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I fucked my sister while she was sleeping but she liked it

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My baby brother just got born and we didn’t have enough rooms so my parents put me in the same room as my sister and we only has one bed for now.

[TRUE STORY] My mom just recently had a baby with my step dad but there’s only 3 rooms in the house for sleeping. Because of this my mom decided to put me in the same room as my sister who is 17. While I am 14. One day we were sleeping beside each other and I suddenly woke up at around 3 AM. My sister was sleeping next to me on her side facing toward me with her mouth open and looked hot as ever. She has huge breast and a big butt. Sometimes she would smack my butt and because she hits me my parents say I can hit her back and when I do it turns me on so much touching her humongous butt. These interactions just made her sleeping helplessly in front of me so much better. I started touches her breast slightly being careful she doesn’t wake up. She was wearing a black basically see through bra and panties. I took off her bra and got a good look at her bare boobs. I started to beat my 8 inch meat. I eventually busted but was still hard as ever. I got bored of her breast and slowly slid her panties down her thick thighs. Eventually they came off and I sniffed them while fiercely stroking my cock. She turned her body to be flat facing the sealing while convinily spreading her legs. I got on top her legs knowing she’s a heavy sleeping while being scared ever time she makes a tiny movement. I softly rub my dick on her lips of her pussy while squeezing her thigh. I then aggressively stick my dick in her, immediately waking her up. She moaned loudly but I wasn’t worried because I my mom and dad’s room were across the house. She asked what I was doing but I decided not to reply and continued. She told me to stop but gave me no resistance at all like she didn’t mind it. Eventually she gave up and told me she loves me and to do it harder. I said I loved her too and was about to cum. She wrapped her legs around me and told me to do it inside. The realization came to me I cummed in my own sister. We grew up together. I blew that thought past me and continued because my dick was still hard as fuck. We kept switching positions. Missionary to doggy style to reverse cowgirl. I busted about 4 to 5 times before I was out of fuel. We while laying on the bed and went to sleep. I woke up and decided to write this story about it to a maybe supportive community. I’ll keep you updated on things that happen between us. (I wrote this quickly because I have things to do, sorry for mistakes)

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ewobr0fyupf

    How big was your sister’s boobs ?

  • Reply Jos ID:65f0hyxw8k

    Nice experience

  • Reply David kenya ID:mzgdgcd0

    U make me hard

  • Reply Drpeeppee ID:1cxmqthq145e

    A 14yo with 8 inches? At least make this a little believable…

    • Him ID:1czs363hwlgc

      Buddy wants proof

  • Reply Baron ID:1dzs383pguo0

    I would love to have her as my sister

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    Just go up to her and put it in without her consent.she tells know body and everything is just peachy.yeah right.

    • Him ID:1czs363hwlgc

      I swear

  • Reply A.J. ID:1db27pcia2xj

    I Have Sexual Toughts Of My Sister Two But Tecenaly Its My Stepsister And I Hope To Do The Same One Day…

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Breed her

  • Reply Nice ID:3qq53g6ic

    Pls do oral and anal