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Kidnapped mother and daughter

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A mother and her virgin daughter, kidnapped, trained and sold

“Ladies and Gentlemen, for your pleasure this evening, we have a very special offering. Standing before you, on full display, is a mother and daughter pair. They are being auctioned together, as a pair only. You will own both of them.

The mother is thirty-three years old. As you can see, she has taken very good care of her body. Her 34-C breasts sag very little, her stomach is tight and flat, and her cunt and ass are just begging to be used. Her long blond hair and snow-white skin make her a valuable possession. However, the best part of this offering may be her not quite twelve-year-old virgin daughter. Yes, I said that she is a virgin. I personally have used my finger to go deep enough in her young cunt to verify that she is, indeed, and virgin. The coloring of her smooth skin, and her hair color show that they are indeed a mother and daughter. Her little budding breasts and her first few pubic hairs show that she is becoming a woman, right before our eyes. She has said that she had her first period, just a couple of months ago. You can own her in time to throw her a twelfth birthday party she will never forget.”

The slave auction audience of twenty-five men and three women. Laughed. “They have been broken and partly trained. They obey commands and will not talk back or fight you, but we leave it up to you to make them into whatever you desire.” The auctioneer walked over to the two naked females. who were standing on the platform. They were completely naked, except for high heel shoes, to show off their forms better and leather collars with D rings around their necks. The collars had numbers. Linda was 1124 and Monica was 1125. Their arms were behind them and tied together at the elbows, allowing their tits to be well displayed, and their feet were spread about two feet apart, giving a good look at their vulva.

“This is Linda. She is Monica’s mother. We call them 1124 and 1125, as you can see on their collars. But of course, you can rename them if you choose to.” The auctioneer gave one of Linda’s milk mounds a hard slap. She grimaced but did not otherwise react. Then he reached out with both hands, and firmly pinched her nipples. Again, she just accepted the rough treatment.

Then he turned to Monica. “Get on your knees girl.” Even with her arms tied behind her, Monica promptly fell to her knees. The auctioneer pulled his already hard cock out of his pants and put it against the young girl’s lips. “Suck my cock, Darling.” Monica opened her mouth. The auctioneer held her head and fucked her mouth for about ten seconds, while telling the audience that this was one of the percs of his job. Again, the audience laughed. Then he put himself back in his pants. Two men helped her get back up. Have you even tried to stand up when your arms were tied behind your back? If looks could kill, the look Linda gave the auctioneer, would have him dead on the floor.

“There is one special talent we have enjoyed training this young lady for. She has become very proficient at eating her mother‘s cunt, after we have allowed our trainers to deposit copious amount of cum in it. I have even seen Linda orgasm from her talented daughter’s attention. Even though Linda may still not want it to, her body reacts very favorably to being sexually used.”

The bidders laughed and cheered.

“Because this is such a special offering, we expect the winning bid to be high. I will start the bidding at 10,000 US dollars with increases of no less than $1,000. Let the bidding begin.” Immediately six hands shot up. The bids quickly climbed to $50,000 before slowing. The final bid was $57,000. The auctioneer said one final thing as Linda and Monica were lead away. “Bidder 17, please remember to invite a bunch of your friends over to give little Monica a very special twelfth birthday party.” Linda and Monica heard this and were sure that they knew what was being suggested. They assumed that Monica would no longer be a virgin after her birthday party in two weeks. It wasn’t anything they were looking forwarded to.

From behind the stage, they heard the auctioneer start talking about the next girl. “Now we have a sixteen-year-old black bitch. Her training has not gone well. If you are looking for someone that you can have the fun of breaking, she is for you. Do I hear $1,000?”

Six weeks earlier, Linda and Monica were shopping at the mall. Linda had bought Monica some new A-cup bras, as her training bras were no longer suitable. As they walked thru the parking lot, a van pulled up beside them. The side door opened, and four men jumped out, grabbed them and pulled them in, then drove away. Rags were held over their faces, and they passed out. Linda’s purse was emptied to get her car keys, and one man went back to get her car so it would not turn up that night, abandoned. It was a nice new Volvo, that would bring them a good bonus. Linda and her husband divorced a year before that, so no-one would be worried about them not returning home. The abduction was well planned out.

