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It slipped

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It’s his daughters birthday, they are off to the farm what could go wrong.

It was a hot summers day just turned 18, I was only a little girl but still I thought quite attractive. I had small breasts but big enough to fit in your hands. A decent ass thigh gap a thin waist and long brown hair.
I had just gotten a new lingerie set from my partner and was excited to wear it. It was pink, very lacey. Exposed my nipples and pushed up my boobs. The cutest little purple gem that sits over the belly button and for easy access it had an exposed slit down the pussy.

After I got changed into it I texted my boyfriend.

Within seconds I heard the bathroom doorhandle turn and my boyfriends big strong hands wrap around my waist. I moan lightly and he pushes me over the basin exposing my pussy because of the slit. He sucked his fingers and plunged them deep into me. I tried not too make any noise as my parents had not long woken up and had gone to have a coffee in the kitchen.
It wasn’t long before he was pulling me by the hair and pumping my hairless cunt with his big cock. He was about 7 or 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.

My phone went off, it was a text from Dad. I stopped my boyfriend from fucking me so I could read it.
^Heyy sweety, don’t forget we are going on a road trip just you and me like old times our old farm.^
I instantly stood up and my boyfriends cock kept pumping me slowly. I replied.

My boyfriend pulled his cock out and leaned in close whispering in my ear “I’ll keep fucking that tight wet pussy later. I want you to think about me today so if I leave you horny that should do petfectly” Oh God he can be such a tease my pussy was begging for his big hars cock. I accept it shake my ass towards him and put on my onesie that my parents had just bought me. It was so cute it was a pony with a hood and thumb holes and a zip directly from the ass to the neck too make going to the toilet easier and the best thing of all it has pockets omg!
Once dressed I head out to the loundroom and announce to my Dad that I am ready to go. He just laughs and calls me the most funny and beautiful horse girl he had ever met. But time to get this pony off to the farm.

I was so excited I hadn’t been since I was 12, it was down an old bush track that took about an hour or so to drive and then it was this huge plot of land that used to be a farm but we used for dirt bikes and quads it was so fun. There was also plenty of hidden gems around the place like a huge cave off a trail walk with a little creek running through. On hot summer days perfect too cool off.
Dad had a few presents he wanted to bring and there was no room in the tray of his ute because of tools so I was going to have to sit on his lap with the presents on the seat beside us. He only had a two seater cab so wasn’t the most room in there but we didn’t have to drive on maim roads for more than 10 minutes so decided it would be fine.

Just before leaving my boyfriend pulls me into the room pulls down the zip too my onesie and slides a finger over my very sensitive clit. “Mmmmhhh still nice and wet and still easy access for me” This just made me even hornier. I felt my pussy start dripping onto my onesie a little bit. “Stooop!” I said I did and grabbed the zipper started pulling and then quickly smacked my ass. I could feel a slight breeze but figured it was just the thin material. He gave me a kiss goodbye and told me to have have that he will be waiting for me to get home.

Dad jumps in his ute and I sit on his lap, I felt like such a little girl again I havnt sat on my Daddies lap in years. He giggled and made the same comment as well. I grabbed the seatbelt and tried pulling it around us but couldn’t get it too budge. It was an only car Dad said so it just needed some finesse. I grabbed it and jerked it around a bunch until it finally gave way and wrapped around my waist clicking into the buckle very roughly. “Hmm, might need to replace that finally actually it’s never been that difficult to get” He said laughing.
We started driving and it was just like old times we were laughing and joking. The only problem was the belt buckle was so tight and couldn’t loosen it. “I guess you really have become a big girl after all havnt you” He said noticing me trying to get a bit more room with the seatbelt. “Yeah but that’s okay it’s not too far until we are there” I replied.
I felt Daddy get a slight bulge in his loose boardshorts after he said that. I got embarrassed started blushing and tried ignoring it. He must have been thinking how grown I really have become. We turned down the dirt road which was a little bumpy but fine at first.

I was trying do hard to ignore what was going on downstairs however my pussy instantly reacted on its own and started leaking again. The smell was vague but just noticeable. I think Dad noticed as well and seemed to get embarrassed trying to adjust himself. His board shorts brushed against my pelvis again. I felt the heat of my vagina increasing. Suddenly we hit a huge bump, I got a little bit of air and landed hard on Daddies lap. “Ooofff” we both exclaimed.
Then I noticed it my boyfriend didn’t do my onesie up properly, rubbing against Daddies Board Shorts has pushed the zip more open completely exposing my pussy due to the lingerie. I also felt the tip of my own father’s cock slightly poking out of his pants. *Shit my onesie must be pulling his pants down too, what do I do* she thought to myself.
I started panicking and my Daddy stopped the car, we couldn’t pull over on the side of the road as it was a one way road most of the way.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”
“Umm Daddy I don’t know how to say I’m so embarrassed”
“Say what princess, your safe, your with me”
“Ummm well…. your penis is starting to stick out of your shorts and I my boyfriend teased me and didn’t do up my onesie and now my vagina is nearly touching your penis.”
“Oh umm wow, I thought my penis felt different. But I tried not thinking anything about it. I’ll try and fix our clothes baby”

