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My uncle molests me

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My name Kara and im 14 and my dad does bad things

It started when I was 12 i thought being slapped on the ass by my dad was normal and being complimented on my body was normal until he pull me on his lap and make me grind on his knee until I was wet and sweaty with a red face begging him to stop

When I turned 13 it got worse I slept with him in his room doing play things while sleeping he’d make excuses for me to sleep naked and he hump me and cream between my folds I barely have b cups and no hair my pus its small and bald but he liver taking pictures and videos making me wear outfits suck as cotton panties and a shirt and a princess dress I never liked it but I loved my dad so I did do

When I turned 14 we shared a night of making me a women and it burned so bad but after a while of him manipulating me to feel good about it, it did and it always ended with his seed dripping from me while I was sticky and sweaty tgats when it got dirty he pee on me and make me drink a little bit and invite guys over to use me and sometimes I did like it because I loved attention

That stuff doesn’t happen but now he can’t stop every chance he gets he just pumps me full of his cum.nit caring if I get pregnant even if I take these little plan b pills but I can’t lie I love my daddy and I wouldn’t change anything on the world for it

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  • Reply Not alone

    mayby i am wrong but it seem you want him to stop, if he do not stop yuo should report him, i know it aint easy but ifnyoun wan it to stop once and for all and he wont then for your hapinness and well being you definetly should report him.

  • Reply Just this time

    Let’s try proof reading, will make this ok story better

  • Reply anonymously

    What is your bra and panty sizes and do you save your nether region?

    • AP

      Do you know how lame you sound when you ask this on every story and don’t even have the balls to put your name in the comments?
      Also did you even read this story? She told you the answers to your question IN THE STORY!

    • brenda

      bruh, AP is right