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Amy Tale/s – Basket Balls?

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Tony thought he was going to get a glimpse of me in my nightie again. Instead, Tony got his wildest fantasy fulfilled.

The Friday Tony and Sophia dropped off the schedule I called Janet and Clair. Janet hardly ever answers, so I sent a text too, but Clair answered. I told her we were going to a basketball game next Saturday (I was spending this Saturday with Ethan and Emma). Janet eventually called, and I convinced her to come to the game, I told her it would be like the football game and she could tease, and she liked that.

The game was at 9am, and I made Clair sit with me on the second row of bleachers (they were only using bleachers on one side of the court). Janet was not there yet, and the game started. Janet said she might be late. Clair and I were wearing skirts and no panties and no bras. We were sitting behind “our” team guys not playing who were on the first bleacher row. We did not watch the game anyway. Now Sophia and Carol were higher up and toward the middle watching and shouting, get em Tony, or get in their Ben (Carol’s husband’s name was Benjamin). They were real supporters and fans. Me and Clair were sipping our drinks and giggling, and the guys would turn around and look at us. We were sitting close together, and we were rubbing each other’s thighs, and we started showing our hairy pussies.

The door opens across court in the farthest corner, and in walks Janet, and holy hell she looked like a runway model. They called a timeout; I kid you not. Janet walked her sexy ass walk swinging one arm and holding her small purse against her side with the other arm. Jeweled up and in her high opened toed heels and short dress, all the way across and down to me and Clair. Janet stepped up beside where the players were sitting (and I know they could tell she wasn’t wearing panties), and Janet made us slide apart, and she sat down in between me and Clair. The place was silent and staring. They were not even dribbling the ball. They had a couple guys acting as referees, and they eventually blew a whistle and started playing again, but everyone in there knew Janet was in the house.

Janet took over, and she started flashing her pussy, and rubbing mine and Clair’s. It got to the point that the guys sitting on the bench were looking back and watching us more than the game. Ken did not play that much, and he was shaking his head at us thinking he was going to be in trouble. I never looked back at Sophia again, but I just noticed she wasn’t hollering as much anymore. Tony played most of the game. I think he is one of their best players. He did sit on the bench some because they were ahead, and when Tony did sit, he would look back at us. I would nudge Janet to look at him and we were giving him the, I want to fuck you look, as we played with each other’s pussy.

Tony would look, and then look up in the stands, and turn back around and watch the game. I assume Sophia was glaring at him. They played their game, and Janet played hers, and in the end, they won, but I think we actually won with our teasing. Everyone was standing after the game on the floor, and people were leaving. Janet was all over me, not fingering me or anything, but being fresh nibbling my ear lobe and holding me with her hands around me. Several of the single guys wanted to meet Janet. Janet was going to spend the night with me, and I invited Clair too.

We left, I made Ken stop and get us some food, we went to the apartment, ate, and us girls put our hair up and took a shower. We fooled around in the bed and got our pussies wet and licked and pleasured mutually. Ken slept in another room, and Greg had other plans for Sunday. In the morning Janet helped me fix breakfast, and the girls were wearing my nighties and nothing else. At about 9:30am Ken got a call and came and told us we needed to behave. Tony called, and he wanted to know if Ken was interested in playing some one on one at the rec center at Ken’s apartment complex. Ken was excited, he said that Tony does not pay him that much interest.

I told Ken, see, my efforts have your man crush wanting to spend more time with you, and the girls giggled. Ken then said, ha, ha, Tony did ask something weird, he asked if my girlfriend was going to be there, and did I have other plans with her instead? I said, Really! Ken said, yes, I told him you were entertaining friends, and it was no problem if we played some basketball. I looked at Janet, and she was sucking a strawberry, and looking at me real sexy like, and she bit the strawberry and sucked the nectar in with her lips. Tony would be there in an hour, and we just stayed in our nighties.

Tony rang the doorbell, Ken answered, and Tony came in briefly and the girls were sitting on the couch, and Janet was right up against me and rubbing my thigh. Ken wanted to play with his man crush and soon they left, and Janet prepared the field of play for our game for when they returned. They were gone for an hour and a half, and they came back in and went in the kitchen for some sports drinks. I was laying in Clair’s lap and she was rubbing my hair, and Janet was rubbing my feet. Janet got out my nail polish equipment. Tony and Ken came into the living room and Janet pointed to one of the chairs and asked Ken, can you see if the remote is in that chair? Janet had pushed it between the cushion and Ken searched, and naturally this left the other chair vacant and Tony sat down.

