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My Deep Dark Obsession with Sex 3

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Hello my obsession fan lovers. Lol Do you know what makes a person obsessed wit something? By learning and studying it. Like me wit sex.

Now that I know what the true meaning of sex is and that it should.only been done when your married. I kind of stop my desire of doing or having sexual things done to me. Beside I had bigger things to worry about. Middle school. Making new friends as well as coping with being at the bottom of the food chain again. It was going pretty good intill a boy ask me out. But I turn him down because I saw him nothing more than as a friend. Another boy ask me out but I had feelings for this one. But I remember my mother told.me to i couldn’t have boyfriend intill I was 16. So sadly I had to turn him down. Plus I didn’t actually feel ready to start dating at such a young age. Then 7th grade hit. Things change even more. My friends got split into a different team. Only had two of my.friends on the same team as me. Made some more new friends. Had a crush on a tall mix boy who i felt didnt like me in that. But his short white friend liked.me but I didnt. Every now and then they would try to sneak peeks at my boobs. I have really big boobs. I was a C cup back then and have always been since I first got measure. My mother says I must have gotten it from my daddy side. Which by the way isn’t in my life. Now as for my mother I got my hips,thighs and ass from. As well as looking younger than what I really am. I always get people telling me I look 15 when I’m actually 21. Like its a fucking curse and a blessing at the same damn time! Dont get it twisted though. Im not a fine fox babe. I also have a little some what of a stomach. People say im just thick and they still smash. But i don’t really.love.my body. It could be better. Anyways back to the story.

One day in math class a girl im kind of friends with i guess you can say. Started talking about sex and how girls have holes that guys put their dicks into. Now this is where the sad part comes in because im fucking 13 years old and never knew anything about a fucking hole being down there. I have never dare to explore the wonders of my body to know what all I had. Just been rolling wit it. Apparently I wasn’t the only one because another girl was in a shock about not knowing girls had holes. But admitted to the group which looked at her like she was dumb. Me on the other had play it cool. But she keep explaining bout it and I was so interested and just had to learn more bout this. She told me I could look it up on the internet. That there a website I could to learn about it. Now wit me being a pre-teen im all about the internet. I love reading my manga books and watching anime when I can. Now before you say anything the answer is yes! I’m a black girl who loves to read manga and watch anime. My first love for it started back in the 5th grade when I read Inuyasha. For some reason its hard for some people to believe black girls like that kind of stuff. But I do.

My start for learning more about sex began one day when I was over my Aunt house. Everybody was either out or chilling in their rooms. I was reading my magna book and I start to remember the conversation that happen at school. But I didnt start looking on the website she gave me. No my knowledge started through manga. The website i was on has different genre of which kinds of manga books I want to read. I have always been a romantic and comedy type of girl. But I began to research what all the other ones meant. Some I knew of course by heart. Like horror, action, supernatural and etc. But the others like smut, adult, Yuri, you and even hentai. I began to click on those and my mind was open to a whole new world. The smut and hentai I became super fucking glue to. It was way better than romance!! It had sex scenes and they were very detail. To see two people so deeply involved in each other sent shivers of excitement up and down my entire body. I was becoming so lost in their pleasure that I didn’t even notices the wetness in my panties. To known that I could still feel the feeling without having to touch anybody or them touch me turned me more than anything.

I became so addicted that eveeytime I got on the internet to read manga it was only the dirty smut and hentai manga. I even started watching my first porn video. Which was a mix emotion experinces for.me. because i was so amazed at all the options I could choose from. As well as overwhelmed with what to choose to be my first good video. So I just pick one and boy did it leave me feeling mad, impatient and cracking up. The man would keep asking the lady if she wanted his dick inside her like 20 times. And the lady would always tell him yes i want it and he just stand there strocking his big hard dick on her clit or in his hand. It made me so damn mad. Like why all the fucking teasing man?! Which I begain to understand that porn was meant to be drag out long to keep the viewers . Dont get me wrong im down for a good teasing but not that damn long! I was already going crazy to see them fuck like crazy. When they did it was all over the place which I didn’t mind. But they then move to a small table that had a hole in the middle. He got underneath and slide his dick in the hole. The girl climb on top of the table and slide the rest of his dick inside her. They start fucking and i am confuse on how this is feeling good to them. It looks like his dick is barely inside of her. And it doesn’t stop there!! The table moves around so he literally.fucking her from below while turning the table around and im just so lost that I laugh and cut off. But I dont stop there with my exploring. I find another video and it better than the first but I had to cut it off cause a family.member came home. But boy let me tell you my summer was full of dirty researching that when 8th grade rolled around I was a new person. I no longer had my.mind on school and friends. I mean i still focus on my school work and talk to my friends but the thought of sex was on my mind 95% of the time. No matter where I was school, church, home, bathroom, family gatherings, the car or out in public. I couldnt help but to fantasize about getting fuck and doing lots of naughty things. I had it really bad when I was at school or church. I get lost in my head and imagine the crush I like coming up to me, kissing and touching me. Exploring all over my body, exposing me to those around us and fucking my brains out till I didnt care who look at us. Sometimes I had to snap out it because I was afraid if I got up my seat would be soaking wet and to it became hard to remember what my teacher was teaching us. But even though I was having all these dirty day dreams. I made a vow to not give my virginity to anybody. As much of a little naughty girl I have become I still was a big romantic and wanted my first time to be very special. I didnt want to be one of those girls who date for a day or a week and already kiss, touch and gave up something special that only last for a short time. So you may wonder what did I do to release.all.my pent up sexual frustration?Because oh believe baby I had a bunch back in my 8th grade year. That my friends is for the very next chapter. My experiences with masturbation. So if your really.loving my story so far please stay tune. Goodnight folks.

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