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I’m in trouble and I have to find a way to keep it from my husband

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On the Friday night before new years I was at a bachelorette party

I married my husband when I was 19 he was 23. Last Aug. we started trying to start a family and so far nothing. My husband is a state trooper and also very much religious to the point he wouldn’t say shit if his mouth was full of it. I wasn’t raised going to church so before we married I had to join his church. I can’t say that I believe all the crap they feed us in church but that’s me I guess.
I work in a office with 32 other women where most are around my age and half are married with the other half, well lets just say they are looking. There’s one lady I’ve become very good friends with and is getting married on the last Saturday in Jan. I’m not in the bridal party but my husband and me will be there as guess.
The Friday night before new years I was invited to her bachelorette party and with my husband gone for a week snowmobiling in the mountains plus never have been to one of these parties, not having one myself I went. Well it was in a small hall that they had rented with a DJ and a full bar with bartender. We all had gifts for the bride to be and I give her a garter belt with stockings, very sexy I know my husband loves when I wear them.
I felt light headed with a couple drinks in me when a male stripper showed up and all I remember was not believing a man could have a cock 3 times bigger than my husband’s hard when it was soft. I kind of passed out or just can’t remember what happened as it turned out all of our drinks were spiked. All I know was waking up at home still wearing my dress but nothing else. No bra or panties and very sore between my legs with something crested around my mouth and vagina. there were markers on my B cup breasts and my nipples were bruised as well. I thought about calling the police when One of the other guess at the party call me telling me to check my e-mail. She was crying saying we all did very bad things last night.
I turned on my lap top and opened my e-mail and there was not only pictures but video as well. There wasn’t only 1 black stripper there but at least 6 if not more black men there and all were huge between their legs. There were pictures of all of us doing all kinds of things we shouldn’t had been doing with pictures of me with one of those black cocks half way down my throat, I can deep throat my husband no problem but that thing would’ve been in one of my lungs. Other pictures had me riding these huge black men and I sure didn’t see any condoms being used. When I opened the videos, in one I was doing my best to deep throat what had to of been a foot long cock as one of the others was fucking me. I could hear the girls telling me to suck that cock and others telling me to swallow his cum. Well I may deep throat my husband but I never swallow. In the next video it showed a huge black cock being pulled out of me with a huge gush of cum following it out. I’ve never had sex with a women in my life but Tammy who was filled with cum sat on my face as she put her head between my still wide open legs and me bucking my hips into her face was I came and cum dripping into my mouth as I licked her out making her cum in my open mouth.
I ran to the bathroom and threw up before checking the rest of the e-mails which said if we reported any of what happened that the videos would be put on line for everyone to see. I placed everything in a folder so my husband wouldn’t see it and had a very long hot bath trying to wash what I had seen out of my mind. I just wondered if I was the only one who was fertile at that party.
Well two weeks later and my period didn’t come so I used one of my home testers this morning and it said that I’m 3 weeks pregnant which would mean I got pregnant from that party. In this state they have outlawed abortion and no matter you get pregnant you can’t get one. I can’t travel without my husband finding out. I guess I will have to tell him what happened and just live with what happens. He knew of the party and told me NOT to go so I think he will kick me out of the door and divorce me, I’m sure that’s what’s going to happen. The thing is when I’m home alone I watch those videos and I see me coming like I never do with my husband and at times I have even masturbated to them. I think I would like to try having sex with one of those men again when I wasn’t drugged.

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  • Reply 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

    Men have a sixth sense to detect danger in this sort of things and your husband did ask you NOT to go, so I’m expecting him to not be very forgiving , even if you say you had your drinks spiked.

    Unfortunately women call us controlling and misogynistic if we ask them to NOT go somewhere and they do it anyway and then cry if something bad happens ( usually blaming the partner that warned her to NOT GO for it).

    But hey, you’re a modern woman, you went to the party even against your husband wishes, you didn’t need him to tell you what to do…

    Now he has the chance of finding a new woman that actually respects him, trusts him and will pay heed when he tells her to not do something…

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:sdm6k52qzfv

    Arrange for one of the black men to come to your house, breaking tire, husband up and rape you. Making husband watch. Problem solved

  • Reply Sled gang ID:1fjgjo7ik09

    Either get an abortion and move on or pray for a fuckin’ miracle, you’re gonna need it when he finds out.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Wow! Your husband’s face will be a picture when you push out that black rape baby!! Hope all those cunts at that fucking church you go to find out about it. My, you’re in for some serious abuse!

  • Reply West ID:153l99l1d9d

    That’s a really hot story can’t wait for part 2

    Do you have a kik to contact you

  • Reply Blacknight ID:1dz0pangopy3

    Black dick ..we never disappoint

  • Reply West ID:153l99l1d9d

    Great story do you have a way to contact you like kik or something?