He reached down underneath him and tried pushing his cock back in his pants with no luck. It just got slightly harder and caused it to brush against my labia. I nearly moaned but bit my lip instead. “That’s not working sweetie I’ll try and do you up instead, I’m sorry”
He rolled his wrist around and his fingers brushed against my ass. It was so wrong but it was making me so wet and my nipples so hard. He tried to find the zipper but ended up sliding his finger up my glistening slit. When he touched my clit I moaned loudly and he pulled his hand back out.
“Oh my God, I am so sorry baby that was a complete accident. Your my daughter im sorry.”
After I regained myself from such a small touch but such a pleasurable one I told him “It’s okay Daddy, I know you didn’t mean it. Maybe try the seat buckle”

He grabbed the buckle and pulled and pulled, pressing the button. No luck he tried ripping it out, still no luck. I felt his boardies slide a bit further down. “Can we just cut the seatbelt Daddy?” I asked to which he replied “well yes that’s fine but I don’t have anything sharp. If I parked the ute really close to the shed wall at the farm I could possibly grab a saw off the wall out the car window”
It really didn’t seem like we had any other option, we agreed upon it and he started the car again.

The vibrations from the engine instantly made Daddies cock vibrate slightly under me.
“Promise me Baby, Promise your father no matter what no one will ever find out about this accident. Not even Mum or your boyfriend. I should not have my penis exposed or your vagina exposed and I definitely should not have an election in this situation. Please promise me baby this stays between us”
“Yes Daddy, I promise. I feel so embarrassed I don’t want anyone to know about this. Just hurry up and get to the farm please Daddy.”
He put his foot a bit more flat on the peddle and i leaned back so he could see even better.
Bump! I went into the air again and landed hard on my father’s lap again oh no his shaft is nearly completely exposed. If another bump happens his pants will fall off completely. My pussy lips spread over his shaft and he moaned. I couldn’t deny it made my pussy feel good too but it was so wrong. The little bumps in the road made me slide over Daddies almost fully erect penis, the heat was rising and I started breathing very heavily. I was starting to lose the mental battle over my own lust, no matter how much I could told myself how wrong and disgusting it is and how I didn’t want this to be happening, my vagina was obviously defying me and begging for Daddies hard cock to fill me up.
Bump! His pants fell off and I was now sitting on my half naked Daddy, his cock was huge it was about 12 inches long. When I noticed that my pussy ached for it even more.
“Baby girl im so sorry if what ends up happening, happens. I don’t want this and I will never want this. You are my sweet baby girl, my daughter. What kind of father could want this. I’m sorry princess”
Hearing him confess this got me even more horny and I started rocking backwards and forwards. God damn Daddies hard cock felt amazing I could feel all the veins bulging around his shaft. I started enjoying pressing my clit into them. What am I doing I think to myself. While I’m also listening too my Daddy begging continuously for this not too happen and how wrong it is. Hearing him beg was hot. I couldn’t take it anymore so I reached infront of my mons grabbed the zipper and pulled it all the way up exposing my lingerie and my hairless slit to Daddy.

I completely ignored anything he was saying and just lost in the moment. Like a wild animal on heat I needed this huge cock in me I didn’t care anymore. I pushed my ass up into the air ass much as possible. Grabbed Daddies big penis and aimed it at my tiny hole. With how wet I was I slid down the entire length of his shaft till I felt his balls on my clitoris. I moaned so loudly in my Daddies ear. I pulled my little boobs out of my lingerie and started squeezing and pulling them really hard. Leaving red marks and nearly bruising. Damn I was feeling so kinky.
Dad was practically crying at this point, we were nearly at the farm when I felt his big manly cock, the same cock that brought me into this world start twitching. Slightly. “Oh yes fuck me Daddy, cum in your princess. I want my big strong Daddy to fill my womb up. I want your cum dripping out of my pussy. I want you to fuck me infront of my boyfriend and mummy. Make me your little slut Daddy.
Just then he slamed the breaks on the car start humping into my pussy hard it hurt a bit but felt so fucking hot. He squeezed my tits so hard it felt like he was going to tear them off. And rope after rope of my father’s cum spurting into my tiny pussy. He kept shooting loads of cum in me for a solid minute. I have never had so much before. It sent me over the edge and I had the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced in my life….
Needless too say the rest of our daddy daughter day at the farm was spent riding and exploring just not the bikes or hiking trails and Daddy really got to learn what a big girl I am now.

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