From Tony’s view he could see my legs really good, and Janet went to work on my toenails. This caused me to move my legs apart, and we were all still in our nighties, and my trim hairy pussy was on display for Tony’s viewing pleasure. Ken found the remote, and Janet said, just find something to watch, and he started flipping through channels. It did not matter, Tony had something better to watch, and Janet saw that he received a full viewing. Ken saw what we were doing, but he also saw Tony watching, and for the most part, Ken kept his mouth shut. When Janet finished my toenails, she held my foot up and blew on my toes and turned my foot and leg toward Tony and said, does that look good?

The way Janet had tuned my leg spread my pussy open. I don’t think Tony even looked at my toenails and said, sure looks good to me. Janet says to Tony, do you need to take a shower? Tony sits up some as Janet continues to blow on my toes and turn my foot, and Tony replies, I need to get back in a little bit, so I am good. Janet sets my foot down and says, Clair and I are going to rub lotion on Amy, will that bother you? Tony swallows, noticeably, and takes a drink from his bottle and says, don’t mind me, I am just catching my breath from our game. Janet starts with my feet, and works up my legs with lotion, and she slides my nightie up and continues to rub lotion on me. I look at Ken, who is all but laughing in amazement.

Janet tells Clair to help with my nightie, and Clair undresses me, and I am laying there naked with my lovely big breasts and trimmed hairy pussy on full display. Janet rubs my breasts with lotion and then removes her nightie, and soon Clair has hers off too. Janet kisses and sucks my tits, and she works her way down to my pussy and goes to work. Clair 69’s me, and I start in on her pussy, and Clair helps Janet with mine, and they kiss each other frequently. It doesn’t take long, and Clair and Janet get me off. Clair moves and I get up, and Janet and Clair lock up on their sides and eat each other’s pussy. Janet pulls me down and bites my ear lobe and whispers in my ear.

I get up, and I walk over to Tony with my naked body bowling his eyeballs out of his sockets. I grab the sides of his shorts and pull them down as he sits. Tony does not resist and lifts his hips to help me with my effort. I start sucking his salty dick and passed on licking his sweaty balls. Tony has what I call an average pecker at 7”. That may actually be a dick from 5” to 7” long, I just don’t like to write a dick length less than 7” unless it is just smaller than average. I suck Tony’s pecker, which was hard the moment I saw it. I can tell if I keep going, he is going to shoot a three-pointer. I stop, and I straddle him, and I run his dick into my wet, wet, pussy and begin my version of one on one. I look at Ken and he is jacking on his dick now, but I think his excitement was from seeing his man crush serviced by his girlfriend.

Tony starts to fondle my breasts, and he kisses them and sucks my nipples, and it does not take me long, and Tony gets off. He begins to spasm, and I bury his face in my breasts and I violently hump my pussy down on his dick. I wait for him to settle, and I make a few more curious hip thrusts, and I reach behind me and “dribble” Tony’s balls with my fingers. Tony’s dick is fading, and I get up and grab a nearby towel. Janet and Clair had finished, and I sit down in between them on the towel, and they begin to rub me some more, and we stare at Tony in silence.

Ken was wiping his dick with his sweety t-shirt, and Tony was looking guilty as hell. Tony stood and pulled his shorts up, and he became hasty in his attempt to leave. Janet and Clair just continued to rub me slowly, and we watched as Tony blundered out the door. Ken was scared, and I called him a wimp, and said, what…what is Tony going to do? Tell his wife? Kick you out of your little club? Tony is going to try and find more excuses to come here now than ever before. You think he came here to play basketball with you? Tony thought he was going to get a glimpse of me in my nightie again. Instead, Tony got his wildest fantasy fulfilled. Tony is going to fuck his wife tonight, and he will think of me. Tony’s wife is a marm, she can’t fuck like me, she is going to see me, and she is going to know her husband fucked me, but she is not going to believe it.

Ken shut the hell up, and Janet was laughing admiring my seduction, and treating me as her star pupil. Clair was amazed and giddy, she said, that was fucking off the hook mad. Clair said, you just made the poster couple’s husband cheat on his snobby beautiful wife, who looked down on us when we went on that camping trip. When we see Sophia again, we are going to laugh at her stares. She is going to know her husband fucked you, but she will not believe it, you’re right. Ken wanted to know if we could get Tony to let him suck his dick. I said, no, not as long as he is married, because Tony is a man. Ken wanted to know if we were going to the game next Saturday. I said, no, let Tony pine for me. I learned that from Janet. More to come…

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