The mother and daughter regained consciousness at about the same time. They found themselves naked on a bed, in what looked like an old warehouse. They were tied, both hands and feet. There were four men with them. They were all large men who looked to be in their thirties. Three were white and one was black. One of the men told Linda and Monica, “Your lives have just changed. You are no longer free to live your lives as you please. You are now property. You will most likely be treated as sex toys and be used for the pleasure of your owner in whatever way is wanted. By the time anyone realizes that you are missing, you will no longer be in this country. You will be trained to pleasure others and you will spend the rest of your useful lives doing so. We will have the pleasure of starting your training.”

Then Monica was taken off the bed and placed in a chair. She was tied to the chair. Then Linda was untied but controlled. Two men held her, while two stripped. Then those two held her while the other two stripped. Monica saw her first ever male cocks. They were big and hard, standing straight out. She was frightened. Linda tried to fight, but she had no chance of defending herself against four large men. One of the men went over to Monica and put his hand around the neck of the crying child. “Stop fighting, or your little girl will get hurt.” Linda stopped fighting, telling them that she would do anything they wanted, but not to hurt Monica.

For the next hour, Linda was gang raped in front of Monica, who kept crying and begging them not to hurt her mother. Linda was fucked hard in all three holes and repeatedly come in and on. By the time they were finished, she had cum running out of her cunt and asshole and smeared all over her face and tits and in her hair. She was only half conscious. Nothing like this had ever happened to her. She had never had sex with more than one man at a time, and only a few of them. She had never been forcefully raped.

At the end, one man made sure his now only half hard cock was smeared with a large amount of the mixture of the men’s and Linda’s cum. He then walked over to Monica, placed his cock in front of her face and told her to open her mouth and suck his cock. Linda screamed for him to stop, but only got a very hard slap from one of the other men, almost knocking her out. Monica kept her mouth shut tight, till the man put his thumb and one finger on either side of her jaw and squeezed till the girl’s mouth opened. “If you bite me, I’ll knock your teeth out. Suck.” He held her head and fucked his cum covered prick in and out of Monica’s mouth. Now it was Linda who was crying. “I’m going to cum. Swallow it. Don’t spill a drop, or else.” With that he groaned and shot a fresh load, filling Monica’s mouth. The frightened little girl swallowed her first load of a man’s seed. It was the first of very many that would fill her belly over the next several years, either from cocks or from cunts.

This time they were injected with something that put them to sleep for many hours. They woke as they were being taken off of an airplane, on a runway in an area of sand dunes and palm trees. Off the side of the runway was a very large and ornate building. They had light robes on. something you might think of as a night shirt, but nothing underneath. They were no longer tied. Two men helped each of them off the plane.

A woman walked toward them from the building. She was a large woman, not fat, but big. She wore a black leather skirt and a black leather bra type top with the fronts cut open so her large nipples protruded. She had a riding crop in her hand. “You do not need to know my name. You will always call me Mistress and all other trainers and resort guests will be called Sir or Mam. If you are asked your name, it is 1124 and only 1124. Little one, you are 1125. Other slaves will be addressed by the number on their collar. You will not speak except to say, ‘Yes Mistress’, or to answer a direct question that you are asked in addition to ‘Yes Mistress’ or ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Yes Mam’. Linda asked where they were and was promptly hit across her breasts with the crop. I did not tell you to speak. “Do you understand what I told you?”

Linda and Monica both softly said, “Yes Mistress.”

“Take them to their room. Bath them. Shave that hair off of 1124’s cunt. Leave them naked, except for their collars.”

One man replied, “Yes, Mistress.” Leashes were then snapped on to the collars and Linda and Monica were led to the building. Soon after they were placed in their room, a man and a naked young black girl, who was just a little older than Monica came in. She had a towel and a small bag in her hands. She put the towel on the bed and told Linda, “I am her to shave you. Lay on the towel and spread your legs.” When Linda did not move right away, the man stepped toward her. When she saw him coming, she got on the bed.

The young black girl reached into the bag and took out a can of shaving cream. She squirted some in her hand and rubbed it on Linda’s mound. Then, with the man standing right at her side, the girl took out a straight razor and carefully removed every one of Linda’s pubic hairs. This was the first time that she was hairless down there since she was per-pubescent. Monica stood there watching.

