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Middle school glory holes

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The janitor haves fun with little annie in the schools bathroom

annie sat on the closed toilet seat staring at the hole cut in the girls wall with the words Glory hole, the 12 year older was confused and got startled when the janitor walked in “anybody in here” she put her feet up holding her breath unfortunately for her the janitor had seen her little mary janes and locked the door walked into the stall next to her dropping his pants sticking his hard 7inch cock annie gasped it was thick white and veiny with a mushroom tip that was pink and sticky “mr-mr janitor?” she spoke he smirked he knew her as the little dark skin beautie with the curly puffs and heart shaped ass with 34b cups.

” how about you suck on my cock annie and ill take you back to my office and we’ll have some fun” she frowned ” your gonna stick it in me the girl and guy in the video? ” he furrowed his eyebrows “hmm?” ” uh jake showed me a video in class of this guy sticking it in this girl” she chuckled has it cock twitched pre cum falling on the floor “mhm your beautiful too me now suck my cock annie” she grabbed it making him grunt as she slowly let it down her throat.

No gag reflex Gary thought as she bobbed like a pro he gripped the top of the stall and groaned as her little hands tickled his ball sad that was hanging through “fuck my little black beautie” she pulled away as she swallowed his bitter sticky jizz in an instance she was laid on the sink and he kissed her making her accept his tongue down her throat “its gonna hurt alot but take it and shut up okay” he slowly pushed inside of her covering her mouth muffling her cries.

He gave her slow strokes grunting “tight little got cunt your soaking i know your enjoying it” he rammed into her not carrying stuffing a rag in her mouth as he gripped her thighs he lifted her school shirt sucking her dark nipples hard and rough as she moaned now enjoying being fucked.

He froze up and she moaned feeling warmness in her stomach he pulled out making cum drop on the floor he shot blanks anyways so he filled any girl he fucked up with his hot goey jizz.

he cleaned her and let her go as she left and limped.

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  • Reply baddad

    Hi baby girl I sure would like to try out some of that sweet pussy kik sobad4udad

  • Reply Allison

    Sounds like my experience in 7th grade.
    It was a student aid getting school experience for his teaching certificate.

    I was last in the class to leave. He pulled me down to sit on his lap. I could feel his hard penis under my skirt.
    He kissed me on my neck and whispered he saw my panties during class.

    He told me he wanted to see it and lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. He ran his finger against my slit. I let out a little moan.
    He then had me sit on the desk and licked my pussy. He had me squirming and said I was. Ready.

    He then lowered his pants and underwear I saw how hard he was. He placed it against my pussy and said not to scream. He pushed in a little the waited a minute the pushed himself all the way in me. Just as I was going to scream he stuffed my panties in my mouth
    I was just enjoying it when he came in me.


      How old are you now days Allison?

    • Lurker

      How slutty did you become afterwards?

    • Cumgulper

      Just because a person can recall memories of an incident whether they were fund memories or not doesn’t make her a slut.

    • Allison

      Reply to questions
      I’m 16 now
      I basically turned into a big slut
      I don’t know how many guys fuck me.
      Had 2 miscarriages