emma and I wanted to write about an experience I had with my uncle. It was when I was 14. My parents always had to leave on business trips so my uncle always came over and stayed with me while they where out. It got really weird as I got older. He was always complementing me, telling me I looked good. I thought nothing of it really. When I was 14 and my parents went on a business trip my uncle came and stayed to watch me.

That night he invited me to watch a movie in the living room. I was bored at the time so went down to the living room. I sat on the couch right next to him and he had his arm around me. My uncle and I where pretty close but it only got weird when there where some mature scenes. At one point he touched my ass while there was a kissing scene. The movie was over and I said I was going to go to sleep as it was pretty late. My uncle told me to sleep in the guest room with him. There was two twin beds in the guest room so I said sure. I got into my pajamas in my room and then went to the guest room where I saw my uncle sitting on the bed. He asked me if I enjoyed the movie once I walked into the room. I said it was good. He then asked me if I liked the sex scenes. I said sort of. He then told me to sit next to him on the bed. He said that we could create those scenes. I was weirded out by it but he said we didn’t have to do if I was uncomfortable with it. I said that it was okay and it doesn’t matter.

He quickly pushed me on my back and started kissing all over my neck and face. He slid my shorts off and pulled up my shirt. I tried to get up but he held me by my wrists over my head and kept me on the bed. He told me to relax. I was squirming and moving a lot. He told me to stop and I needed to relax. He started to suck on my nipples. He was still holding my wrists above my head with a very firm and strong grip. He moved down to my underwear and told me to keep my hands above my head. I did as I was told. He slid my underwear off and he started licking my pussy. I let a soft Moan out and squirmed a little. He told me again to relax. He kept going and I was moaning and breathing heavily. I never felt this before and it kind of felt good. He stopped and then told me it was my turn. I said for what? He proceeded to take his belt off and unzip his jeans. He pulled down his jeans. I saw his dick hanging out and it was quite large. He told me to kiss it. I sat up and kissed his dick gently. He told me I was a good girl. He then said open your mouth. I did and he slowly put his dick inside my mouth. He told me to keep my mouth open as he moved in and back out over and over again. He told me to get off the bed and go on my knees. I did as I was told and got onto the floor, the back of my head presses against the bed. He told me to open my mouth and then proceeded to go in and back out. He then pushed his dick farther into my mouth. I was gagging and trying to move but he held my head as he forcefully fucked my throat. He took his dick out and asked me if I was okay. I had tears welling up in my eyes. Before I could say anything, he rammed his dick into my throat again making me gag and squirm. He was grunting and holding my head in place as he kept shoving his dick down my throat. He took it out and said good girl and picked me up and placed me on the bed. I asked him what he was going to do and he said, “You uncle is now going to take your virginity sweetheart.” I was laying on my back and he spread my legs open. He spit on my pussy and told me to relax and stay calm.

He held his dick in his hand and rubbed it against my pussy. He put the tip in and then one of his hands went around my neck. He pushed more in and I moaned loudly. He then took it out and then rammed his whole dick inside me. I screamed and tears started strolling down my cheeks. He fucked me hard and I was crying and moaning as it kind of hurt but as time went on it started to feel good. I moaned loudly and he held my neck tightly. He took his dick out and flipped me over. He spread my ass and began to lick my asshole. He said, “I can’t wait to take you in the ass next time.” He then pushed his dick inside my Pussy again. I was moaning and trying to enjoy it. He then took his dick out and white sticky stuff went all over the bed and my ass. He said that I was a good girl and gave me a good night kiss. I laid next to him in the small twin bed naked for the rest of the night.

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  • Reply Ol easy

    Great story i can relate to it. Only i never pull out.

  • Reply David Kenya

    Emma ur number??

  • Reply anonymously

    What are your bra and panty sizes and do you save your nether region?

    • Emma

      I currently do shave down there and my bra size is a 32 a

  • Reply David kenya

    U make hard Emma I will like to fuck you

  • Reply Just this once

    Nice story. Good to read a story with punctuation, good grammar and spelling. Hope to see a part 2

    • Emma

      Glad you enjoyed the story. Maybe I will write a part 2!