The man took the razor. The girl used a wet cloth to wipe Linda clean. Linda then closed her legs, but the girl said, “No, you must keep them open.” Linda did not know why she was told to keep her legs open, but she spread her legs again. The girl placed her face between Linda’s legs and proceeded gently lick her clit and probe her fuck hole with her tongue, till, against her will, Linda had a strong orgasm. Monica watched intently. The girl, Linda saw that her collar had the number 993 on it, then moved to Monica, who was standing back against the wall. She pressed their bodies together and gave her a long soft kiss, while gently rubbing Monica’s budding breasts. Monica tasted her mother’s girl cum on 993’s lips. “If you co-operate and do just as you are told, this place can sometimes be pleasurable. If you do not, it can be very harsh. There have been a couple of girls who did not accept the training, that just disappeared, never to be seen again, so I would suggest willingly learn what they will teach you. The guard will now take you to the showers. He will give you a bar of soap. You are to wash each other with the soap, paying special attention to your breasts and your pussies. You are not to wash yourselves. You will be videoed, and it will be shown on many screens around the resort for the pleasure of the guests, as well as being recorded. This is true in every part of the estate. You are never not videoed. You will never have privacy unless someone special requests it. Only then will the camera where you are be temporally shut off.” The young black girl left, and the guard took 1124 and 1125 to the shower.

Back in the room, they heard the door lock. They could see the red lights on the cameras that were around the room, showing that they were on. A voice came over a speaker. “1124, take 1125 onto the bed and 69 with her till you both have come. If you do not promptly do this, a guard will come in and punish both of you.”

“Mommy, what is 69?” Linda had to explain it to her daughter and tell her that they had to do as they were told. Monica followed her mother’s lead. Licking her, and finger fucking her hole in order to complete the task. When they had managed to get each other off, the voice said, “That was very good. It is now midnight and time to sleep. You will be awakened at six am to continue your training. Kiss each other goodnight, and not just a little peck.” Mother and daughter shared a kiss, the kind not intended for a mother and daughter. Then the light went out, leaving the room totally dark. They lay on the bed and held each other. The bed only had a bottom sheet over a plastic sheet, that was intended to keep the mattress from getting soiled during sex. There was no blanket or pillows. They fell into an exhausted sleep while holding each other.

At six am. A loud horn blared, the light came on and the voice spoke. “Good morning 1124 and 1125. It’s time to get you warmed up for the day’s training. Go 69 with each other till you have your first orgasms of the day. When you have successfully done this, breakfast will be brought to you. Knowing that they had to do it, Linda turned around and started licking her daughter’s pussy.

For the next five weeks, the training continued. There were only a few times that one or the other of them had to be punished. They learned quickly that the punishment was severe and was to be avoided. Linda was repeatedly used as a sex toy by the trainers, servicing men and women in about any kind of sexual situation possible. Gangbangs were common, where all three of her holes were used at the same time and then she had to suck the cocks after they had been up her ass. She was strapped in a chair with a motor driven dildo that fucked her non-stop for over an hour. A large butt plug with a tail was inserted in her ass and she was made to walk along on her hands and knees and eat and drink out of dog bowls. A smelly woman sat on her face and pissed in her mouth. Nipple clamps with heavy weights were hung from her tits and clit and much more. The goal was, that after she was completely broken, she would be ready to satisfy her future owner in any way that person might desire. It worked, she became willing to let anyone do anything they wanted to her. To humiliate her and train her daughter, Monica was made to watch everything that was done to her.

1125 (Monica) on the other hand had her virginity protected. She would bring added money when they were auctioned, by being a virgin. That does not mean that she had it easy. She swallowed gallons of cum, ate dozens of cunts and had her ass fucked frequently. One day, six men took turns giving her over two hours of ass to mouth fucking. She was given a strap-on and made to fuck all three of her mother’s holes with it. Like when she had to watch her mother, during her training, her mother had to watch everything that was done to 1125.

The one thing that was the same every day was that mother and daughter had to start and end each day by eating each other out. They came to look forward to doing that, feeling that it made them closer and loved. Finally, the day came when they were taken to the auction block. They had no idea that was what was going to happen to them.

The birthday party

The man who bought 1124 and 1125 let them go back to using their real names. On Monica’s twelfth birthday, he invited five of his male friends, and three women to the party. He was the one to roughly take her virginity. He slammed, balls deep, with the first thrust, making Monica scream. After pounding her cunt for maybe ten minutes, he emptied his balls deep in her young, tight cunt. He then had her sit on her mother’s face while her mother ate his cum and her virgin blood, dripping from her ravaged, no longer virgin, pussy. The rest of the night, till almost dawn, was a wild orgy.

Their owner had four large dogs with large cocks and big knots. He and his guests really enjoyed watching the dogs trying to make puppies with his two sex slaves, coming in all three of their holes.

About a year later, he sold Linda to another person who ran a whore house catering to perverted customers, and just kept Monica. They were heartbroken to be separated.

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